Saturday, May 27, 2017


If you control your mind, it is positive. 

If you do not control your mind it is negative.

If you let others control your mind and it’s thoughts, it is negative.

HOW TO BE AT PEACE AND HAPPY is the subject of many books (like it’s a great secret) BUT IT IS NO SECRET and it’s easy to be that way continually

You are the source of all your troubles and suffering.  HOW CAN IT BE OTHERWISE?

How can it be otherwise knowing that all troubles and suffering is your interpretation in your mind of what is happening.  YOU ARE NOT DOING MIND CONTROL if you are not at peace.

How can it be otherwise when you get happy when life is happening your way, and you get unhappy when life is not happening your way.

How can it be otherwise when you have thoughts and emotions not under your control.

Just because it is common and “normal” for the vast majority of humankind to NOT have their thoughts and emotion under control does NOT mean it is hard to do and even EASY TO DO.  All you have to do is work at.  Work at it like everything else in life that is valuable and worth it (consistently work at anything and you get better doing it).


Do happy people like being around you?  They do when you are at peace or happy.

HAPPINESS or UNHAPPINESS happens in your mind. 


DON’T LET OTHERS or circumstances or situations determine whether you are happy.  If you do, your are a victim of OUTSIDE MIND-CONTROL, because you do not do inside mind-control.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

REAL SUCCESS (don't settle for phony success)

Success is accurately measured by the joy and peace you feel within you, not by the things you acquire with out.

A miserable rich man, is he a success?  (Perhaps by the screwed-up values postulated today, yes, but to any rationale person, no).

Do you want to spend time with a miserable person or a joyous person (remember that next time you are miserable).

An unhappy powerful man, is he a success?  No.

A cheerless, gloomy and bitter celebrity, is he a success?  No.

If you can be at peace no matter what your circumstances, are you a success?  Yes.

There are many successful people in the world who are not rich, not powerful and not celebrated.  They are at peace, happy and joyful.  This is real success.  Don't settle for phony success.


THE WAR AGAINST THE INSANITY OF THE IMPROPER USE OF BELIEF & FAITH - (You only know what you have experienced)

Whatever you have personally experienced, you can say you know.

Whatever you have not experienced, if you speak or write it as if you know, is the same as promoting a lie.  It is a lie because you say or write that you know, but you do not know, you merely believe or have faith.

There is a place for hope, belief, faith and feelings.  It’s place is as tools to obtain knowledge, to obtain truth, not substitutes for knowledge or truth.


More wars and death and heartbreak have been and are caused by the misuse of belief and faith than perhaps by any other cause.

Almost all religious and theological content (except the self-evident wisdom) in the worlds scriptures would fall flat on their face if scrutinized with reason, logic and intelligence. 

No one KNOWS where we came from, why we are here and where we are going (if anywhere) in spite of philosophy, theology and science, yet people believe and have faith and argue and fight and go to war over what they don’t know.  Is this not insanity?

How long must man suffer his ignorance and stupidity?

Belief and faith have been promoted by religions as a virtue, when in fact they produce ignorance and stupidity, for when a person believes and has faith (thinking he has the truth) he stops seeking the truth.

BEE A SEEKER, NOT A BELIEVER (misusing this valuable tool).

Know the truth and it will set you free (NOT believe the truth and set yourself free).

Let us reason together as one man reasoneth with another.

When a person says, “I believe and have faith that this or that is true”) he has said nothing except to expose his ignorance.

Believe all things, BUT ONLY HOLD FAST TO THAT WHICH PROVES TRUE.  That means, use belief and faith to prove or disprove a thing, not as the thing.

Monday, May 22, 2017


I was on a beach at sunrise pondering life and a visitor appeared through the mist walking on foaming seas.  He deftly stepped onto the beach and sat down in front of me, and said, “Hi Tom, I’m Nemesis.  You have some questions.  

After my astonishment dissipated, I asked,  “What is the purpose of life?”

“It is self-evident that man has purpose, but not that life itself has purpose.  You ask the question because man has purpose.”

“OK....then what is man’s purpose?”

“Whatever purpose he wants.  Each person decides for himself.”

“There has to be some ultimate purpose for life and for man’s life.”


“I don’t know.  It just seems like there should be.”

“Because you think there should be is why you asked the question.  Maybe a better question might be, ‘Why do you think there should be?’

“I’m just trying to make sense of life.”

“Yes, and probably so has every deep thinking person since the dawn of man.  Maybe it would be a good idea to ask about man’s thinking.”

“OK....what about man’s thinking?”

“Maybe it’s man’s thinking that creates the problem.”

“What problem?”

“Your dissatisfaction.”

“What dissatisfaction?”

“If you were satisfied, would you be asking the question?  You are asking because you are dissatisfied without an answer.”

“Yes....I want an answer, one that satisfies my wanting to know.”

“Maybe you should ask, ‘Why do I want to know?”

“Because I’m curious.”

“Curious also means you are concerned.”

“Ok....I’m concerned that without an answer my life will be purposeless.”

“Now we are getting down to the root of your problem.”


“Can you not give purpose to your life without knowing if life itself has a purpose?”

“What if the purpose I give my life, is not the purpose of life itself.  What if I’m wrong?”

“So what you are really talking about is your belief in an after-life.”


“Unless you believe in an after life, there can be no wrong purpose in your life.  When you die, and there is no after-life, you won’t know if you were wrong or right, but if there is, you fear punishment for choosing wrong.”

“Yes.  I guess so.”

“Do you believe in an after-life?”


“There’s your problem, belief.”

“What do you mean?”

“Have you experienced an after-life?”


“If you haven’t experienced an after-life (if it is not in your experience) you don’t know.  So your problem is your belief.  Stop believing what is not in your experience and choose a purpose for your life.  Problem solved.”

“Well what if there is an after-life?”

“You can live your life with a million ‘what if” or you can live your life for what is.  If there is an after-life, maybe then you’ll get an answer to your question.  Until then, believe less and enjoy life more.”

And then Nemesis disappeared and I woke-up from my dream.

Sunday, May 21, 2017



You can tell when you are enlightened when nothing can disturb your peace, serenity and bliss.


When you empty your self, when you de-construct yourself, you make room for the light.

You cannot fill a full cup, which is why you must empty your darkness (you–the person you think you are, all your beliefs, faith, hopes, opinions, world view, personality, emotions, thoughts–especially your thoughts–and become as a new born (except you are still a genetic influenced being–but you can work on that).

When you empty yourself, you are gone, nothing is left.  You are a walking, not thinking, not talking being.

The greatest revelation you will ever have while flesh is that you do not exist. 

How is that possible?

Think about it.  You are who you are because you think you are that.  What if you stopped thinking?  What would be left?

You were born.  You have a body, but it is not your body, it is the LIGHT’S body.  It belongs to the light (some call the light, God).

When the body was born, the mind was “blank”.  Slowly over years it was programmed.  After a few years you start thinking you are your body and mind.  But if you stop thinking all that’s left is the body walking around.  It’s like being a baby again.

When you drop your thinking, stop identifying yourself as Tom or Michele or Tony, you create a “vacuum” an empty space, and that space is filled with the only thing that really exists, which is light.  You become a light-body.

You are not your mind.  You are not your thoughts.  You are not your genetics.  You are not your personality.  You are not your opinions, beliefs, faith, hopes, dreams.  You are not your emotions.  You are none of those, even though you think you are.  All those things were acquired by you and you became attached to them.  And now, when you stop thinking, when you stop thinking you are any of those, what’s left?  Nothing but your body. 

Now that your cup (your body-mind) is empty, what happens?

Because it is empty the light fills it.  What happens then?  Try it and you’ll find out.

How do you do that?  Stop identifying with your body, stop thinking you are who you think you are.  Just stop thinking about yourself as someone, and that someone disappears, and then watch what happens.

When you become enlightened (the entering of the light because you have discarded the darkness–the darkness you think that is you–changes how you view reality.  Before enlightenment you haul water and carry wood.  After enlightenment you haul water and carry wood, but NOW, you know who and what you really are, which is THE ONE LIGHT that is LIFE (and when you consider the word enlightenment...what did you think that meant?  It means being able to receive the LIGHT because you have let go of the dark).

AND NOW, because your cup is empty, the light fills it.  What does it fill it with.  Revelation, information, astounding information you never before were able to download because previously your mind was occupied with so much earth-stuff that hardly anything could get in.  You can’t fill a cup that is full of earth-thinking. 

I don’t exist as Tom.  I am the light.  I walk around being the light.  Tom is dead.  I am reborn as the light.  I do not identify as Tom.  Tom no longer exists.  I am part and portion and the whole that is the light that is the life that is the universe operating as one organism, a whole, a unified field of consciousness, a singular expression that is creation.  I no longer think of myself as separate.  I am home.  I am in heaven.  I am one with all that is, and all is one.


I accept what is, because what is, is the light expressing itself.

Nothing is wrong and everything is right.  The light does cause and effect.  The light is doing it all just the way it wants to do all.

All that has changed is my thinking, me thinking I am separate from all that is.  I now accept what is as an expression of the light.  No more irritation, upset, anger, violence against the light, against what it is.

I am as calm in a storm as a summer breeze wafting over the meadows and flowers.  I am serene in the presence of every storm. 

I am amazed at the beauty of life, the life of the one life, the one light that is the life of the world.

I no longer fear.  I am at peace, even the peace that passes all understanding (which when I dropped the self and its thoughts and perspectives and judgements is the very essence of dropping understanding for acceptance of what is, without a thought or emotion to ruffle my peace).  I am no longer at odds with what is going on or what happens to me or anyone or anything else.  I have no argument with creation, with what is.  I am as still as a glassy lake, as serene as a baby asleep, and I still haul water and carry wood.

I am at peace with my nature and the nature of man and the very nature that is life itself.

You have to be become nothing to realize you are the very something that is the light playing you just the way you are (which includes every change that happens within you and to you).

ACCEPTANCE IS THE NEW REALITY, and you need not worry that you won’t do anything to improve your reality or the reality of others, for that is the very essence of the light (only if you are dead will you do nothing–here). 


What is everyone doing?

Living their lives.

First sixteen years, life did us. 

If we discard the sixteen years and start over and do ourselves, what then?

I was born into a world not of my making.  I have to deal with what is, with what I found here on earth.

I discard everything that is not provable.
I accept the things I cannot change.
I work to change what I can.

I see systems at work.  I adjust to the systems to have a good life.

I’ll only be here about ninety years.  Then this adventure is over.

What do I want?  What motivates me?

I have intelligence, emotions, personality, disposition, sex, body type, looks, likes and dislikes.  I’m making the best of who I am while here.  The best is being able to do what I like and not do what I don’t like.

Whether I like something or not, I do things I like, which means I sometimes do things I don’t like to get something I like more.

Mostly I have to deal with other people, but ultimately I have to deal with myself, my reactions and actions with other people and their likes and dislikes.

Sometimes I acquiesce to them to get along, mostly I stay away from them so I don’t have to suffer them.

I pursue my own interests.

There are prices to pay, things one must do to get what one needs, wants and desires.  Sometimes those prices are too high and I do with less or without.

In the past there are things I wanted, things I valued, but I have changed, and today I value different things.

I value peace and quiet.  I value interesting things to do a lot more than the thoughts, opinions, beliefs and doings of other people.  I leave people alone unless they come to me, and then I either engage them or chase them away.  It depends on their attitudes.

My family is diverse, as all large families are.  I do not value them above other people.  Ultimately, they are people I know quite well.  If I knew other people quite well I would treat them the same.  I am not a respecter of persons.  Everyone does right in their own eyes.  If I were everyone, I would think we are doing right.  I think I am doing right, and they think they are doing right.  No need to judge them one way or the other.  Mostly I give people no thought whatsoever.

I’m more inclined to do things for people I know real well.  It seems natural to do so, however, I’ve done a lot for people I do not know.  I suppose that’s part of being human.  I look at the human family as my family.  But the family is so big I don’t know them specifically, but do know them generally.  I know each person has needs, wants and desires, and want what they want for whatever motivations and reasons.

I like the idea of people enjoying their lives without forcing or hurting others.  If someone forces or hurts others, for whatever personal motives, reasons, needs, wants and desires, they might as well be dead.  As far as I’m concerned, if they will not stop, if they will not change their behavior, they have more value holding up a tombstone.

Kids don’t know who they are.  Adults don’t know who kids are.  When you have a kid, you have a mystery in your hands.  Most of our lives are spent trying to find out what we are, what we like and dislike.  There are general likes and dislikes we all share, but how intense they are is another thing.  If you have kids you don’t know how they will turn out.  It’s a literal crap shoot....even after their out of diapers.

Families give and get more breaks than strangers.  It’s human nature.  Families do more things for each other they do for strangers.  At least you know who you’re dealing a point.  Beyond that point, it’s a crap shoot again.  Sometimes you just don’t know.

Good thing we all die.  Maybe we do it again....and again.  New beginnings....over and over.  Sunrise, sunset, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, the never ending cycle of life.