Tuesday, May 16, 2017


If you want to discover what you are when not human you must stop using human language, human words, words that we’ve learned while human.  Those words define human reality, and do not define anything beyond or outside humaneness.

Using words confines us to their meaning.  Words limit us.

To know what you are you must stop words, stop thinking, go beyond words.

When you stop thinking, stop words, you enter the world of unworldy experience.

You will never discover who you really are by thinking.  Thinking will never reveal who you are.

Thinking is for this world.

When you stop using words, when you stop your mind from thinking, when you enter the deep state of silence, you enter a new world.  You discover the truth behind this world (this world of being what you are not, this world that is a construct wherein you aim at building this life, where you have needs, wants and desires that rule you).

How will you accomplish this if you are never silent, if you never leave this world behind, if you never enter the deep stillness of silence.
Not everyone is aiming for the life beyond this life, beyond this world, beyond knowing more than what is self-evident through our senses.  Everyone is on the same path, but not everyone is at the same place on the path. 

Earth-life is a schooling journey to other-worldliness.

We do not ridicule a child for being a child, and we should not ridicule people just because they are at a different place on the same path we are on to elsewhere.

If you have concerns about this world, then your life is this world, which is as it should be, but it does not make you less (anymore than a child is less).  Everyone is where they must be while moving forward to what they will be.

Destruction and death liberate you from the stagnation that has developed through culture, society and the norms and expectations of religious theories, philosophical theories, beliefs, opinions and conclusions. 

Death is liberation.  Death is a new door to the next level of life.

Every level has value and is needful.  You cannot skip levels.  Each level is a prerequisite for the next level. 


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