Saturday, May 20, 2017

HOW TO NOT LET LIFE HAVE POWER OVER YOUR bliss, peace, joy and happiness

Are you in charge of your joy, or is life in charge?

Have you given away your power to be joyful to other people, to life itself?

Do you let people and situations and circumstances control you and determine how you react and respond?

If people, places, things, circumstances or events determine whether you are blissful or not, you are not in charge of you.

If you are not in charge of you, other people (life) is in charge of you.

If life can make you miserable, if life can make you get irritated, upset and angry, life is your boss.  You are not your boss.

How do you become boss of yourself?

You accept, in the moment, whatever life does.

How do you do that?

You recognize the truth that you are not the boss of life (you are only the boss of yourself).

Life does what it does; people do what they do; things happen....even you make things happen that you may not like.  Even you do things that turn out different than what you wanted.  ACCEPT IT, MOVE ON, KEEP TRYING.

When you recognize the self-evident truth that you know very little about how life works (and may indeed not know anything really about how life came to be and is sustained) you free yourself from trying to be the boss of life.  With your limited knowledge, understanding and wisdom, you probably would be a terrible boss (maybe your life is proof of that).

Until you accept the reality that is lfe and...that you have just a little control of your life, but very little control of other people’s lives or what happens in life, you will be miserable every time life doesn’t go your way.

When life doesn’t go your way, when life doesn’t deliver on your hopes and expectations let go.  Do not entertain thoughts that stir your emotions to irritation, upset, anger or violence.  Merely accept the reality that is, move on, keep trying.

If you cannot be at peace with whatever life throws at you, if you cannot accept what is, you will be miserable much of your life (until you do accept the reality that IS life).

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  1. Tommy, I bought 4 copies of your "Power of Thank You" and here you are still manifesting your reality. Good on ya! You are obviously an "old soul" living a minmalist life, projecting a message most cannot not hear. LOVE YOU MAN...