Thursday, May 18, 2017


Do not dislike anything.  Like everything.  When you like everything you destroy your earth-built personality. 

Your personality is not you.

Your body, mind, its thoughts and your emotions are not you.  They were acquired when you acquired a body.  The REAL YOU is not the things you acquired, just like your spouse, children, house, car, career and everything else here, are not you.

You are not your thoughts, beliefs, faith, opinions and feelings.  None of those are you.

If you stop talking about things that are not you and also stop talking about things that you don’t know, that you haven’t experienced, that are outside of your experience, you will still have plenty of things to talk about.

When you talk about your beliefs, faith, opinions and feelings, you are really–at a harsh fundamental level–lying to yourself, and others.    You only know what you have personally experienced....and even those things are but your interpretation from your there’s always a chance you misunderstood, so don’t set in stone even what you have experienced....that way you stay open-minded.

Until you discard your thoughts, beliefs, faith, opinions and feelings, you will not discover the REAL YOU.

What is left after you discard your thoughts, beliefs, faith, opinions and feelings?  All that’s left is you walking life in the oneness that is life.  You no longer walk through life thinking you are separate from life.  Suddenly you come to realize that your are part of the wonder that is life, and then your appreciation for life will know no bounds.


The first thing you will experience when you discard your thoughts, beliefs, faith, opinions and feelings is PEACE (not a feeling of peace, but the very presence of is beyond is YOU).  To know it, try it.  It will be unlike anything you experienced before.

This level of non-thinking is a place you can live continually, even while actively engaging life (I am not speaking of NOT-THINKING when engaged in activities that require discernment....those circumstances that require thinking). 

Another way to say this is, you live at two levels.  Level 1 is a place of peace at all times, and level 2 is a place of mental discernment as required to function in life.

If you don’t try it (discarding your thoughts, beliefs, faith, opinions and feelings–the false you) you will not know the joy, peace and happiness that IS the REAL YOU until after you die.    WHY WAIT?

“Because,” You say, “I’m just a tad busy living life.” 

Well then, at least try to enjoy your pain, fear, anxiety, concerns and worries. Maybe you could even enjoy getting irritated, upset and angry.  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. 

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