Friday, May 19, 2017


Darkness exists, then came the light, which can accurately be called God.

The light is the life that animates life.  It is all that exists.

From light and shadow came man, and all things man beholds.

The awareness man has, the will man has, is man’s, is his nature, and is not the awareness, the will or the nature of the light. 

Man, the creature, has a separate awareness, will and nature. 

Yet, it is the light that gives life to man.

Man’s intelligence is his own, yet he is intelligent because of the light.

The amount of light a man has depends on how much he has extinguished his own awareness, will, intelligence and nature. 

When a man sees himself as no more, when he is no longer his own awareness, will, intelligence and nature, the light that is God shines through and he becomes one again with the light.

In the meantime, man plays on in the game created by the light for the light’s own amusement, pleasure, joy and happiness.

The light is, and I am not.  The light is, and we are not.  As long as we think we are, then we are, and the game continues.

In the game, man has many needs, wants and desires, and each man works to fulfill them.  It is man’s needs, wants and desires (what he does to obtain them) that make the game interesting and worth playing, both for man, and the light that is God.

When you extinguish the man, the intensity that was part of the game, is over for you.  You play on until your body wears down, but you care not, are not concerned about anything, yet work according to the concerns of man that produce joy, peace and happiness.  You work to make the world a more joyful place.

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