Sunday, February 5, 2017


The Messenger.  Your Messenger.  Everyone has one.  Everyone gets messages, gets information from their personal messenger.

There is your brain–a physical receiver like a radio–and then there’s The Messenger trying to give you information. 

You can’t fill a full cup; you can’t be on two stations at once; you can’t tune into your own brain-thoughts and receive information from your messenger.

“Be still and know that I am God,” means, shut-up, shut-down your brain-chatter.  It means stop thinking your self-generated brain-thoughts, stop your emotions, stop your physical gyrations and BE STILL.

Experiencing The Messenger almost constantly is awesome.  Keeping your brain quiet and walking around without a brain-thought is enlightening beyond measure, it is to live in the stillness of silence and in the arms of the peace that passes all understanding.

You do not know what it is like until you experience it–you can and will experience it once you stop thinking your brain-thoughts.

There is a time for your brain-thoughts.  It depends on what you are involved in, what you’re learning and doing, BUT & HOWEVER....most of your waking time could be spent NOT THINKING.  The rewards are worth it....AND....after you’ve done it for a while you wouldn’t trade it for brain-thinking for anything this world has to offer.

At first, one of the quickest ways to stop thinking almost all the time is to focus on your breathing (without mental comments) when not engaged in something that actually requires you to use your brain.  After awhile you won’t need to focus on will just stop thinking. 

Your Messenger is waiting for you.  It is waiting for you to shut-up and shut-down your brain-thoughts.  When you do that it has a clear channel and you will soon learn to discern it, from you–from your brain, from your ego-maniac-mind.

The Messenger has been given many names: The still small voice; the spirit of God; the holy Spirit; angel guide; guardian angel; spirit guide; The Holy Ghost; inspiration, and many other names, BUT....the bottom-line delivers messages.  It delivers information.

How do you know when it is speaking.  The most obvious is,  it is totally opposite of your animal-human-natural-man egocentric and egotistical babbling.  It is soft, not hard; it is quiet, not loud; it is soothing, not discomforting; it is mild, not boisterous; it is comforting, not disquieting; it is edifying, not vexatious, it is enlightening, not dark; it warms you, not chills you, it is your friend, not your enemy.

The Messenger gives counsel.  It never demands.  The Messenger gives guidance, not orders.  It never yells; it never demands you do something; it never stirs you to anger; it never encourages violence.  The Messenger is the still small peaceful voice of goodness, kindness and love.

The Messenger–your messenger–is waiting for you to enter the stillness of silence so it can help you enter the joy that is the peace that passes all understanding, even while living in a world of tears.

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