Wednesday, May 31, 2017

EXALTATION and Logical Bliss & Ecstasy


You cannot live in the world in a state of exaltation.

Billions of people who have experienced exaltation (an overpowering feeling of personal well-being and love that encompasses the oneness of creation) eventually return to earth-reality. 

A person who experiences exaltation is no longer of the world, yet lives in the world.  And while in the world he deals with the reality that is, deals with it in a state of continual peace, bliss and ecstasy.

There is a way to live at peace and bliss in the world using logic and reason alone (without having experienced exaltation). 


“It is what it is,” is a logical thought, a logical conclusion that encompasses whatever happens in your life and life outside you. 

Accepting that “life is life and life does what it does,” is the first step to personal peace and bliss. 

More and more people are coming to realize this truth, and are benefited from that realization.

People who have experienced exaltation live on two levels, never losing their peace, bliss and ecstasy for life.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


If you control your mind, it is positive. 

If you do not control your mind it is negative.

If you let others control your mind and it’s thoughts, it is negative.

HOW TO BE AT PEACE AND HAPPY is the subject of many books (like it’s a great secret) BUT IT IS NO SECRET and it’s easy to be that way continually

You are the source of all your troubles and suffering.  HOW CAN IT BE OTHERWISE?

How can it be otherwise knowing that all troubles and suffering is your interpretation in your mind of what is happening.  YOU ARE NOT DOING MIND CONTROL if you are not at peace.

How can it be otherwise when you get happy when life is happening your way, and you get unhappy when life is not happening your way.

How can it be otherwise when you have thoughts and emotions not under your control.

Just because it is common and “normal” for the vast majority of humankind to NOT have their thoughts and emotion under control does NOT mean it is hard to do and even EASY TO DO.  All you have to do is work at.  Work at it like everything else in life that is valuable and worth it (consistently work at anything and you get better doing it).


Do happy people like being around you?  They do when you are at peace or happy.

HAPPINESS or UNHAPPINESS happens in your mind. 


DON’T LET OTHERS or circumstances or situations determine whether you are happy.  If you do, your are a victim of OUTSIDE MIND-CONTROL, because you do not do inside mind-control.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

REAL SUCCESS (don't settle for phony success)

Success is accurately measured by the joy and peace you feel within you, not by the things you acquire with out.

A miserable rich man, is he a success?  (Perhaps by the screwed-up values postulated today, yes, but to any rationale person, no).

Do you want to spend time with a miserable person or a joyous person (remember that next time you are miserable).

An unhappy powerful man, is he a success?  No.

A cheerless, gloomy and bitter celebrity, is he a success?  No.

If you can be at peace no matter what your circumstances, are you a success?  Yes.

There are many successful people in the world who are not rich, not powerful and not celebrated.  They are at peace, happy and joyful.  This is real success.  Don't settle for phony success.


THE WAR AGAINST THE INSANITY OF THE IMPROPER USE OF BELIEF & FAITH - (You only know what you have experienced)

Whatever you have personally experienced, you can say you know.

Whatever you have not experienced, if you speak or write it as if you know, is the same as promoting a lie.  It is a lie because you say or write that you know, but you do not know, you merely believe or have faith.

There is a place for hope, belief, faith and feelings.  It’s place is as tools to obtain knowledge, to obtain truth, not substitutes for knowledge or truth.


More wars and death and heartbreak have been and are caused by the misuse of belief and faith than perhaps by any other cause.

Almost all religious and theological content (except the self-evident wisdom) in the worlds scriptures would fall flat on their face if scrutinized with reason, logic and intelligence. 

No one KNOWS where we came from, why we are here and where we are going (if anywhere) in spite of philosophy, theology and science, yet people believe and have faith and argue and fight and go to war over what they don’t know.  Is this not insanity?

How long must man suffer his ignorance and stupidity?

Belief and faith have been promoted by religions as a virtue, when in fact they produce ignorance and stupidity, for when a person believes and has faith (thinking he has the truth) he stops seeking the truth.

BEE A SEEKER, NOT A BELIEVER (misusing this valuable tool).

Know the truth and it will set you free (NOT believe the truth and set yourself free).

Let us reason together as one man reasoneth with another.

When a person says, “I believe and have faith that this or that is true”) he has said nothing except to expose his ignorance.

Believe all things, BUT ONLY HOLD FAST TO THAT WHICH PROVES TRUE.  That means, use belief and faith to prove or disprove a thing, not as the thing.

Monday, May 22, 2017


I was on a beach at sunrise pondering life and a visitor appeared through the mist walking on foaming seas.  He deftly stepped onto the beach and sat down in front of me, and said, “Hi Tom, I’m Nemesis.  You have some questions.  

After my astonishment dissipated, I asked,  “What is the purpose of life?”

“It is self-evident that man has purpose, but not that life itself has purpose.  You ask the question because man has purpose.”

“OK....then what is man’s purpose?”

“Whatever purpose he wants.  Each person decides for himself.”

“There has to be some ultimate purpose for life and for man’s life.”


“I don’t know.  It just seems like there should be.”

“Because you think there should be is why you asked the question.  Maybe a better question might be, ‘Why do you think there should be?’

“I’m just trying to make sense of life.”

“Yes, and probably so has every deep thinking person since the dawn of man.  Maybe it would be a good idea to ask about man’s thinking.”

“OK....what about man’s thinking?”

“Maybe it’s man’s thinking that creates the problem.”

“What problem?”

“Your dissatisfaction.”

“What dissatisfaction?”

“If you were satisfied, would you be asking the question?  You are asking because you are dissatisfied without an answer.”

“Yes....I want an answer, one that satisfies my wanting to know.”

“Maybe you should ask, ‘Why do I want to know?”

“Because I’m curious.”

“Curious also means you are concerned.”

“Ok....I’m concerned that without an answer my life will be purposeless.”

“Now we are getting down to the root of your problem.”


“Can you not give purpose to your life without knowing if life itself has a purpose?”

“What if the purpose I give my life, is not the purpose of life itself.  What if I’m wrong?”

“So what you are really talking about is your belief in an after-life.”


“Unless you believe in an after life, there can be no wrong purpose in your life.  When you die, and there is no after-life, you won’t know if you were wrong or right, but if there is, you fear punishment for choosing wrong.”

“Yes.  I guess so.”

“Do you believe in an after-life?”


“There’s your problem, belief.”

“What do you mean?”

“Have you experienced an after-life?”


“If you haven’t experienced an after-life (if it is not in your experience) you don’t know.  So your problem is your belief.  Stop believing what is not in your experience and choose a purpose for your life.  Problem solved.”

“Well what if there is an after-life?”

“You can live your life with a million ‘what if” or you can live your life for what is.  If there is an after-life, maybe then you’ll get an answer to your question.  Until then, believe less and enjoy life more.”

And then Nemesis disappeared and I woke-up from my dream.

Sunday, May 21, 2017



You can tell when you are enlightened when nothing can disturb your peace, serenity and bliss.


When you empty your self, when you de-construct yourself, you make room for the light.

You cannot fill a full cup, which is why you must empty your darkness (you–the person you think you are, all your beliefs, faith, hopes, opinions, world view, personality, emotions, thoughts–especially your thoughts–and become as a new born (except you are still a genetic influenced being–but you can work on that).

When you empty yourself, you are gone, nothing is left.  You are a walking, not thinking, not talking being.

The greatest revelation you will ever have while flesh is that you do not exist. 

How is that possible?

Think about it.  You are who you are because you think you are that.  What if you stopped thinking?  What would be left?

You were born.  You have a body, but it is not your body, it is the LIGHT’S body.  It belongs to the light (some call the light, God).

When the body was born, the mind was “blank”.  Slowly over years it was programmed.  After a few years you start thinking you are your body and mind.  But if you stop thinking all that’s left is the body walking around.  It’s like being a baby again.

When you drop your thinking, stop identifying yourself as Tom or Michele or Tony, you create a “vacuum” an empty space, and that space is filled with the only thing that really exists, which is light.  You become a light-body.

You are not your mind.  You are not your thoughts.  You are not your genetics.  You are not your personality.  You are not your opinions, beliefs, faith, hopes, dreams.  You are not your emotions.  You are none of those, even though you think you are.  All those things were acquired by you and you became attached to them.  And now, when you stop thinking, when you stop thinking you are any of those, what’s left?  Nothing but your body. 

Now that your cup (your body-mind) is empty, what happens?

Because it is empty the light fills it.  What happens then?  Try it and you’ll find out.

How do you do that?  Stop identifying with your body, stop thinking you are who you think you are.  Just stop thinking about yourself as someone, and that someone disappears, and then watch what happens.

When you become enlightened (the entering of the light because you have discarded the darkness–the darkness you think that is you–changes how you view reality.  Before enlightenment you haul water and carry wood.  After enlightenment you haul water and carry wood, but NOW, you know who and what you really are, which is THE ONE LIGHT that is LIFE (and when you consider the word enlightenment...what did you think that meant?  It means being able to receive the LIGHT because you have let go of the dark).

AND NOW, because your cup is empty, the light fills it.  What does it fill it with.  Revelation, information, astounding information you never before were able to download because previously your mind was occupied with so much earth-stuff that hardly anything could get in.  You can’t fill a cup that is full of earth-thinking. 

I don’t exist as Tom.  I am the light.  I walk around being the light.  Tom is dead.  I am reborn as the light.  I do not identify as Tom.  Tom no longer exists.  I am part and portion and the whole that is the light that is the life that is the universe operating as one organism, a whole, a unified field of consciousness, a singular expression that is creation.  I no longer think of myself as separate.  I am home.  I am in heaven.  I am one with all that is, and all is one.


I accept what is, because what is, is the light expressing itself.

Nothing is wrong and everything is right.  The light does cause and effect.  The light is doing it all just the way it wants to do all.

All that has changed is my thinking, me thinking I am separate from all that is.  I now accept what is as an expression of the light.  No more irritation, upset, anger, violence against the light, against what it is.

I am as calm in a storm as a summer breeze wafting over the meadows and flowers.  I am serene in the presence of every storm. 

I am amazed at the beauty of life, the life of the one life, the one light that is the life of the world.

I no longer fear.  I am at peace, even the peace that passes all understanding (which when I dropped the self and its thoughts and perspectives and judgements is the very essence of dropping understanding for acceptance of what is, without a thought or emotion to ruffle my peace).  I am no longer at odds with what is going on or what happens to me or anyone or anything else.  I have no argument with creation, with what is.  I am as still as a glassy lake, as serene as a baby asleep, and I still haul water and carry wood.

I am at peace with my nature and the nature of man and the very nature that is life itself.

You have to be become nothing to realize you are the very something that is the light playing you just the way you are (which includes every change that happens within you and to you).

ACCEPTANCE IS THE NEW REALITY, and you need not worry that you won’t do anything to improve your reality or the reality of others, for that is the very essence of the light (only if you are dead will you do nothing–here). 


What is everyone doing?

Living their lives.

First sixteen years, life did us. 

If we discard the sixteen years and start over and do ourselves, what then?

I was born into a world not of my making.  I have to deal with what is, with what I found here on earth.

I discard everything that is not provable.
I accept the things I cannot change.
I work to change what I can.

I see systems at work.  I adjust to the systems to have a good life.

I’ll only be here about ninety years.  Then this adventure is over.

What do I want?  What motivates me?

I have intelligence, emotions, personality, disposition, sex, body type, looks, likes and dislikes.  I’m making the best of who I am while here.  The best is being able to do what I like and not do what I don’t like.

Whether I like something or not, I do things I like, which means I sometimes do things I don’t like to get something I like more.

Mostly I have to deal with other people, but ultimately I have to deal with myself, my reactions and actions with other people and their likes and dislikes.

Sometimes I acquiesce to them to get along, mostly I stay away from them so I don’t have to suffer them.

I pursue my own interests.

There are prices to pay, things one must do to get what one needs, wants and desires.  Sometimes those prices are too high and I do with less or without.

In the past there are things I wanted, things I valued, but I have changed, and today I value different things.

I value peace and quiet.  I value interesting things to do a lot more than the thoughts, opinions, beliefs and doings of other people.  I leave people alone unless they come to me, and then I either engage them or chase them away.  It depends on their attitudes.

My family is diverse, as all large families are.  I do not value them above other people.  Ultimately, they are people I know quite well.  If I knew other people quite well I would treat them the same.  I am not a respecter of persons.  Everyone does right in their own eyes.  If I were everyone, I would think we are doing right.  I think I am doing right, and they think they are doing right.  No need to judge them one way or the other.  Mostly I give people no thought whatsoever.

I’m more inclined to do things for people I know real well.  It seems natural to do so, however, I’ve done a lot for people I do not know.  I suppose that’s part of being human.  I look at the human family as my family.  But the family is so big I don’t know them specifically, but do know them generally.  I know each person has needs, wants and desires, and want what they want for whatever motivations and reasons.

I like the idea of people enjoying their lives without forcing or hurting others.  If someone forces or hurts others, for whatever personal motives, reasons, needs, wants and desires, they might as well be dead.  As far as I’m concerned, if they will not stop, if they will not change their behavior, they have more value holding up a tombstone.

Kids don’t know who they are.  Adults don’t know who kids are.  When you have a kid, you have a mystery in your hands.  Most of our lives are spent trying to find out what we are, what we like and dislike.  There are general likes and dislikes we all share, but how intense they are is another thing.  If you have kids you don’t know how they will turn out.  It’s a literal crap shoot....even after their out of diapers.

Families give and get more breaks than strangers.  It’s human nature.  Families do more things for each other they do for strangers.  At least you know who you’re dealing a point.  Beyond that point, it’s a crap shoot again.  Sometimes you just don’t know.

Good thing we all die.  Maybe we do it again....and again.  New beginnings....over and over.  Sunrise, sunset, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, the never ending cycle of life.


THE MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE - how is one afterwards

Everything is alright.  Nothing is wrong.  It’s an experience, a mystical experience.  It can’t be called forth.  It just happens.  It’s a feeling of oneness and unity.  Afterwards, you are different.  Nothing is a problem.  Everything is fine.  Everything is doing what it is supposed to be doing. 

Suddenly everything looks different.  If your experience is deep enough, strong enough and wonderful enough, you look at people doing everything perfectly, even if THEY  think they have problems and life isn’t perfect.  How they look at life, whether perfect or not, is perfect.

The experience makes you feel the oneness of everything, the coordination of everything doing life perfectly.  You see a flower being a flower, and it is perfect.  You see animals being animals perfectly.  You see a frog doing what a frog does, and each man and woman doing what they do perfectly (and could not but do what they do).


I awaken each day to a pure dawn, like a child in wonderment and joyful anticipation of the unknown, excited to experience the mysteries and the adventures that will unfold.  I do not worry or fear what the day may bring.  I live in the moment, relishing each experience as it comes.

I do not judge men nor anything at all, for I know that all things work together for the good of man, perfectly, and all things are good.  This truth has been revealed magnificently to me–there is no doubt–it is beyond mind.  I am like the sun crossing the sky, unhurried, steady, calm, peaceful.  I know that the heights of joy or sorrow men rise to, they inevitably fall to, for opposites always manifest, but I am free, for I am joy without desires or demands, and I am one with life.  The very essence that is the light I am knows no changing of brightness; I am a steady light without variableness.  If you were to ask, “What of darkness?”  I would answer, “Darkness?  Where?  I see only light.”   Light is all there is when one is in the light.

“I am one with divine nature; it is me; it is you; it is everything; it is love, and it discerns the nature of man which has no power over me.  I see men’s plots and schemes for what they are and thank God that they are the very stepping-stones men need to move into the light of higher understanding, which in time, brings them joy beyond mere thoughts–true joy, undefiled by attachment and desire for worldly treasures–the very cause men suffer on this plane, and it is good.  Yet I suffer not.  Those days have ended.  But my kindness and gentleness is ever deep because I have known the sorrows others yet endure.

There are no accidents in the world or beyond.  I know this.  Every effect has a cause, creates a chain, a web, a pattern that is whole–a perfect creation of the one God manifesting through many, and who, in the stillness of my silence, declares, “It is good.  It is very good.”

Where there is want and need, there is desire and all its fruits, and heavy hearts yearning for an end to their pain.  I desire not–am an open vessel; want not–content just to be; need not–filled to overflowing; yearn not–at peace with all that is.

I am in harmony with life and all living.  I know all is one, whole, complete.  There is no separateness, only unity, though in this unity men manifest in separateness to bless the whole.  Because I know this, that what I do to one, I do to all, even to myself, good is ever the desire of my heart and good is all I do.

I know that life is in harmony.  Everything is as it must be and all things are provided for to nourish and support and sustain creation.  And man, a creation and a creator in his own sphere, is equally provided for.

Because I know that all things needful come, I do not rush to and fro kicking against the pricks of my reality, but harmonize with the flow that is inevitable.  I am not irritated, upset, angry, worried or concerned in spirit, mind or body over anything, for all comes as needed, according to wisdom, beyond the thoughts of man.  And if today is not my day to pass beyond my body’s veil, I will have every need fulfilled to live another day, but if not, and time it is for me to pass to worlds unknown, that which I need will not be, yet I am still, for who am I to joust with wisdom’s God.

Birth, life, death–the never ending cycle–just words for states of being for eternal beings moving to greater heights of joy.

I have no mind concerns.  Implicit trust is my peace, trusting the creator who made all that is, trusting in that wisdom, the wisdom that created me, sustains me and enlarges me to encompass all creation, even worlds and dimension and planes without end.  Trusting the creator of all that is, is the leaven of my peace.  Yet there is more, for my trust is not in vain, for deep within my heart I know, as surely as the beating of my heart, love is at the heart of all creation.

While most men wander in the darkness they call light and stumble through the fog of mind and judge the world a wicked place of hellish hue, I know it is not so.  I walk–by the grace of creation–in the light of the celestial mind, having been bless with a burning in my bosom that is joy and love and knows no bounds.  And earth is but a school.

Man’s best interest is the very essence of creation’s every wonder–God doing all things for the good of man.  God’s joy is raising man to the level of the joy that is his own.  Those things I do not hope for, do not believe in or have faith in, but know–a knowing not of mind, but gifts from higher realms of light.

Oh how free I feel and truly am, unburdened and without a care, taking life for what it is and nothing more.  My inner-state of peace and joy is unaffected by the storms of life, though in times past they challenged me, were the very teachers that brought me to my state of bliss.  But now, when the winds blow, skies darken, lightening flashes and thunder cracks the silence, I thank the riders of the storm for their service, for reminding  me that others are yet being schooled by the storms I now enjoy.

How strange it must be to they who are yet traveling misery’s road to see my joy amidst the storms that they so fear (that I feared as well not long ago) yet it is good, for the contrast serves them well.  In seeing joy’s light, in another in a storm, they question their darkest fears, and perhaps, thereby, may  let them go and reach up and out to the light.

And what of everyday concerns that fill hearts and minds with worry and with fear, and sometimes dread?  They have no power over me.  I left behind that darkness with the coming of the light in which I walk so joyfully these days.

Walking the path of perfect peace is to be carefree, unconcerned, unworried and untroubled in every circumstance and situation and during every experience, even in the face of life’s demands.  I do my best and am unconcerned about results.  I am no longer influenced by fear, need and desire.

When asked, “how can you be so free of all concerns?”  From my heart of peace I answer, “Every woe of man comes from men of grave concern, yet the world is filled with woe.  Can concern fulfill men’s needs, wants, desires or lengthen out his days?”  To be concerned is to be anxious and afraid that my needs will not be met, while he who is at peace is neither anxious nor afraid, has no concerns of what will be, but walks the path of perfect peace continually. 


Whatever circumstance you are in, runs your life.
Circumstance dictates your responses.
Your life is not your own.
We are all victims of circumstance.

What matters?
Only what you think, matters.
If you don’t think it matters, it doesn’t.

What’s important?
Only what you think important.
If you think it’s important, it is.
If you think it isn’t important, it isn’t.

Each day you wake up and do what you do, just like a chipmunk, lobster, sparrow or monkey.  As their circumstances dictate their actions, so dictate your circumstances.

You, like a child, like a teenager, like an adult or an older person, seek for something to fill your day.  Most of the time circumstances do it for you, but often enough it is up to you to decide what you will do to not be bored.

Boredom is the great killer of consciousness.

After doing what you need to do to live, what excites you, what stirs you, what dreams and ambitions are within you that need expression.  Whatever they are, those are your choices.

In a slave-state your circumstances dictate your life from morning to evening and even when asleep.  You have no free time.  Your life is filled with orders and commands and things you cannot do and must not do.  Your life is not your own.

In a more free state you have more free time.

In nature you have the most free time.  It is just you and nature.  Once you meet your needs, the time is yours.

Retirement gives you more free time.  You have income to meet your needs.  They are taken care of.  And now you have free time.  What are you doing with it?  Complaining about your health?  That’s a good use of free time. 

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?  That is the question.  It is the question because you are free to do what you want to do....within the limits of your finances and health.

Just remember, it’s not important–soon you’ll be dead when nothing is important–unless you think so–whatever you do will be a time filler–just like your whole life has been–except back then you thought it was important....jokes on you.


Some people search their whole lives, or at least the greater part of their lives, to find the reality, the truth behind creation. 

Usually, at least in my case, I was given a warning: YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME ONCE YOU KNOW. 

It was suggested, strongly, often, that I stop looking.

But I said, “Whatever the consequences for KNOWING, I will accept.  I WANT TO KNOW.”

And so it is today I share it, as I see it, as I have traveled the universe to find it, and sure enough, they were right.  My life has not been the same, BUT....I wouldn’t, even if I could, go back to not knowing.  Anyway, it isn’t so bad.  Actually, it’s kind a funny watching people now.  A lot funnier than it used to be.



THERE IS JUST YOU THINKING THERE IS, which THINKING makes it so, and once you STOP THINKING SO (because you know it is not so) you are left with the TRUTH: 

You leave the known and enter the unknown to escape knowing.
You leave the whole to become a part, to stop experiencing the whole.

AND HERE’S THE JOKE while alive on earth:

As a part (a human) you are motivated to seek the whole (who doesn’t want to know where we came from, why we are here and where we are going).  As one who does not know, you seek to know, but you left the known to escape the known to be a part, and once you again know you are the whole and know the whole but are yet a part, you have discovered what you are, which is the whole, and NOW knowing you know the whole, but yet have years to live, your life is not the same because everything is a joke, a purposeless construct within itself creating purpose that you might want to live, but you knowing this, makes everything that happens funny, irrelevant, to you, but you watch other people who think everything is important, so you laugh, and you laugh because you know nothing is important and they think everything is important because they do not know. do you get out of this cycle of knowing while yet living?   You don’t.  YOU KNOW.  So what’s left to do while yet living a human life?  EVERYTHING, but without fear or angst or stress or pain or suffering.  REMEMBER, all you know is that There is no value in and of itself in living; there is no ultimate goal, there is no ultimate reality.  There’s still plenty to do while alive.  All that’s been removed from your motivation is “THAT’S IMPORTANT!”  Now....nothing is important.  Everything just is.  And so you take up knitting.  nem.

WE ARE FRANKENSTEINS (how not to be one)

What we call “I” or “ME” or Dick or Jane is a conglomeration–a collection of genetic code or software that we inherited.

Then, while we were very young, our parents, culture and society installed various programs in us.  

As soon as we were capable of going to the toilet by ourselves we were schooled and indoctrinated.

As we matured, we were brainwashed to accept a reality construct for governance.

And now, as adults, we are continually bombarded with propaganda–ideas and information to keep us in line and controlled.

We are Frankensteins, built from the ground up to be something we are not.


(WARNING)  Since the vast majority of Frankensteins do not realize they are constructs molded for conformity

(1.  Genetic code and software.
 2.  Programmed.
 3.  Schooled and indoctrinated.
 4.  Brainwashed..
 5   Propandized with ideas and information)

and think that their opinions, beliefs–personal and world views–are normal, BREAKING OUT may have dire social consequences (they will think you’ve gone nuts). 

To avoid detection, wear masks when dealing with family, friends, associates, co-workers, the public and government (everybody except non-Frankensteins).

1.  Just having the above information should start you on your journey of HOW NOT TO BE ONE (how to de-Frankenstein yourself).

THE BEST PART IS, once you realize you are a fabrication, a fiction, you begin searching for what you REALLY are.

As strange and weird as it sounds, what you will discover is that you really don’t exist (try not to have a heart attack).

As you de-construct the lies (propaganda, ideas, information,  brainwashing, indoctrination, programming, genetic code-software) what’s left?  (and YES, you can dump your genetic code–except if you go to far, it’s called death). 

(Did I mention it takes courage to do this?).

SO NOW..what’s left?

As you empty yourself, as you eliminate the self (the darkness) what will flow into you is LIGHT.

I’m going to leave you there.  You have enough information that if you are really interested, you have plenty to do.  nem.


I’m not saying there is an after-life, because I don’t know.  

A lot of people (3, I think) believe there is an after-life....but that doesn’t mean squat to me because belief, like faith, prove nothing.  Sorta like opinions.  After a person states their belief and faith or opinions, “AND THE CROWD YAWNS FROM BOREDOM” people are left with nothing more than a kind of dishonesty, because if the people were factual, they would merely say, “I DON’T KNOW....haven’t been there, didn’t do it, ain’t got a clue.”  Anyway....If there is an after-life, what if you arrive there stupid?

What if what you learned here goes with you.  “Wow...holy crap batman, there is an after-life, so now what am I going to do with all this knowledge I have about all the news I watched, the movies I watched and the virtual reality games I played?  Hope that has value here.”

It is written that what you learn here and what kind of a person you are at the end of your life, and all your thoughts, etc., will rise with you in the resurrection, which is another way of saying, “Shit...the after-life is real.”  

Well....real or does make sense right here and right now to work on improving yourself (your life will improve as a result automatically).

I sometimes play the mental game, “WHAT IF”. 

What if I get born again.  What kind of kid do I want to be.  What kind of kid would I like to have born to me.  Well...the same kind of kid I want to be in my nest life of course.

I get born, and when my brain starts working, I stay quiet.  I immediately know that this is but another life, and that I’ve lived before (all that by age one).  I don’t talk much.  Only when spoken to, or emergencies. 

I obey my parents all the way up to age five, except if I am born into a crime family, and by then I’d know.

I am honest.  100%.  I would rather die than lie.  I have no needs, wants or desires that get fulfilled at anyone’s expense.

I do not judge.  Why?  Because I don’t make comparisons.  I accept everyone just as they are, the same way I accept a turtle and giraffe for what they are.

I do not build a personality, nor do I let the beliefs, faith and opinions of others build my life view.  I have no life view.  I see life for what it is, and no more.  I don’t do labels.

As I get older I become aware of my bodies’s demands, and I control them.  I also am aware of my mind and my emotion’s demands, and I take charge of them and do not let them rule me.

I treat everybody as kindly as they allow.

I use my time seeking knowledge, understanding and wisdom, and do not waste it on foolish pursuits.

Most importantly, from a very young age, I know I am one with the cosmos and not separate (and that knowledge bears unbelievable fruit). there life after life?

I don’t know, but what if there is?

Maybe you thinking about what kind of a kid and adult you’d like to be IF THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH will help you be that kind of person here and now where you actually KNOW it has value.  THE END. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017


 I was thinking of all the time I waste, and this article is the result. I re-read it and it's kinda stupid, but I'm not going to correct any logic errors or silly thoughts. In fact, I'm not even going to post it. Oh...poop, I pushed the wrong button. Oh it is: 

Everyone has a certain amount of time on earth.  How you use it is your life.

If you spend much of your life getting irritated, upset and angry, if you worry, stress and fear and have concerns, you are wasting your time.  If you live in the past or the future, you are wasting now.  Your time could be used for worthwhile things.

Do you not use time when you think about the past or the future? 

What are you doing when you get irritated, upset, angry, and when you worry, stress, fear and have concerns?  Are you not thinking?  Yes you are wasting time.

The wise consider their time.  The wise use their time to seek what they want.  The unwise treat time like they have all of it in the world, and then wonder why they didn’t get what they want.

So what is this thing called time? 

It has a beginning and an end.
You only get so much of it.
If you want the best the world has to offer, you use it wisely.
The way you spend your time becomes you.

 If you spend your time foolishly, then I hope you enjoy it because that’s your life.

Whatever you spend your time on becomes you.  To be a doctor, lawyer, businessman takes time, but has its rewards.  Being a junkie, whether movie junkie, gamer junkie or party junkie, gets you those kind of lives.  Being an educate yourself junkie, or a improve yourself junkie gets you that.  Whatever you think is of value to you that’s what you spend your time on, and most people do not spend it wisely but waste it and suffer for it.  Play junkies have that kind of life.  News junkies have that kind of life.   Whatever you spend your free time on either makes your life better or “whatever.”.

Gee, it almost seems stupid to mention the time it takes up in a person’s life worrying and fretting when most people don’t even use their free time wisely.

Oh well....that’s life.


Sometimes I wonder if the gurus are right.  What’s the big deal about bliss, joy, peace happiness and pleasure?  Why do almost all their teachings aim to help people be at peace? It’s like they think there’s a problem with getting irritated, upset and angry, like there’s a problem with stress, worry, anxiety and fear.  What do they know that ninety percent of the miserable population doesn’t know?

Oh sure, people are at peace when things work out the way they like, but you better be a football field away when they don’t get want they because they will explode all over you.

Some people get a kick out of being miserable.  It has to be true because so many people are miserable.  Maybe being miserable is a kinda happiness, you know, a dark happiness.

So just maybe peace and happiness are overrated.  If you don’t believe me, ask anyone who has run into a person who is always at peace.  It’s torture to be around totally chilled people.  Nothing bothers them.  They’re not human.  They need to leave the planet..  They’re nuts.

With that said, so how come everyone is striving to be happy?  I personally don’t anyone who is striving to be miserable, but for some reason all the people I know arrive there anyway.  Weird!

I could point you in the direction of some gurus that will teach you how to be at peace all the time.

But hey...why spoil a perfectly miserable "happy" life.

HOW TO NOT LET LIFE HAVE POWER OVER YOUR bliss, peace, joy and happiness

Are you in charge of your joy, or is life in charge?

Have you given away your power to be joyful to other people, to life itself?

Do you let people and situations and circumstances control you and determine how you react and respond?

If people, places, things, circumstances or events determine whether you are blissful or not, you are not in charge of you.

If you are not in charge of you, other people (life) is in charge of you.

If life can make you miserable, if life can make you get irritated, upset and angry, life is your boss.  You are not your boss.

How do you become boss of yourself?

You accept, in the moment, whatever life does.

How do you do that?

You recognize the truth that you are not the boss of life (you are only the boss of yourself).

Life does what it does; people do what they do; things happen....even you make things happen that you may not like.  Even you do things that turn out different than what you wanted.  ACCEPT IT, MOVE ON, KEEP TRYING.

When you recognize the self-evident truth that you know very little about how life works (and may indeed not know anything really about how life came to be and is sustained) you free yourself from trying to be the boss of life.  With your limited knowledge, understanding and wisdom, you probably would be a terrible boss (maybe your life is proof of that).

Until you accept the reality that is lfe and...that you have just a little control of your life, but very little control of other people’s lives or what happens in life, you will be miserable every time life doesn’t go your way.

When life doesn’t go your way, when life doesn’t deliver on your hopes and expectations let go.  Do not entertain thoughts that stir your emotions to irritation, upset, anger or violence.  Merely accept the reality that is, move on, keep trying.

If you cannot be at peace with whatever life throws at you, if you cannot accept what is, you will be miserable much of your life (until you do accept the reality that IS life).

Friday, May 19, 2017


Darkness exists, then came the light, which can accurately be called God.

The light is the life that animates life.  It is all that exists.

From light and shadow came man, and all things man beholds.

The awareness man has, the will man has, is man’s, is his nature, and is not the awareness, the will or the nature of the light. 

Man, the creature, has a separate awareness, will and nature. 

Yet, it is the light that gives life to man.

Man’s intelligence is his own, yet he is intelligent because of the light.

The amount of light a man has depends on how much he has extinguished his own awareness, will, intelligence and nature. 

When a man sees himself as no more, when he is no longer his own awareness, will, intelligence and nature, the light that is God shines through and he becomes one again with the light.

In the meantime, man plays on in the game created by the light for the light’s own amusement, pleasure, joy and happiness.

The light is, and I am not.  The light is, and we are not.  As long as we think we are, then we are, and the game continues.

In the game, man has many needs, wants and desires, and each man works to fulfill them.  It is man’s needs, wants and desires (what he does to obtain them) that make the game interesting and worth playing, both for man, and the light that is God.

When you extinguish the man, the intensity that was part of the game, is over for you.  You play on until your body wears down, but you care not, are not concerned about anything, yet work according to the concerns of man that produce joy, peace and happiness.  You work to make the world a more joyful place.


George was upset.  

I asked, “What’s the problem?”

“My car won’t start?”

“Why is that a problem?”

“Because I have to be to work or I’ll lose my job?”

“Why is that a problem?”

“If I lose my job, I can’t pay the rent and I’ll get kicked out.”

“Why is that a problem?”

“I won’t have anywhere to live.  I’ll be homeless.”

“Why is that a problem?”

“I don’t want to be homeless.”

“You’re problem is that you think you have a problem.”

“Well, what would you do?”

Once upon a time my wife, six young kids and I lived in a small town.  I lost my job and now within a week would lose our house.  We had no money to move or get another place to live. 

It was Christmas Eve, and we drove fifty miles to a friends house.  On the way a front wheel came off my pickup.  There was no way to fix it on the side of the road. 

My wife asked, “What are we going to do?”

I said, “We will sit here and freeze to death.”

“No...really.  What are we going to do?”

“If it’s not our time to die or live on the side of the road, things will work out.”

Someone stopped to help.  I asked them to call my friend and tell him where we were.  An hour later my friend arrived and looked at the situation.  We left the pickup in the snow and went to his house and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

While at my friends house we learned of a place for rent.  It was a 10X50 trailer that needed work.  It had a wood burning stove.  If we cleaned it we could move in for no rent the first two months.  My older daughter paid to hook-up the electricity.  We were now in a comfy place, and within a week the pickup was fixed (someone gave us the part it needed off an old junk pickup).  shortly I found a new job, a better job.

I never have a problem because I give no thought whatsoever to whatever is happening.  Why complicate life?  Things will either work out for your comfort or they won’t, and either way it will be what it will be.  Thinking is wasted energy.  The solution is always in the doing, not the judging, complaining, condemning or railing against what is.

When you are ONE with the COSMOS, life is wonderful adventure no matter what happens to you.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


I arrived, was born and slowly but quickly awakened and realized I was in another reality-game-play.  This has been my earliest awakening, and it changed everything as compared to previous games.  No stress, no anxiety, no fear.  It made the game more enjoyable, and of course I realized most were asleep playing the game–as must needs be to be a good game–playing with all their hearts and might and mind.  It was fun to watch and not be a  part, though I held my tongue.  To them, everything was important.

Now about this importance: Even awake players think things are important, but only to the point of inconvenience, not dire importance.  I want what I want and work to gain it, but if unobtainable, so it is, no big deal, move on, get over it.  IT’S A BIG DIFFERENCE.

In that game I was in society, married, children, house, job.  I worked to obtain, to have, to live and prosper, but when times came and sickness and death and loss came, it didn’t matter, it was unimportant.  For instance, feed the kids, clothe, shelter, educate, but if my efforts failed and starvation, dehydration, living outdoors, suffering and dying is the lot, so it is and not another thought to enter mind.

I played the game as one who is asleep according to the thoughts of others so as not to upset them during their adventure that they saw not as adventure but rather as horrible experiences.  So I say nice and kind things that they cherish to hear, a voice of concern and love and hope and comfort, all for them....yet, because I could feel their concern and pain and angst, I too cried, but they were tears of compassion for their feelings brought on by their ignorance, like a child hurt and crying or missing a favorite toy.  My response was genuine, I felt it, felt it because of their concern.  Had they had no concern, voiced no concern, lamented not, but rather, had embraced their adventure, stating, “Wow...this is awesome....never experienced this before,” my feelings would not have been tapped, and their leaving would have been perhaps a hilarious goodbye.

Life, the never-ending cycle of living for the excitement of living the next unknown adventure, whether minute to minute, hours, days, years or other lives.

And so here we are today, again, though most know it not and see it anew like the first time ever, and the anxiousness and concern and importance flow like rivers of tears, and thus it should be, for what is an adventure untrue, unreal unfelt? 

My state of peace and bliss is undisturbed and my smiles genuine and true, and feelings drawn by the self-perceived dilemmas of others are genuine too, but I know their cause, so I mix with folks seldom, stay away, for their benefit, for too often an awakening word ill-timed causes them pain, not relief, so distance and silence is the best course for my tongue with a mind of it’s own.  Instead I do kind deed, unspoken, unacknowledged, and run away.  Yet on this forum I let it all hang out, and in my books, for they can be accessed or not at whim, and unbelieved, dismissed, and so it is perfect.  My ego still has its day, but is aware of its limits I impose, for he can be such an unruly friend he is....everyone should have such a delightful sparring partner, and most do. nem


A human mind, emotion and heart set on a dream can go berserk if the vision does not materialize.

The universe does suns, planets and everything else, like earth and dogs and cats and monkeys.  It also does humans.  Yes, the universe does humans.  The universe did you, and Mary and Tom and Gomer Pyles. 

All animals learn.  Sometimes even the human animal man learns things. 

However, there is one big difference between non-human animals and man the animal.  Man can analyze his state of being.  Man is self-aware.  He knows he is alive and wants to know why?  Animals accept their reality without nary a thought, but not man. 

Animals seldom sit around the house and wonder if the storm is going to kill them.  They seldom wonder why they are someday going to die.  They don’t worry much, certainly not as much as man the animal. 

Non-human animals tend to accept (probably without a thought) the reality they inhabit, but man....oh no, not worries and frets and fears, and....even worse....when man the animal thinks about his needs, wants and desires, he tends to fret, and....if he sets his mind and heart on a certain outcome, and it doesn’t materialize as he wants, or even better than he wants, he can get irritated, upset, angry and violent. 

All animals, even man the animal, can change their behavior according to pain or pleasure stimulation.  Humans do it all the time.

Since man hasn’t got all (or even very many, answers about creation) and because man wants to know why he was created, he makes-up stories. 

There are lots of stories.  The best stories turn into religions.  They make man feel like he knows what’s going on. 

Some of the stories may be real close to the truth, but mostly they are feel-good stories, though considering some of those religious-stories, it might make you wonder why their believers feel good about them.  After all, who, in their strange minds, wants the story of a God who will punish them for all eternity for not obeying him, to be true (and of course, that’s just one God-story).

The part of your mind, the part that says, “I’m me!”  wants answers to questions.  However, there is a part of your mind that asks no questions.  Why?  Because it knows something that the “I’m me” mind doesn’t know.  It knows it is part of the oneness that is life, accepts the reality that is life without nary a thought to torment itself.

IF YOU WORK AT IT, YOU CAN QUIET YOUR “I’M ME” MIND.  And if you do it, you’ll walk this planet in peace and bliss, without suffering.  Why?  Because your NOT “I’m me” mind accepts what IS (the reality that is at any given moment, and it accepts the changes to that reality, whether successful or not).  Maybe we would enjoy life more if we were like the non-human animals who think less and ask less questions   nem

IT IS WHAT IT IS, and as more people realize this truth, they look at life differently.

Dealing with life AS IT IS, rather than as you think it should be is an entirely new affair for most people.  Life is life.  It is what it is, and when you accept that TRUTH, your life will never be the same. 

While most people suffer the things in life they don’t like, people who accept WHAT IS, do not suffer. 

Everyone ever born in all the history of man seeks happiness, joy, peace and pleasure.  You might say it’s the goal of life....well.....accept for the crazy religions that say, “No, the goal of life is unhappiness, sorrow, war and pain.”  You would do well to ignore those crazy religions.  Actually, you would do well to ignore and avoid all religions.  You will suffer less just by doing THAT.

Why does it seem so hard for people to accept WHAT IS?   Logic says, THAT’S the logical way to live life.  Of course humans are not known for their logic.  Maybe that explains it.  Try to be a logical one.  It will serve you better.

Living life on the bright side of life is fun.  Everything is an adventure.  Everything is exciting.  Why?  Because nothing is bad or wrong.  Everything is perfect, happens, perfectly.  How can that be?  Easy.

Consider the word perfect: PER EFFECT.   If you set your baby down on sandy beach of an alligator infected lake and it gets eaten while you’re putting on suntan lotion, what happens is perfect....per-effect....cause and effect....action, reaction (stupid has a price.  “Stupid is as stupid does”).

How you look at life is your life.  Try not to look at it cockeyed.  Accept what is.  How can I do that? (How can you not?).  What benefit is there in not accepting what is?  When something is, it immediately becomes the past, and you can’t change the past.  You can only deal with it, and how you deal with it often determines your future. 

Why are there flies and mosquitoes?  I don’t know.  Maybe nature knows.  It doesn’t matter WHY?  The fact is, there are flies and mosquitoes.  DEAL WITH IT.  A lot of people are like flies and mosquitoes....a pain.  If you don’t want to suffer them, become a hermit.  Like flies and mosquitoes, people do what they do.  People are part of nature too, and if you expect them to act like you want them to, welcome to disappointment.

And the point is?  Don’t set your heart on your expectations.  Just don’t do it.  Put your heart INTO it, but NOT on it.  What’s the difference between INTO it, and ON it? 

Work your derriere off and expect the best results, but if the results are different than what you worked for, call it a day and go swimming, recuperate, and then work harder.  The results will be what they will be, and if you’re not good with that, well’re bad with that, and if you need “bad” to motivate you to keep going, too’ll be one of those people I avoid.  nem

I AM NOT HUMAN - I am something else - What is that something else?

I noticed while quite young that when my body was tired, it fell asleep, and when it was hungry and thirsty or otherwise uncomfortable, it screamed.  And when it needed to eliminate, it did all by itself.  As I got older I learned that water, food, clothing and shelter was needed by my body.

Everything was about my body, UNTIL I learned and started THINKING.    After that, I spent my life catering to my bodies needs and my mind’s demands.

So then it was that my body’s needs and my mind’s needs, wants and desires ruled me.

One day I decided to stop catering to my body and my mind.  I started a fast, no food, just water, and kept my mind silent, refusing to listen to it’s thoughts.

My body and mind rebelled, but I persisted, and they became quiet, and I discovered that I wasn’t my body and I wasn’t my mind.  I was something else.  What is that something else?  I found that something else in the stillness of silence.

Prior to food fasting and thought fasting, I never entertained the thought that I was anything but my mind and body.  They were ME, and ME was given the name, Thomas, at birth.  But I was about to experience a second birth, and that being is totally different than Thomas, is not Thomas.

I discovered that I wasn’t my likes and dislikes, wasn’t my emotions, wasn’t my personality, wasn’t my intelligence, wasn’t what I know, wasn’t my opinions, judgements, beliefs, faith, feelings, and wasn’t my perspective and attitude.  I discovered that I wasn’t any of those.  And I wasn’t the labels that had been applied to me and that I applied to myself.  I also wasn’t an observer or watcher or awareness.  I do those things, but those things are not me either.

During the transition from Thomas to “?”, I jockeyed back and forth, sometimes being Thomas and other times being “?”.  But now, I play being Thomas when needed, or required,  but mostly, I am “?” (there is a saying that goes like this: Before enlightenment–which I call, transition–you cut wood and haul water, and after the transition, you cut wood and haul water).  You continue to live in the world–because you are still here–but you are no longer of the world.

The most profound difference after the transition is that neither Thomas nor “?” have concerns.  Both walk in peace.  It is as if Thomas and “?” have merged, become one, yet are two.  Neither Thomas nor “?” get anxious, fret, worry or fear.  Both accept the reality that is–that cannot be changed–and work together to change the things that can be changed, and both do it without a thought or emotion other than that everything is perfect....per as it must be and cannot but be, until it isn’t.  It is total acceptance of what IS at any given moment, thus the profound truth and saying, “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

So....what am I?  Who am I?  (AND of course, what and who are YOU....really?).

At this point, the question is, “Who is asking?”  And the answer is, Thomas is asking.  Thomas, the ego, the human, wants to know, “Who is “?”.  What is “?”.  Who is this being that is at peace during every changing circumstance, who lives without inner-struggle or inner-resistence, who is at peace and enjoys all that life offers, all that life IS?

To give it a name selected from human language–as many have done–is to humanize it, thus appropriately, it has no human name, though it can be called, “I am that I am....the nameless ONE”.


While we are individually concerned about what to eat tonight and what we will do tomorrow, a storm comes and kills a few of us and destroys much, making our plans irrelevant and keeping us busy just trying to live, just trying to get a a meal, any meal, and a good nights sleep.  Suddenly we are thrown back into survival mode.

Nature doesn’t care about our plans.  She does what she does and we have to deal with it.  Whether an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, flooding or storm, we have to deal with the consequences of mother nature’s destruction and continue our lives and work our plans.

HOWEVER, storms are not breaks or exceptions in our lives, but are part of our lives, as is illness, disease, infirmities, disabilities, accidents, crime and other events, and getting old and dying. 

Everything you do and people do to you, and whatever nature does, IS YOUR LIFE, including WAR.  Whatever your life is, try to enjoy it, for whatever it is, it’s all there is....right now.

You sense that “out there” is life, but you live life inside your head.  You most certainly in-terpret life, in-side your head.  Whatever way you interpret life, THAT IS YOUR LIFE.

Two people can experience the same circumstances and live totally different lives.  As a result, one is miserable and suffers and the other happy and at peace.  It all depends how each looks at their experiences. 

Some people wouldn’t even have a life if they weren’t irritated, upset, angry and miserable.  Each to their own.  YOU DECIDE.



Do not dislike anything.  Like everything.  When you like everything you destroy your earth-built personality. 

Your personality is not you.

Your body, mind, its thoughts and your emotions are not you.  They were acquired when you acquired a body.  The REAL YOU is not the things you acquired, just like your spouse, children, house, car, career and everything else here, are not you.

You are not your thoughts, beliefs, faith, opinions and feelings.  None of those are you.

If you stop talking about things that are not you and also stop talking about things that you don’t know, that you haven’t experienced, that are outside of your experience, you will still have plenty of things to talk about.

When you talk about your beliefs, faith, opinions and feelings, you are really–at a harsh fundamental level–lying to yourself, and others.    You only know what you have personally experienced....and even those things are but your interpretation from your there’s always a chance you misunderstood, so don’t set in stone even what you have experienced....that way you stay open-minded.

Until you discard your thoughts, beliefs, faith, opinions and feelings, you will not discover the REAL YOU.

What is left after you discard your thoughts, beliefs, faith, opinions and feelings?  All that’s left is you walking life in the oneness that is life.  You no longer walk through life thinking you are separate from life.  Suddenly you come to realize that your are part of the wonder that is life, and then your appreciation for life will know no bounds.


The first thing you will experience when you discard your thoughts, beliefs, faith, opinions and feelings is PEACE (not a feeling of peace, but the very presence of is beyond is YOU).  To know it, try it.  It will be unlike anything you experienced before.

This level of non-thinking is a place you can live continually, even while actively engaging life (I am not speaking of NOT-THINKING when engaged in activities that require discernment....those circumstances that require thinking). 

Another way to say this is, you live at two levels.  Level 1 is a place of peace at all times, and level 2 is a place of mental discernment as required to function in life.

If you don’t try it (discarding your thoughts, beliefs, faith, opinions and feelings–the false you) you will not know the joy, peace and happiness that IS the REAL YOU until after you die.    WHY WAIT?

“Because,” You say, “I’m just a tad busy living life.” 

Well then, at least try to enjoy your pain, fear, anxiety, concerns and worries. Maybe you could even enjoy getting irritated, upset and angry.  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. 


The reason behind life, behind consciousness, is adventure, learning what we don’t know, increasing our capacities.  The zest of life is what we are after, not the boredom of routine and sameness.

Consciousness isn’t valuable because we seek pleasure, joy, peace and happiness.  Those feelings are the result of adventure.

Consciousness is valuable because we enjoy experiencing change more than anything, enjoy experiencing the fathomless and never-ending adventures of life.

Consciousness detests boredom and sameness.  We get pleasure from challenging ourselves and discovering our limits.  We enjoy danger, risk, jeopardy, gamble and hazard, and pushing ourselves to the limit.

It is the excitement of a new day that awakens us to possibilities.  We seek more and more and more because that is our inherent nature.  

Life is a circus of possibilities, a dance of imagination, of what might be, what can be, of what will be.  It is forever moving forward to new adventures. 


HOWEVER, many people (children excluded) do not think or feel that way.  They have become crusty, stone and hard and set in their ways.  They do not sparkle with life but gloom towards death, a release from their own self-devastating, enthusiasm-killing thoughts.  It’s no wonder they seek death, for though alive, they act as if they have been dead for many years before they actually drop dead from boredom.

Adventure is the spice that makes consciousness valuable.

The God so many people believe in, the very God of THE BOOKS, obviously knew He was creating ADVENTURE.  The world is not boring, just some people think boringly.

A bored life is the result of a bored mind.  Get a hobby.  At least buy ZEST SOAP and suds up.  Maybe it’ll penetrate your brain and you’ll get a new zest for life.   

LIFE IS FOR ENJOYING THE ADVENTURE....unless you don't think so....and then you are right.



At birth you are mindless, neither love nor hate anything.  You are mindlessly ONE with life.

Then your mind is trained to like and dislike things.  You now start  living in duality, but having never conceptualized ONENESS, you have no IDEA oneness exists.

When you awaken, when you experience The Great Realization, you begin to conceptualize the existence of ONENESS; you return to the mindlessness at birth, but, with one difference, you know it. 

Now you no longer love nor hate, do not like or dislike, no good, no bad.  Life  just is.  You take no position whatsoever, no picking or choosing.   You are not anti or pro anything, no more  longing or loathing things in life. No extreme attitudes.  You live life without difficulty.  You accept everything that happens as the great dance of life.

And yet, you may find that there are  things you cannot accept, but you accept that there are things you cannot accept. 

NOW YOU CAN DO OR NOT DO because you know it doesn’t matter, yet,  you are still ONE because you are not concerned about it, have no concerns whatsoever about anything. 

The realized  life is without difficulty.  Your life, your body, embracing life, doing things, IS THE POINT of life, is the great dance of creation, but you do it without longing or loathing anything in life.

The realized life, the perfection of life, is whatever happens in life, whether you choose to do things or not. 

AND, the “joke” of life (that you now understand) is that life is perfect just as it is, whether people are awake or not.

The result of the process of realization is merely coming to the knowledge that everything is perfect, BUT...most people have to go through the process of judgement and then non judgement and then back to judgement to realize it. 

The only difference between awake and not awake is conceptual.  He who doesn’t know, is perfect, and he who does know, is perfect, so there’s really nothing to say or do.  It is the realization of this that frees you from your mind.

THE GREAT REALIZATION IS THAT LIFE IS PERFECT.  People who have not awakened, do not know this.

A MIND AT PEACE is the result of the great realaization.  It is the peace that passes all understanding.  AND DAMN...IT’S HARD TO EXPLAIN IN WORDS.  nem

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

MOST HUMANS ARE CERTIFIABLY NUTS and just haven’t gone in to get their certificate

IT’S JUST LIFE...get over it

Quit expecting life to be what it isn’t.  When something IS, you can’t change it.  It’s already happened; it’s the past.  Put your energy into what you can do NOW, and don’t worry if it turns out the way you wanted.  However it works out, that’s the new IS.

Logic and reason should prevail, not emotional foot stomping when something doesn’t go your way.  Except for killing a few ants, what good does it do?

Life is life.  Everything is just life.  It last a few years and then you’re gone.  You will do your best and that’s all you can do, and the rest is out of your control, and if you fight what IS, when it IS, you obviously are a victim of a deranged, illogical and unreasonable mind (and that IS what IS also....but work on it).

There is no peace if you don’t accept what IS.  In fact, the very definition of illogic and unreasonableness and mental illness is NOT accepting what IS, when it IS.  People who kick a flat tires and break their foot before fixing the tire need mental counseling, and of course, as a side note, anyone who goes to see a psychiatrist has to be out of their mind.  Most humans are certifiably nuts and just haven’t gone in to get their certificate; the rest are just nuts.  At least I know I'm nuts.  Most nuts haven't a clue. 

What's worse than clueless nuts?

Nuts who think they have a clue (consider thinking about that one).


It doesn’t take a Buddha, rocket scientist or genius to discover and understand three basic truths, three levels of living life.


no thoughts


constructive thoughts


destructive thoughts


What a person thinks....he is.

Most people eventually learn that living life on level one (no thoughts) and level two (constructive thoughts) serves them best.

If you want to enjoy all that is life you’ll spend most of your time on level one (no thoughts) and on level two (constructive thoughts) (as needed) and never sink to level three, EVER.

IF YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF YOUR MIND and its thoughts, who is?


Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Life is life.  It is what it is.  Day in day out life does what it does.

I am here, not thinking, no conclusions beyond “life is life”. 

I do not know anything besides that.  I do not know anything that is not in my experience.

By experience, I know that accepting life changes brings peace.

Perhaps there are no things that I cannot change.  Perhaps those things that are thought to be outside of my control, are not outside my control.  I am open.

I like the saying, “Believe all things but only hold fast to that which proves true.”

Is that a correct thought?

Thank “you” for my body and mind and my life.  Thank you that I do not get irritated, upset or angry when life does what it does, when earth and people do what they do.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I enjoy life more when I am at peace.

Thank you that I accept what is, while working to obtain what I need, want and desire, even if what I seek does not turn out the way I thought.

I don’t know what else there is to accept, or what I should think different.

I know I do not know much, at least within my conscious awareness.  I do not know how I came to be, or how I continue to be.  I don’t know the workings of my body or mind, and why they do what they do.  I don’t know why anything was created, if indeed there is a why. 

I know as a conscious being that I seek comfort, pleasure, interesting things to do, adventure, to challenge myself, to do things that I haven’t done, even while seeking to do the things I have done that I like.

I know that the mystery of life, of what’s next, of what might or could happen is part of the adventure of life. 

Thank you for the way things were, are and will be.  THANK YOU.  Tom


WHAT EVERY GURU KNOWS when people come to them with problems (which is why they laugh so much)

If you have a problem it is because you think you have a problem.

Life has no problems.

You have a problem with life.

What is your problem?

You have needs, wants and desires that are not met, not fulfilled, not satisfied.

What is your problem?

Your thinking.  That is your problem.  You think.


Stop thinking. 
Stop thinking you have problems.
When you stop thinking, your problems disappear.


“Now, please deposit twenty-five cents and go away.”


If you can’t be at peace with how the universe works and what it does without you taking drugs or drinking booze, may your income stream never cease, and if the world implodes, please lose the address I didn’t give you.

There are seven billion universes walking around on two legs in space, each experiencing their very own universe through their five senses, and more significantly, creating and interpreting and living their lives according to what they each think.  It’s a crazy world, but someone has to do it.

Just think, 7 billion people all playing on one stage, interacting and each experiencing it slightly different.  It’s the perfect recipe for adventure and chaos every Friday night.

If there is a God, it’s probably space itself, and if there is a Christian God (at least I suppose he’d have to be a Christian) then he’s a demi-god, which means he’s made of the same stuff we are made of, and obviously has our attributes, and if you obey him he rewards you and if you do not he punishes you.  Sounds like my old boss at my previous job, and my mom and dad, and the local gang leader and mafia Dons.  So I suspect most people who believe in the Christian God waffle between “Thank you for life,” and “Holy shit...if I do that I’ll rot in hell.”  Reward and Punishment.  Pavlov’s Dog had it right. It works.

THIS REALLY WORKS: If you want to experience the ONE MIND, start watching yourself.  Here’s how you do it: Imagine yourself just above and behind your head.  Then watch your body watching whatever it’s watching.  The ONE MIND won’t dawn immediately, but if you do it often enough, it will, and then you can start watching from different positions, locations, etc.  It’s like riding piggy-back on yourself.  It’s kinda like astral projection or an out of body experience.  If you try it each day for a few weeks, you’ll know what I mean.  What’s the value in it?  DO IT, and you’ll find out.  IT’S WAY WORTH IT. 

Want to get rid of worry, stress and fear?  I actually know a guy...he visits almost every morning for coffee....and he likes his worry, stress and fear....but if you don’t like being that way, consider this...when you’re 90 years old and sitting on your porch rocking away and waiting for your oatmeal, what value did your worry, stress and fear have (of course you might not live that long or get dementia, etc., so....why not stop worrying now, I mean, what’s the worst that can lose your spouse, kids, get hurt, sick, lose your job, house car, become homeless and get a toupee off an old used mop.  If any of those things actually happen, won’t you have to deal with them?  Why deal with them in your imaginary worries and fears....well....unless your like the guy who visits me, who wouldn’t have a life without worry, stress and fear.


Space (or something within space) responds to my thoughts, feeling, words and actions.  I don’t know how space or that something does it, but it does it, and I have proof, repeatable, observable proof.

A decision, coupled with emotion, draws new thoughts to me, and when I act upon those thoughts, a way is opened, a way presents itself for me to obtain needed resources.

I live on two levels at the same time. 

On one level I see everything the way it is, and I accept it absolutely the way it is, without subjecting it to my thoughts. 

On the other level I use my mind, my knowledge, understanding and wisdom of people, places and things, and act accordingly.


Life is what it is.        


Before enlightenment you carry water and chop wood.  After enlightenment you carry water and chop wood, BUT NOW, you carry water and chop wood with a new perspective, with a greater knowledge, understanding and wisdom about yourself and life.  You no longer get irritated, upset or angry.  You no longer worry, stress or fear.  You walk in the peace that passes all understanding, and your appreciation of life EXACTLY the way it is at any given moment has expanded to encompass all creators and all creation.


There is nothing wrong with creation, except you think so, and you thinking so doesn’t make it so. 

Accept the reality that is while working towards the reality that you envision and whether what you seek is realized or not, be at peace.


If you want to discover what you are when not human you must stop using human language, human words, words that we’ve learned while human.  Those words define human reality, and do not define anything beyond or outside humaneness.

Using words confines us to their meaning.  Words limit us.

To know what you are you must stop words, stop thinking, go beyond words.

When you stop thinking, stop words, you enter the world of unworldy experience.

You will never discover who you really are by thinking.  Thinking will never reveal who you are.

Thinking is for this world.

When you stop using words, when you stop your mind from thinking, when you enter the deep state of silence, you enter a new world.  You discover the truth behind this world (this world of being what you are not, this world that is a construct wherein you aim at building this life, where you have needs, wants and desires that rule you).

How will you accomplish this if you are never silent, if you never leave this world behind, if you never enter the deep stillness of silence.
Not everyone is aiming for the life beyond this life, beyond this world, beyond knowing more than what is self-evident through our senses.  Everyone is on the same path, but not everyone is at the same place on the path. 

Earth-life is a schooling journey to other-worldliness.

We do not ridicule a child for being a child, and we should not ridicule people just because they are at a different place on the same path we are on to elsewhere.

If you have concerns about this world, then your life is this world, which is as it should be, but it does not make you less (anymore than a child is less).  Everyone is where they must be while moving forward to what they will be.

Destruction and death liberate you from the stagnation that has developed through culture, society and the norms and expectations of religious theories, philosophical theories, beliefs, opinions and conclusions. 

Death is liberation.  Death is a new door to the next level of life.

Every level has value and is needful.  You cannot skip levels.  Each level is a prerequisite for the next level. 



Some people call certain kind of thoughts, EGO.  Ego is just a word.  The word exists, the ego doesn’t. 

The mind asks questions.  It asks questions because it thinks it is something, and it wants to know what that something is.  It wants to know where it came from, why it is here and where it is going.  It wants to know, what is the purpose of life, what should I be doing. 

When a person asks a question of an awake person about the meaning or purpose of life, an awake person knows immediately that THAT person is not awake. 

When a very young child asks, where did I come from, the awake parent knows that its child’s mind is consciously active, and will say, you have always existed; you came from nowhere because you are everywhere.  And then the child asks, what am I, and the parent says, you are the universe thinking you are separate from the universe, but you are not separate, you only think so.

A parent asks its two-year old, what are you doing.  The child answers, I am the universe playing with blocks. The unawake parent says, no, you are Tom, playing with blocks.  The child says, no, you named me Tom, but I am not Tom, I am the universe playing with blocks.  The parent says, you are an individual, a person.  And the child said, yes, I am the universe being an individual, a person, but that does not make me separate from the universe.  I am still the universe playing with blocks.

It is because we have thoughts that we have individual lives.  The ONENESS, is many, is all there is.  The ONE is whole, but we, through our senses, and thoughts, see it as many.

Because people like and dislike things, they think there is good and evil, and then they ask, why is there evil.  An awake person will answer, you name things good or evil because you like and dislike things, but your likes and dislikes are merely labels for things that happen.  Life happens, which includes your thoughts, and your thoughts about life in general give you a life specific, makes life your life, defines life for you, which makes your life unique, creates your own unique perspective and way of looking at life, but in truth, until you have thoughts about life, life is just life, life is just the universe doing what it does.

You can have all kinds of thoughts and opinions and beliefs, and they are all part of life, but at the end of your days (or before) you will realize that your opinions and beliefs merely created for you a specific life, and created heaven or hell for yourself and others (as you think, so it is for you) whereas a person who is without belief or opinions or assumptions and draws no conclusions, enjoys life for what it is, no matter what it is, no matter what happened or didn’t happen, no matter what is or isn’t, no matter what will be or not.

YES, you can enjoy all that is life when you drop your opinions, conclusions, beliefs, notions and take no position....and....when you do those things you can still change things.  You change things with a peaceful mind, a calm mind, an undisturbed other words, you are less crazy and only slightly nuts..

There is no ego.  There is just thinking that there is an ego.  There are just thoughts.


When you see yourself not as one but as all, you have arrived where you are going.

When you become a stone without emotion, you have disentangled yourself from mind, emotions and personality, and then it is you do some things purely to not to die from this life until your body is ready to enter the grave.

When, at a young age, should you awaken to who you are, you will engage life purely for the joy of adventure, never experiencing worry, stress or fear.

An awakened-one wear masks in order to not terrorize the asleep-ones.  An awakened-one is kind to asleep-ones, unless a lesson is to be taught.

All sorrow disappears like mist in sunlight for an awakened-one.

If you have annihilated yourself, annihilated the individual, have become one with the cosmos, then you will be at peace when death calls because you know, whether alive or dead. you are not separate from the one.

An awakened-one does not put his heart on the outcome of  hope, belief, faith or feelings, even though he works to accomplish that which he sets out to do, yet he is unconcerned should it not turn out as proposed.  He is always at peace with every result, with every outcome.

An awakened-one knows nothing is important, even while knowing that asleep-ones think many things are important, and so an awake-one does things purely for the pleasure of doing things, and for no other reason.

Whatever an awakened-one does, he does for the value he sees in doing.  When the value is gone, he is gone.

Family teachings, culture and society color life, and an awake-one enjoys the colors, but is not colored by them.  An awake-one is free.

An awake-one can walk through the valley of the shadow of death and enjoy the shadow as much as he enjoyed the light.