Saturday, February 11, 2017


I can’t tell you why man exists or where he came from and if he’s going anywhere, because that involves belief or faith or both or other theories and we all know that there are thousands of beliefs and faiths and theories, many opposed to each other, which is why religions fight each other and create more hell on earth than heaven.

However, I can tell you how to be happy, how to be at peace, how to enjoy life, how to enjoy all that is life, the good, the bad and the ugly  The only problem is most people let their beliefs interfere with the process and as a result they create misery, not happiness.  Humans are weird.

Why are humans weird.  Because they seek a thing and do what doesn’t bring the thing.  They want to be happy but then believe things that make them unhappy.  And what’s really weird is that most humans know that belief and faith is not the same as knowing, yet many allow their not knowing to make them miserable.  That’s weird isn’t it?

So what’s stopping most humans from being at peace all the time and happy and joyful most of the time?  Here it is: They refuse to accept the reality that IS, the reality that stares them in the face from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep.  They want things to be a certain way and when it is another way they are unhappy.  That’s weird.  Actually, that’s insane, and stupid, and ignorant.  Which is why they are unhappy.

Let me ask you something, “Can you change what is?  Can you change something that has already happened?  Of course not.  If you have a flat tire it’s a done deal.  Why kick it?  Why get upset?  Just change the damn thing and get on down the road.  And it’s the same with everything else that happens.  You get into an accident; you get robbed; you lose your job; you live under a bridge.  If any of those things happen to you, that’s your reality; that’s what is.  Why rage about it.  Just get busy and deal with, get over it and move on. 

So....which works best, a good attitude or a bad attitude?  Does a bad attitude elicit more help than a good attitude?  Yeah....everyone just loves to help people with sucky attitudes. 


On the other hand, maybe some people need to get irritated, upset and angry in order to get off their couch potato and change their reality.  WELL THAT SUCKS.  Everyone knows that you get more done, attract more help and change things faster when you’re not being a human exhaust hole.  “Toot toot!”  Wow....that smelled.

So...THE BOTTOM LINE: Accept what is and work to change what you don’t like and do it with a good attitude.  And I suppose if you have to be a human exhaust hole to do it, that works too.  Just remember, there’s a downside to being a butt, but then, some people just can’t be happy without being miserable.  Thus it is, and I’m good with that, which is why I live in “cave”.

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