Thursday, May 18, 2017


At birth you are mindless, neither love nor hate anything.  You are mindlessly ONE with life.

Then your mind is trained to like and dislike things.  You now start  living in duality, but having never conceptualized ONENESS, you have no IDEA oneness exists.

When you awaken, when you experience The Great Realization, you begin to conceptualize the existence of ONENESS; you return to the mindlessness at birth, but, with one difference, you know it. 

Now you no longer love nor hate, do not like or dislike, no good, no bad.  Life  just is.  You take no position whatsoever, no picking or choosing.   You are not anti or pro anything, no more  longing or loathing things in life. No extreme attitudes.  You live life without difficulty.  You accept everything that happens as the great dance of life.

And yet, you may find that there are  things you cannot accept, but you accept that there are things you cannot accept. 

NOW YOU CAN DO OR NOT DO because you know it doesn’t matter, yet,  you are still ONE because you are not concerned about it, have no concerns whatsoever about anything. 

The realized  life is without difficulty.  Your life, your body, embracing life, doing things, IS THE POINT of life, is the great dance of creation, but you do it without longing or loathing anything in life.

The realized life, the perfection of life, is whatever happens in life, whether you choose to do things or not. 

AND, the “joke” of life (that you now understand) is that life is perfect just as it is, whether people are awake or not.

The result of the process of realization is merely coming to the knowledge that everything is perfect, BUT...most people have to go through the process of judgement and then non judgement and then back to judgement to realize it. 

The only difference between awake and not awake is conceptual.  He who doesn’t know, is perfect, and he who does know, is perfect, so there’s really nothing to say or do.  It is the realization of this that frees you from your mind.

THE GREAT REALIZATION IS THAT LIFE IS PERFECT.  People who have not awakened, do not know this.

A MIND AT PEACE is the result of the great realaization.  It is the peace that passes all understanding.  AND DAMN...IT’S HARD TO EXPLAIN IN WORDS.  nem

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