Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Some people call certain kind of thoughts, EGO.  Ego is just a word.  The word exists, the ego doesn’t. 

The mind asks questions.  It asks questions because it thinks it is something, and it wants to know what that something is.  It wants to know where it came from, why it is here and where it is going.  It wants to know, what is the purpose of life, what should I be doing. 

When a person asks a question of an awake person about the meaning or purpose of life, an awake person knows immediately that THAT person is not awake. 

When a very young child asks, where did I come from, the awake parent knows that its child’s mind is consciously active, and will say, you have always existed; you came from nowhere because you are everywhere.  And then the child asks, what am I, and the parent says, you are the universe thinking you are separate from the universe, but you are not separate, you only think so.

A parent asks its two-year old, what are you doing.  The child answers, I am the universe playing with blocks. The unawake parent says, no, you are Tom, playing with blocks.  The child says, no, you named me Tom, but I am not Tom, I am the universe playing with blocks.  The parent says, you are an individual, a person.  And the child said, yes, I am the universe being an individual, a person, but that does not make me separate from the universe.  I am still the universe playing with blocks.

It is because we have thoughts that we have individual lives.  The ONENESS, is many, is all there is.  The ONE is whole, but we, through our senses, and thoughts, see it as many.

Because people like and dislike things, they think there is good and evil, and then they ask, why is there evil.  An awake person will answer, you name things good or evil because you like and dislike things, but your likes and dislikes are merely labels for things that happen.  Life happens, which includes your thoughts, and your thoughts about life in general give you a life specific, makes life your life, defines life for you, which makes your life unique, creates your own unique perspective and way of looking at life, but in truth, until you have thoughts about life, life is just life, life is just the universe doing what it does.

You can have all kinds of thoughts and opinions and beliefs, and they are all part of life, but at the end of your days (or before) you will realize that your opinions and beliefs merely created for you a specific life, and created heaven or hell for yourself and others (as you think, so it is for you) whereas a person who is without belief or opinions or assumptions and draws no conclusions, enjoys life for what it is, no matter what it is, no matter what happened or didn’t happen, no matter what is or isn’t, no matter what will be or not.

YES, you can enjoy all that is life when you drop your opinions, conclusions, beliefs, notions and take no position....and....when you do those things you can still change things.  You change things with a peaceful mind, a calm mind, an undisturbed mind....in other words, you are less crazy and only slightly nuts..

There is no ego.  There is just thinking that there is an ego.  There are just thoughts.

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