Wednesday, May 31, 2017

EXALTATION and Logical Bliss & Ecstasy


You cannot live in the world in a state of exaltation.

Billions of people who have experienced exaltation (an overpowering feeling of personal well-being and love that encompasses the oneness of creation) eventually return to earth-reality. 

A person who experiences exaltation is no longer of the world, yet lives in the world.  And while in the world he deals with the reality that is, deals with it in a state of continual peace, bliss and ecstasy.

There is a way to live at peace and bliss in the world using logic and reason alone (without having experienced exaltation). 


“It is what it is,” is a logical thought, a logical conclusion that encompasses whatever happens in your life and life outside you. 

Accepting that “life is life and life does what it does,” is the first step to personal peace and bliss. 

More and more people are coming to realize this truth, and are benefited from that realization.

People who have experienced exaltation live on two levels, never losing their peace, bliss and ecstasy for life.

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