Thursday, May 18, 2017


A human mind, emotion and heart set on a dream can go berserk if the vision does not materialize.

The universe does suns, planets and everything else, like earth and dogs and cats and monkeys.  It also does humans.  Yes, the universe does humans.  The universe did you, and Mary and Tom and Gomer Pyles. 

All animals learn.  Sometimes even the human animal man learns things. 

However, there is one big difference between non-human animals and man the animal.  Man can analyze his state of being.  Man is self-aware.  He knows he is alive and wants to know why?  Animals accept their reality without nary a thought, but not man. 

Animals seldom sit around the house and wonder if the storm is going to kill them.  They seldom wonder why they are someday going to die.  They don’t worry much, certainly not as much as man the animal. 

Non-human animals tend to accept (probably without a thought) the reality they inhabit, but man....oh no, not worries and frets and fears, and....even worse....when man the animal thinks about his needs, wants and desires, he tends to fret, and....if he sets his mind and heart on a certain outcome, and it doesn’t materialize as he wants, or even better than he wants, he can get irritated, upset, angry and violent. 

All animals, even man the animal, can change their behavior according to pain or pleasure stimulation.  Humans do it all the time.

Since man hasn’t got all (or even very many, answers about creation) and because man wants to know why he was created, he makes-up stories. 

There are lots of stories.  The best stories turn into religions.  They make man feel like he knows what’s going on. 

Some of the stories may be real close to the truth, but mostly they are feel-good stories, though considering some of those religious-stories, it might make you wonder why their believers feel good about them.  After all, who, in their strange minds, wants the story of a God who will punish them for all eternity for not obeying him, to be true (and of course, that’s just one God-story).

The part of your mind, the part that says, “I’m me!”  wants answers to questions.  However, there is a part of your mind that asks no questions.  Why?  Because it knows something that the “I’m me” mind doesn’t know.  It knows it is part of the oneness that is life, accepts the reality that is life without nary a thought to torment itself.

IF YOU WORK AT IT, YOU CAN QUIET YOUR “I’M ME” MIND.  And if you do it, you’ll walk this planet in peace and bliss, without suffering.  Why?  Because your NOT “I’m me” mind accepts what IS (the reality that is at any given moment, and it accepts the changes to that reality, whether successful or not).  Maybe we would enjoy life more if we were like the non-human animals who think less and ask less questions   nem

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