Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Intelligence means you have the ability to process information. 

A man showed up in 600 BC with a Bic Lighter and all  the people, but one,  were awed and believed him to be a Fire God.  The one who was not awed asked, “How does it work?”

Because most people tend to run their lives by what they believe, which has caused hell on earth, it is better to run your life with what you know.

The correct use of opinions, hope, belief, faith, feelings, assumptions and theories are to test whether a thing is true or false. 

The processing of information without having complete knowledge of the cause behind the effect or the cause behind the information can lead to incomplete or false conclusions which may result in you entertaining an opinion or adopting a hope, a belief, a faith, a feeling or to make an assumption that may or may not at some time future prove true, or prove false. 

In other words, the current evidence (or information and knowledge) may not support your conclusion, opinion, hope, belief, faith, feeling or assumption.

Opinions, hope, belief, faith, feelings and assumptions are not substitutes for truth. 

A person who speaks his opinion, hope, belief, faith, feeling or assumption has said nothing except to reveal his desires and ignorance.

When you know a thing, opinion, hope, belief, faith, feelings and assumptions have an end concerning that thing. 

Without the selling of hope, belief and faith by religion, religions would have died an ignoble death millenniums ago.

To have hope, belief and faith is NOT a virtue (when misused) and the thousand plus religions on earth is proof of their misuse.

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