Monday, February 6, 2017


Sincere prayer benefits you. Your thoughts about your needs, wants and desires are crystallized through prayer, are firmly established in your mind, and whether you pray to a supposed deity or merely meditate on what you seek, your thoughts and desires are clarified in your mind and are a call to action.

The downside of prayer and meditation or pondering or seeking is when you think prayer is all that is needed, that it will bring results without action from you. If you think that the law of attraction requires no effort beyond thinking and that you’ll get what you are after without acting on opportunities that come your way, your reward will be disappointment.

We live in an energy matrix, a thought matrix, an energy desire matrix, and it responds to our energy. You could say it is a natural automated process, as natural as the electricity we lived without, that always existed but was never tapped into until we discovered it and built machines that extracted it literally from the air.

Prayer, meditation, pondering and focusing on the desires of your heart and mind work because that is the way of the universe into which we were born.

There is no magic in the universe. Everything operates by laws. You don’t have to know a law to benefit from that law but if you want specific results you have to learn and know and obey the law upon which that result is predicated.

Before we knew the laws of flight and electricity we lived without their benefits. And before we knew the law that “as a man thinketh” we wondered at the results of our thinking (or gave it not a thought) whereas now we know that our thoughts are powerful and produce results accordingly. Yet today many still give not a thought to their thoughts, give not a thought to controlling their minds and....the result is helter-skelter lives.

Never underestimate the power of your thoughts when coupled with desire, and whether in prayer, meditation, pondering or merely focusing intently on what you want, they all work....if you work, if you take the opportunities they present to you. Truly “faith without works is dead.”  Use the laws of hope, belief and faith the way they were designed, as tools to gain what you seek by working and creating the reality for which you pray.

PRAYER WORKS (even if you believe God is an old bearded man who listens to you with great interest) if you will but work to achieve the desires of your heart expressed through your prayers.  And to prove it, all you have to do is try it.  Express your desires and then get off your knees and make it happen.  The energy-matrix universe will work for you if you will work.

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