Thursday, May 18, 2017


The reason behind life, behind consciousness, is adventure, learning what we don’t know, increasing our capacities.  The zest of life is what we are after, not the boredom of routine and sameness.

Consciousness isn’t valuable because we seek pleasure, joy, peace and happiness.  Those feelings are the result of adventure.

Consciousness is valuable because we enjoy experiencing change more than anything, enjoy experiencing the fathomless and never-ending adventures of life.

Consciousness detests boredom and sameness.  We get pleasure from challenging ourselves and discovering our limits.  We enjoy danger, risk, jeopardy, gamble and hazard, and pushing ourselves to the limit.

It is the excitement of a new day that awakens us to possibilities.  We seek more and more and more because that is our inherent nature.  

Life is a circus of possibilities, a dance of imagination, of what might be, what can be, of what will be.  It is forever moving forward to new adventures. 


HOWEVER, many people (children excluded) do not think or feel that way.  They have become crusty, stone and hard and set in their ways.  They do not sparkle with life but gloom towards death, a release from their own self-devastating, enthusiasm-killing thoughts.  It’s no wonder they seek death, for though alive, they act as if they have been dead for many years before they actually drop dead from boredom.

Adventure is the spice that makes consciousness valuable.

The God so many people believe in, the very God of THE BOOKS, obviously knew He was creating ADVENTURE.  The world is not boring, just some people think boringly.

A bored life is the result of a bored mind.  Get a hobby.  At least buy ZEST SOAP and suds up.  Maybe it’ll penetrate your brain and you’ll get a new zest for life.   

LIFE IS FOR ENJOYING THE ADVENTURE....unless you don't think so....and then you are right.


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