Thursday, May 18, 2017

IT IS WHAT IT IS, and as more people realize this truth, they look at life differently.

Dealing with life AS IT IS, rather than as you think it should be is an entirely new affair for most people.  Life is life.  It is what it is, and when you accept that TRUTH, your life will never be the same. 

While most people suffer the things in life they don’t like, people who accept WHAT IS, do not suffer. 

Everyone ever born in all the history of man seeks happiness, joy, peace and pleasure.  You might say it’s the goal of life....well.....accept for the crazy religions that say, “No, the goal of life is unhappiness, sorrow, war and pain.”  You would do well to ignore those crazy religions.  Actually, you would do well to ignore and avoid all religions.  You will suffer less just by doing THAT.

Why does it seem so hard for people to accept WHAT IS?   Logic says, THAT’S the logical way to live life.  Of course humans are not known for their logic.  Maybe that explains it.  Try to be a logical one.  It will serve you better.

Living life on the bright side of life is fun.  Everything is an adventure.  Everything is exciting.  Why?  Because nothing is bad or wrong.  Everything is perfect, happens, perfectly.  How can that be?  Easy.

Consider the word perfect: PER EFFECT.   If you set your baby down on sandy beach of an alligator infected lake and it gets eaten while you’re putting on suntan lotion, what happens is perfect....per-effect....cause and effect....action, reaction (stupid has a price.  “Stupid is as stupid does”).

How you look at life is your life.  Try not to look at it cockeyed.  Accept what is.  How can I do that? (How can you not?).  What benefit is there in not accepting what is?  When something is, it immediately becomes the past, and you can’t change the past.  You can only deal with it, and how you deal with it often determines your future. 

Why are there flies and mosquitoes?  I don’t know.  Maybe nature knows.  It doesn’t matter WHY?  The fact is, there are flies and mosquitoes.  DEAL WITH IT.  A lot of people are like flies and mosquitoes....a pain.  If you don’t want to suffer them, become a hermit.  Like flies and mosquitoes, people do what they do.  People are part of nature too, and if you expect them to act like you want them to, welcome to disappointment.

And the point is?  Don’t set your heart on your expectations.  Just don’t do it.  Put your heart INTO it, but NOT on it.  What’s the difference between INTO it, and ON it? 

Work your derriere off and expect the best results, but if the results are different than what you worked for, call it a day and go swimming, recuperate, and then work harder.  The results will be what they will be, and if you’re not good with that, well’re bad with that, and if you need “bad” to motivate you to keep going, too’ll be one of those people I avoid.  nem

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