Sunday, May 21, 2017

THE MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE - how is one afterwards

Everything is alright.  Nothing is wrong.  It’s an experience, a mystical experience.  It can’t be called forth.  It just happens.  It’s a feeling of oneness and unity.  Afterwards, you are different.  Nothing is a problem.  Everything is fine.  Everything is doing what it is supposed to be doing. 

Suddenly everything looks different.  If your experience is deep enough, strong enough and wonderful enough, you look at people doing everything perfectly, even if THEY  think they have problems and life isn’t perfect.  How they look at life, whether perfect or not, is perfect.

The experience makes you feel the oneness of everything, the coordination of everything doing life perfectly.  You see a flower being a flower, and it is perfect.  You see animals being animals perfectly.  You see a frog doing what a frog does, and each man and woman doing what they do perfectly (and could not but do what they do).


I awaken each day to a pure dawn, like a child in wonderment and joyful anticipation of the unknown, excited to experience the mysteries and the adventures that will unfold.  I do not worry or fear what the day may bring.  I live in the moment, relishing each experience as it comes.

I do not judge men nor anything at all, for I know that all things work together for the good of man, perfectly, and all things are good.  This truth has been revealed magnificently to me–there is no doubt–it is beyond mind.  I am like the sun crossing the sky, unhurried, steady, calm, peaceful.  I know that the heights of joy or sorrow men rise to, they inevitably fall to, for opposites always manifest, but I am free, for I am joy without desires or demands, and I am one with life.  The very essence that is the light I am knows no changing of brightness; I am a steady light without variableness.  If you were to ask, “What of darkness?”  I would answer, “Darkness?  Where?  I see only light.”   Light is all there is when one is in the light.

“I am one with divine nature; it is me; it is you; it is everything; it is love, and it discerns the nature of man which has no power over me.  I see men’s plots and schemes for what they are and thank God that they are the very stepping-stones men need to move into the light of higher understanding, which in time, brings them joy beyond mere thoughts–true joy, undefiled by attachment and desire for worldly treasures–the very cause men suffer on this plane, and it is good.  Yet I suffer not.  Those days have ended.  But my kindness and gentleness is ever deep because I have known the sorrows others yet endure.

There are no accidents in the world or beyond.  I know this.  Every effect has a cause, creates a chain, a web, a pattern that is whole–a perfect creation of the one God manifesting through many, and who, in the stillness of my silence, declares, “It is good.  It is very good.”

Where there is want and need, there is desire and all its fruits, and heavy hearts yearning for an end to their pain.  I desire not–am an open vessel; want not–content just to be; need not–filled to overflowing; yearn not–at peace with all that is.

I am in harmony with life and all living.  I know all is one, whole, complete.  There is no separateness, only unity, though in this unity men manifest in separateness to bless the whole.  Because I know this, that what I do to one, I do to all, even to myself, good is ever the desire of my heart and good is all I do.

I know that life is in harmony.  Everything is as it must be and all things are provided for to nourish and support and sustain creation.  And man, a creation and a creator in his own sphere, is equally provided for.

Because I know that all things needful come, I do not rush to and fro kicking against the pricks of my reality, but harmonize with the flow that is inevitable.  I am not irritated, upset, angry, worried or concerned in spirit, mind or body over anything, for all comes as needed, according to wisdom, beyond the thoughts of man.  And if today is not my day to pass beyond my body’s veil, I will have every need fulfilled to live another day, but if not, and time it is for me to pass to worlds unknown, that which I need will not be, yet I am still, for who am I to joust with wisdom’s God.

Birth, life, death–the never ending cycle–just words for states of being for eternal beings moving to greater heights of joy.

I have no mind concerns.  Implicit trust is my peace, trusting the creator who made all that is, trusting in that wisdom, the wisdom that created me, sustains me and enlarges me to encompass all creation, even worlds and dimension and planes without end.  Trusting the creator of all that is, is the leaven of my peace.  Yet there is more, for my trust is not in vain, for deep within my heart I know, as surely as the beating of my heart, love is at the heart of all creation.

While most men wander in the darkness they call light and stumble through the fog of mind and judge the world a wicked place of hellish hue, I know it is not so.  I walk–by the grace of creation–in the light of the celestial mind, having been bless with a burning in my bosom that is joy and love and knows no bounds.  And earth is but a school.

Man’s best interest is the very essence of creation’s every wonder–God doing all things for the good of man.  God’s joy is raising man to the level of the joy that is his own.  Those things I do not hope for, do not believe in or have faith in, but know–a knowing not of mind, but gifts from higher realms of light.

Oh how free I feel and truly am, unburdened and without a care, taking life for what it is and nothing more.  My inner-state of peace and joy is unaffected by the storms of life, though in times past they challenged me, were the very teachers that brought me to my state of bliss.  But now, when the winds blow, skies darken, lightening flashes and thunder cracks the silence, I thank the riders of the storm for their service, for reminding  me that others are yet being schooled by the storms I now enjoy.

How strange it must be to they who are yet traveling misery’s road to see my joy amidst the storms that they so fear (that I feared as well not long ago) yet it is good, for the contrast serves them well.  In seeing joy’s light, in another in a storm, they question their darkest fears, and perhaps, thereby, may  let them go and reach up and out to the light.

And what of everyday concerns that fill hearts and minds with worry and with fear, and sometimes dread?  They have no power over me.  I left behind that darkness with the coming of the light in which I walk so joyfully these days.

Walking the path of perfect peace is to be carefree, unconcerned, unworried and untroubled in every circumstance and situation and during every experience, even in the face of life’s demands.  I do my best and am unconcerned about results.  I am no longer influenced by fear, need and desire.

When asked, “how can you be so free of all concerns?”  From my heart of peace I answer, “Every woe of man comes from men of grave concern, yet the world is filled with woe.  Can concern fulfill men’s needs, wants, desires or lengthen out his days?”  To be concerned is to be anxious and afraid that my needs will not be met, while he who is at peace is neither anxious nor afraid, has no concerns of what will be, but walks the path of perfect peace continually. 

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