Tuesday, May 16, 2017


If you can’t be at peace with how the universe works and what it does without you taking drugs or drinking booze, may your income stream never cease, and if the world implodes, please lose the address I didn’t give you.

There are seven billion universes walking around on two legs in space, each experiencing their very own universe through their five senses, and more significantly, creating and interpreting and living their lives according to what they each think.  It’s a crazy world, but someone has to do it.

Just think, 7 billion people all playing on one stage, interacting and each experiencing it slightly different.  It’s the perfect recipe for adventure and chaos every Friday night.

If there is a God, it’s probably space itself, and if there is a Christian God (at least I suppose he’d have to be a Christian) then he’s a demi-god, which means he’s made of the same stuff we are made of, and obviously has our attributes, and if you obey him he rewards you and if you do not he punishes you.  Sounds like my old boss at my previous job, and my mom and dad, and the local gang leader and mafia Dons.  So I suspect most people who believe in the Christian God waffle between “Thank you for life,” and “Holy shit...if I do that I’ll rot in hell.”  Reward and Punishment.  Pavlov’s Dog had it right. It works.

THIS REALLY WORKS: If you want to experience the ONE MIND, start watching yourself.  Here’s how you do it: Imagine yourself just above and behind your head.  Then watch your body watching whatever it’s watching.  The ONE MIND won’t dawn immediately, but if you do it often enough, it will, and then you can start watching from different positions, locations, etc.  It’s like riding piggy-back on yourself.  It’s kinda like astral projection or an out of body experience.  If you try it each day for a few weeks, you’ll know what I mean.  What’s the value in it?  DO IT, and you’ll find out.  IT’S WAY WORTH IT. 

Want to get rid of worry, stress and fear?  I actually know a guy...he visits almost every morning for coffee....and he likes his worry, stress and fear....but if you don’t like being that way, consider this...when you’re 90 years old and sitting on your porch rocking away and waiting for your oatmeal, what value did your worry, stress and fear have (of course you might not live that long or get dementia, etc., so....why not stop worrying now, I mean, what’s the worst that can happen....you lose your spouse, kids, get hurt, sick, lose your job, house car, become homeless and get a toupee off an old used mop.  If any of those things actually happen, won’t you have to deal with them?  Why deal with them in your imaginary worries and fears....well....unless your like the guy who visits me, who wouldn’t have a life without worry, stress and fear.

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