Tuesday, May 16, 2017


When you see yourself not as one but as all, you have arrived where you are going.

When you become a stone without emotion, you have disentangled yourself from mind, emotions and personality, and then it is you do some things purely to not to die from this life until your body is ready to enter the grave.

When, at a young age, should you awaken to who you are, you will engage life purely for the joy of adventure, never experiencing worry, stress or fear.

An awakened-one wear masks in order to not terrorize the asleep-ones.  An awakened-one is kind to asleep-ones, unless a lesson is to be taught.

All sorrow disappears like mist in sunlight for an awakened-one.

If you have annihilated yourself, annihilated the individual, have become one with the cosmos, then you will be at peace when death calls because you know, whether alive or dead. you are not separate from the one.

An awakened-one does not put his heart on the outcome of  hope, belief, faith or feelings, even though he works to accomplish that which he sets out to do, yet he is unconcerned should it not turn out as proposed.  He is always at peace with every result, with every outcome.

An awakened-one knows nothing is important, even while knowing that asleep-ones think many things are important, and so an awake-one does things purely for the pleasure of doing things, and for no other reason.

Whatever an awakened-one does, he does for the value he sees in doing.  When the value is gone, he is gone.

Family teachings, culture and society color life, and an awake-one enjoys the colors, but is not colored by them.  An awake-one is free.

An awake-one can walk through the valley of the shadow of death and enjoy the shadow as much as he enjoyed the light.

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