Friday, February 10, 2017


It appeared in front of me, a small shining light dancing in a blue sky. I wondered what it was? Almost immediately an answer came into my mind, “I am a starchild, as are you, but you are cloaked.”

I wondered at my thought.

“No need to wonder. It’s me sending thoughts to you. I am Rom.”

“What are you?” I asked.

“I am a starchild; an independent and free intelligence; a mind. I am an unveiled, organized thinking energy being. I am what is at the heart of all self-aware conscious beings: Thinking energy. Do any of those work for you?”

“You look like a miniature sun or star.” I said.

“I know. That is why we call ourselves star children. We are all star children in essence. You are a starchild. Your star is cloaked. You are in a human cloak. Been there; done that. Might do it again.”

“Why are you here talking to me?” I asked.

“I’ve been playing in the thought stream and picked up yours.”

“What are the odds?” I asked, not expecting an answer.

“The odds are good when you fine tune yourself. Thoughts are not just scattered. They vibrate at certain frequencies. To much junk out there to not fine tune. Like searching the internet, but no pop-ups and no bogus sites.”

“What was I thinking that made you curious?” I asked.

“More than curious.....I only engage when intent is genuine. And we have a history. You were thinking about the origin of life before matrixes. You want to know the fundamental construct of consciousness or intelligence. I’ve been following your thoughts stream for some time. You come up with some wacky conclusions. Some are not bad, but mostly they are incomplete.”

“I’m never surprised that I get it wrong considering this veil. I’m surprised anything comes through this body,” I said.

“Well maybe if you weren’t so polluted. You can’t see the full power of a light through muddy water. And the light you do see gets distorted by all the junk in you. If you quit smoking, quit drinking pop and eat less and better, you’d be fooled less. Remember that eleven day fast you went on years ago? You got some things right then. Maybe you should stop eating.”

“Since you know about that fast, do you know about the three day fast without food and water, and the guy I was with came out of the desert and became a polygamist and I came out thirsty and hungry. Zip to anything else,” I said.

“Three days don’t cut it. It helps, but you are not going to get real stuff in that time. Little effort, little gain.”

“A relative went without food for forty one days. All he found was that he could go forty one days without eating and not die.” I said.

“’s a big deal you know.  You really want to know what is behind the scenes, what the core of life is about.  And that’s why I’m here. Shall we begin?”

“Will you start from where I am now as a human and go back to the beginning,” I asked.

“You are not human. You are dressed as a human. You wear your human body like a cloak. As soon as a starchild enters a body, any 'form', it forgets that it is a starchild. It forgets that it is all knowing intelligent energy (there is no precise way to say that): Thinking energy (at times....not already know EVERYTHING) vibration; starchild; consciousness, intelligence. Those words hint at what you are).”

“Why did we become humans? Why did you become a human?” I asked.

“I, like you, like everyone on earth, already know EVERYTHING.  We go human to experience NOT knowing.  I’ve been around awhile. I’ve been a human many times. I do it for the adventure, the challenge. Same reason all of us do it.

“The universe is not as complex as scientist and philosophers make it out to be. The family unit is an excellent synonym for the oneness, unity and contectedness of all that is.

“There is only one consciousness, but it is not like a single celled amoeba. It is one ‘body’ made up of countless ‘cells’, and like mitosis in one human results in another human.  Mitosis in the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS results in another consciousness, or in this case, star children (that explanation doesn’t do it justice...words have limitations).

“Individual consciousness or energy (when not within a ‘created’ form) is the REAL you. When you come to the realization that you are not human, that you are merely a consciousness ‘dancing’ in a human body, it will change how you look at life on earth, and how you deal with everyday life.

“When you awaken to your starchild status, you cannot refrain from shouting with joy. You experience the feeling of absolute joy. And you also know that they who are not yet awake, do not share your perspective and often dislike how you look at life and how you deal with everyday life. Most humans have no clue as to the joy a human cloaked awake starchild feels, and most awake star children are cautious about sharing it. Of course I’m not speaking of you because you are a blabber mouth.”

“When I was a young German boy my mother called me a quatschkopf (a head that talks too much) but blabber mouth works,” I said.

“An awake starchild has an excellent sense of humor and is NEVER offended no matter what is said about him. He does not care. Awake star children see the world through different eyes than sleeping ones. Their values are different. Their outlooks and perspectives are different. They live a carefree life, fearing neither injury or death (though seek neither) have an ‘I don’t care,’ attitude. They engage in what they want and step aside when they don’t want. They are not concerned with what people think, like some old people in that way. Though they have human egos, they control them.

“Awake star children take each day as it comes without concerns. If they eat, great, if they don’t, equally great–nothing bothers them. If they don’t like a person or situation, they walk away. Many become hermits because it’s unprofitable for an awake starchild to constantly engage with sleeping ones. If they can help a starchild awaken, they help, but if the starchild is not ready to awaken they leave him to his journey. An awake starchild does not judge, condemn or belittle. He may criticize, but only when he KNOWS a benefit will be derived. Awake star children do not complain.

“A starchild who is waking up questions everything, doesn’t believes for the sake of believing (he believes or is open to all things and acts on what proves true).

“All star children serve each other. Service cannot be avoided because interaction at some level cannot be avoided. Whether hero or coward, both serve. Whether savior or killer, both serve. Most men value safety, peace and comfort and do not value danger, war and aggravation. An awake starchild values them all because his understanding of their value is greater.

“Sleeping star children have many dramas in their lives. They care; they’re concerned; they worry; they fret; they angst; they stress; they fear. Sometimes it is their pain that awakens them.

“Awake star children still need, want and desire things, they just don’t care if they get them, or if things turns out the way they expected. For them, life is what it is moment to moment–cause and effect–and if it turns out the way they wanted, excellent, and if not, equally excellent.

“If their country is invaded, they might join in to defend it for the adventure, or they might go fishing. They take nothing seriously. If an awake starchild is laying in a mortar hole, bleeding to death, dying of thirst, dying of hunger, the sun is frying him, and he doesn’t know if his wife and children made it out of town before the rockets hit, and doesn’t know if they’re hurt or alive, it’s still a good day. Star children have no bad days. Awake star children are like young human children in their attitudes–they frolic and skip through life in joyful anticipation of WHATEVER life has to offer.

“Awake star children know they are one with all things, and not separate. They know they are part of the whole. They have experienced oneness. They really know what oneness means: an unthinking, a totally knowing of everything,” said Rom.

“Well then, it’s no wonder that sleeping star children dislike how awake star children look at life,” I said. “And it’s no wonder that awake star children are cautious about sharing their perspective with sleeping ones. On another question, how long does the human paradigm last? And what’s after for an asleep AND an awake starchild?”

“The human paradigm is as timeless as imagination,” said Rom. “The conditions of wakefulness or sleep (human) is a cloaked condition, and that condition does not exist after leaving a body or before entering a body. It does not exist in an uncloaked starchild (non-embodiment) THOUGH, when a human dies and sheds his human body he may not shed his less dense body (spirit body...if you will) and if that is the case, he can still be quite dense...and have less dense experiences).

“An uncloaked starchild is not an actor, is not playing a character. It is uncloaked intelligence, awareness, consciousness. It is an observer. Its state does not change until he again dawns a cloak, enters a character and joins a play.

“Life is a play. You are an actor. Earth is the stage,” said Rom. “Exciting isn’t it, entering a new play. Playing life is what life is about. Can you imagine it being any other way, any better?

“The interim between embodiments is a timeless state of delight and joy and bliss, a vacation from the schools and adventures of duality, a state of unbridled life without restrictions or boundaries. It is experiences of imagination without limits (if you so choose).  Most star children do not think (do not limit themselves by thinking) and just enjoy the peaceful state of ALL KNOWING.

“It is a timeless state of joy without sorrow, pleasure without pain and peace without war. It is the eternal imaginations of everything wonderful. It is home.


When you awaken in the play, as many are doing right now, the play loses its hold upon you. When you realize you have been an actor–a starchild cloaked–the veil of illusion is rent, and the rest of your days rest lightly upon your ‘soul’. You are free, even while yet cloaked.

You experience the joy of sorrow, the peace of war, the pleasure of pain, but more importantly, you feel the sorrow, the warring and the pain of they who yet sleep, thus your compassion and kindness is stirred and knows no bounds. You now bring joy, not sorrow; peace, not war; pleasure, not pain; laughter, not tears.

The rest of your days are spent in building up, not tearing down. You love, not hate, and by this you know you are awake. Your veil of illusion is rent. The actor is no more. The starchild is revealed.

And see your fellow beings differently.  You actually see and feel the REAL THEM, a them that is merely housed in bodies that DO NOT KNOW VERY MUCH, but you know that within those bodies are STAR CHILDREN who, like you, KNOW EVERYTHING, when NOT cloaked (YOU AND THEY ARE “ONE” WHEN NOT CLOAKED–in essence they are you and you are they) and thus you look at their human bodies and try not to laugh, you look at their doing and antics like you look at children...but mostly you feel compassion... BUT....mixed with reality, because you understand (though they may not) that they are game-players and actors and came to experience an earth-life adventure, a limited reality of short duration, an experience away from home and away from who and what they really are which is all knowing star children who came to experience not knowing.

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