Sunday, May 21, 2017


When you empty your self, when you de-construct yourself, you make room for the light.

You cannot fill a full cup, which is why you must empty your darkness (you–the person you think you are, all your beliefs, faith, hopes, opinions, world view, personality, emotions, thoughts–especially your thoughts–and become as a new born (except you are still a genetic influenced being–but you can work on that).

When you empty yourself, you are gone, nothing is left.  You are a walking, not thinking, not talking being.

The greatest revelation you will ever have while flesh is that you do not exist. 

How is that possible?

Think about it.  You are who you are because you think you are that.  What if you stopped thinking?  What would be left?

You were born.  You have a body, but it is not your body, it is the LIGHT’S body.  It belongs to the light (some call the light, God).

When the body was born, the mind was “blank”.  Slowly over years it was programmed.  After a few years you start thinking you are your body and mind.  But if you stop thinking all that’s left is the body walking around.  It’s like being a baby again.

When you drop your thinking, stop identifying yourself as Tom or Michele or Tony, you create a “vacuum” an empty space, and that space is filled with the only thing that really exists, which is light.  You become a light-body.

You are not your mind.  You are not your thoughts.  You are not your genetics.  You are not your personality.  You are not your opinions, beliefs, faith, hopes, dreams.  You are not your emotions.  You are none of those, even though you think you are.  All those things were acquired by you and you became attached to them.  And now, when you stop thinking, when you stop thinking you are any of those, what’s left?  Nothing but your body. 

Now that your cup (your body-mind) is empty, what happens?

Because it is empty the light fills it.  What happens then?  Try it and you’ll find out.

How do you do that?  Stop identifying with your body, stop thinking you are who you think you are.  Just stop thinking about yourself as someone, and that someone disappears, and then watch what happens.

When you become enlightened (the entering of the light because you have discarded the darkness–the darkness you think that is you–changes how you view reality.  Before enlightenment you haul water and carry wood.  After enlightenment you haul water and carry wood, but NOW, you know who and what you really are, which is THE ONE LIGHT that is LIFE (and when you consider the word enlightenment...what did you think that meant?  It means being able to receive the LIGHT because you have let go of the dark).

AND NOW, because your cup is empty, the light fills it.  What does it fill it with.  Revelation, information, astounding information you never before were able to download because previously your mind was occupied with so much earth-stuff that hardly anything could get in.  You can’t fill a cup that is full of earth-thinking. 

I don’t exist as Tom.  I am the light.  I walk around being the light.  Tom is dead.  I am reborn as the light.  I do not identify as Tom.  Tom no longer exists.  I am part and portion and the whole that is the light that is the life that is the universe operating as one organism, a whole, a unified field of consciousness, a singular expression that is creation.  I no longer think of myself as separate.  I am home.  I am in heaven.  I am one with all that is, and all is one.


I accept what is, because what is, is the light expressing itself.

Nothing is wrong and everything is right.  The light does cause and effect.  The light is doing it all just the way it wants to do all.

All that has changed is my thinking, me thinking I am separate from all that is.  I now accept what is as an expression of the light.  No more irritation, upset, anger, violence against the light, against what it is.

I am as calm in a storm as a summer breeze wafting over the meadows and flowers.  I am serene in the presence of every storm. 

I am amazed at the beauty of life, the life of the one life, the one light that is the life of the world.

I no longer fear.  I am at peace, even the peace that passes all understanding (which when I dropped the self and its thoughts and perspectives and judgements is the very essence of dropping understanding for acceptance of what is, without a thought or emotion to ruffle my peace).  I am no longer at odds with what is going on or what happens to me or anyone or anything else.  I have no argument with creation, with what is.  I am as still as a glassy lake, as serene as a baby asleep, and I still haul water and carry wood.

I am at peace with my nature and the nature of man and the very nature that is life itself.

You have to be become nothing to realize you are the very something that is the light playing you just the way you are (which includes every change that happens within you and to you).

ACCEPTANCE IS THE NEW REALITY, and you need not worry that you won’t do anything to improve your reality or the reality of others, for that is the very essence of the light (only if you are dead will you do nothing–here). 

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