Thursday, May 18, 2017


I arrived, was born and slowly but quickly awakened and realized I was in another reality-game-play.  This has been my earliest awakening, and it changed everything as compared to previous games.  No stress, no anxiety, no fear.  It made the game more enjoyable, and of course I realized most were asleep playing the game–as must needs be to be a good game–playing with all their hearts and might and mind.  It was fun to watch and not be a  part, though I held my tongue.  To them, everything was important.

Now about this importance: Even awake players think things are important, but only to the point of inconvenience, not dire importance.  I want what I want and work to gain it, but if unobtainable, so it is, no big deal, move on, get over it.  IT’S A BIG DIFFERENCE.

In that game I was in society, married, children, house, job.  I worked to obtain, to have, to live and prosper, but when times came and sickness and death and loss came, it didn’t matter, it was unimportant.  For instance, feed the kids, clothe, shelter, educate, but if my efforts failed and starvation, dehydration, living outdoors, suffering and dying is the lot, so it is and not another thought to enter mind.

I played the game as one who is asleep according to the thoughts of others so as not to upset them during their adventure that they saw not as adventure but rather as horrible experiences.  So I say nice and kind things that they cherish to hear, a voice of concern and love and hope and comfort, all for them....yet, because I could feel their concern and pain and angst, I too cried, but they were tears of compassion for their feelings brought on by their ignorance, like a child hurt and crying or missing a favorite toy.  My response was genuine, I felt it, felt it because of their concern.  Had they had no concern, voiced no concern, lamented not, but rather, had embraced their adventure, stating, “Wow...this is awesome....never experienced this before,” my feelings would not have been tapped, and their leaving would have been perhaps a hilarious goodbye.

Life, the never-ending cycle of living for the excitement of living the next unknown adventure, whether minute to minute, hours, days, years or other lives.

And so here we are today, again, though most know it not and see it anew like the first time ever, and the anxiousness and concern and importance flow like rivers of tears, and thus it should be, for what is an adventure untrue, unreal unfelt? 

My state of peace and bliss is undisturbed and my smiles genuine and true, and feelings drawn by the self-perceived dilemmas of others are genuine too, but I know their cause, so I mix with folks seldom, stay away, for their benefit, for too often an awakening word ill-timed causes them pain, not relief, so distance and silence is the best course for my tongue with a mind of it’s own.  Instead I do kind deed, unspoken, unacknowledged, and run away.  Yet on this forum I let it all hang out, and in my books, for they can be accessed or not at whim, and unbelieved, dismissed, and so it is perfect.  My ego still has its day, but is aware of its limits I impose, for he can be such an unruly friend he is....everyone should have such a delightful sparring partner, and most do. nem

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