Thursday, May 18, 2017


While we are individually concerned about what to eat tonight and what we will do tomorrow, a storm comes and kills a few of us and destroys much, making our plans irrelevant and keeping us busy just trying to live, just trying to get a a meal, any meal, and a good nights sleep.  Suddenly we are thrown back into survival mode.

Nature doesn’t care about our plans.  She does what she does and we have to deal with it.  Whether an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, flooding or storm, we have to deal with the consequences of mother nature’s destruction and continue our lives and work our plans.

HOWEVER, storms are not breaks or exceptions in our lives, but are part of our lives, as is illness, disease, infirmities, disabilities, accidents, crime and other events, and getting old and dying. 

Everything you do and people do to you, and whatever nature does, IS YOUR LIFE, including WAR.  Whatever your life is, try to enjoy it, for whatever it is, it’s all there is....right now.

You sense that “out there” is life, but you live life inside your head.  You most certainly in-terpret life, in-side your head.  Whatever way you interpret life, THAT IS YOUR LIFE.

Two people can experience the same circumstances and live totally different lives.  As a result, one is miserable and suffers and the other happy and at peace.  It all depends how each looks at their experiences. 

Some people wouldn’t even have a life if they weren’t irritated, upset, angry and miserable.  Each to their own.  YOU DECIDE.


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