Saturday, May 20, 2017


Sometimes I wonder if the gurus are right.  What’s the big deal about bliss, joy, peace happiness and pleasure?  Why do almost all their teachings aim to help people be at peace? It’s like they think there’s a problem with getting irritated, upset and angry, like there’s a problem with stress, worry, anxiety and fear.  What do they know that ninety percent of the miserable population doesn’t know?

Oh sure, people are at peace when things work out the way they like, but you better be a football field away when they don’t get want they because they will explode all over you.

Some people get a kick out of being miserable.  It has to be true because so many people are miserable.  Maybe being miserable is a kinda happiness, you know, a dark happiness.

So just maybe peace and happiness are overrated.  If you don’t believe me, ask anyone who has run into a person who is always at peace.  It’s torture to be around totally chilled people.  Nothing bothers them.  They’re not human.  They need to leave the planet..  They’re nuts.

With that said, so how come everyone is striving to be happy?  I personally don’t anyone who is striving to be miserable, but for some reason all the people I know arrive there anyway.  Weird!

I could point you in the direction of some gurus that will teach you how to be at peace all the time.

But hey...why spoil a perfectly miserable "happy" life.

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