Tuesday, February 14, 2017

LIVING LIFE ON 3 LEVELS - "On which level do you live?"


Humans think and pronounce things good or bad and react accordingly.  The vast majority of humans live on Level C.


Humans think and pronounce things good or bad, but do not often react accordingly.  Few live on Level B.


Humans think only when thinking is needed, and there is no good or bad...there just is...there is just life happening the way it happens, and whether past, present or future, they are without mental comment, without thoughts, having rejected their mind’s opinions, beliefs, faith and other mental and emotional pseudo realities.   Yet...they work to improve the  lives of others.  Very, very few people live on Level A.

Level A humans are among us.  They are difficult to spot.  They could be anyone: hermits, mothers, fathers, janitors, CEO’s or a greeter at Walmart. They can converse with everyone regardless of the level of conversation.

Everyone will eventually get to Level A.

Level A humans live and walk in the peace that passes all understanding. 

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