Sunday, May 21, 2017


I’m not saying there is an after-life, because I don’t know.  

A lot of people (3, I think) believe there is an after-life....but that doesn’t mean squat to me because belief, like faith, prove nothing.  Sorta like opinions.  After a person states their belief and faith or opinions, “AND THE CROWD YAWNS FROM BOREDOM” people are left with nothing more than a kind of dishonesty, because if the people were factual, they would merely say, “I DON’T KNOW....haven’t been there, didn’t do it, ain’t got a clue.”  Anyway....If there is an after-life, what if you arrive there stupid?

What if what you learned here goes with you.  “Wow...holy crap batman, there is an after-life, so now what am I going to do with all this knowledge I have about all the news I watched, the movies I watched and the virtual reality games I played?  Hope that has value here.”

It is written that what you learn here and what kind of a person you are at the end of your life, and all your thoughts, etc., will rise with you in the resurrection, which is another way of saying, “Shit...the after-life is real.”  

Well....real or does make sense right here and right now to work on improving yourself (your life will improve as a result automatically).

I sometimes play the mental game, “WHAT IF”. 

What if I get born again.  What kind of kid do I want to be.  What kind of kid would I like to have born to me.  Well...the same kind of kid I want to be in my nest life of course.

I get born, and when my brain starts working, I stay quiet.  I immediately know that this is but another life, and that I’ve lived before (all that by age one).  I don’t talk much.  Only when spoken to, or emergencies. 

I obey my parents all the way up to age five, except if I am born into a crime family, and by then I’d know.

I am honest.  100%.  I would rather die than lie.  I have no needs, wants or desires that get fulfilled at anyone’s expense.

I do not judge.  Why?  Because I don’t make comparisons.  I accept everyone just as they are, the same way I accept a turtle and giraffe for what they are.

I do not build a personality, nor do I let the beliefs, faith and opinions of others build my life view.  I have no life view.  I see life for what it is, and no more.  I don’t do labels.

As I get older I become aware of my bodies’s demands, and I control them.  I also am aware of my mind and my emotion’s demands, and I take charge of them and do not let them rule me.

I treat everybody as kindly as they allow.

I use my time seeking knowledge, understanding and wisdom, and do not waste it on foolish pursuits.

Most importantly, from a very young age, I know I am one with the cosmos and not separate (and that knowledge bears unbelievable fruit). there life after life?

I don’t know, but what if there is?

Maybe you thinking about what kind of a kid and adult you’d like to be IF THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH will help you be that kind of person here and now where you actually KNOW it has value.  THE END. 

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