Sunday, May 21, 2017

WE ARE FRANKENSTEINS (how not to be one)

What we call “I” or “ME” or Dick or Jane is a conglomeration–a collection of genetic code or software that we inherited.

Then, while we were very young, our parents, culture and society installed various programs in us.  

As soon as we were capable of going to the toilet by ourselves we were schooled and indoctrinated.

As we matured, we were brainwashed to accept a reality construct for governance.

And now, as adults, we are continually bombarded with propaganda–ideas and information to keep us in line and controlled.

We are Frankensteins, built from the ground up to be something we are not.


(WARNING)  Since the vast majority of Frankensteins do not realize they are constructs molded for conformity

(1.  Genetic code and software.
 2.  Programmed.
 3.  Schooled and indoctrinated.
 4.  Brainwashed..
 5   Propandized with ideas and information)

and think that their opinions, beliefs–personal and world views–are normal, BREAKING OUT may have dire social consequences (they will think you’ve gone nuts). 

To avoid detection, wear masks when dealing with family, friends, associates, co-workers, the public and government (everybody except non-Frankensteins).

1.  Just having the above information should start you on your journey of HOW NOT TO BE ONE (how to de-Frankenstein yourself).

THE BEST PART IS, once you realize you are a fabrication, a fiction, you begin searching for what you REALLY are.

As strange and weird as it sounds, what you will discover is that you really don’t exist (try not to have a heart attack).

As you de-construct the lies (propaganda, ideas, information,  brainwashing, indoctrination, programming, genetic code-software) what’s left?  (and YES, you can dump your genetic code–except if you go to far, it’s called death). 

(Did I mention it takes courage to do this?).

SO NOW..what’s left?

As you empty yourself, as you eliminate the self (the darkness) what will flow into you is LIGHT.

I’m going to leave you there.  You have enough information that if you are really interested, you have plenty to do.  nem.

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