Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I got born into life. Cried.  Got comforted.  Cried for comfort.  Got comforted.  Wanted things to do.  Got things to do.  A family.  Do this; don’t do that; believe this; don’t believe that.  School.  Do this; don’t do that; believe this; don’t believe that.  Confusing, duplicitous, self-serving.  Social situations, culture, society, laws.  Do this; don’t do that.  Religion. Army, government, work.  Do this; don’t do that.  Married.  Kids.  Do this; don’t do that.  Retired.  Do this; don’t do that.  Funeral.  THAT’S LIFE!


1st Grade:            

food & sleep.

2nd  Grade:          

seek pleasure.

3d Grade            

achiever–busy doing.

4th Grade            


5th Grade            

power seeker

6th Grade            

intellectual clarity, peace realized, life does not disturb you, life stable.

7th Grade           

totally open, in tune with life; have experienced the oneness and connectedness of all life as a whole.  Enjoy all that is life, no down experiences, no down moments, no down days, anything can happen and your at peace and joyful and in a continual state of bliss inside.  

You live life on two levels: Inner bliss, outer practicality.  

You work to create pleasantness around you and elsewhere without ever surrendering your inner-pleasantness, peace, joy and bliss.  

At the inner-bliss level nothing bothers you because you know life is conducting itself through cause and effect, and each moment life happens, it cannot be different than it is, the proof of which is, that it is happening as it is.   

While at the practical level you work to improve life.  

If your inner bliss is disturbable, if it is offendable, if it gets out of sorts, irritated, upset or angry, or if anything disturbs your inner pleasantness, your peace, your joy, your bliss, you have fallen from your experience of ONENESS and are again at level 6 wherein you have intellectual clarity.

8th Grade

No words describe it accurately.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


My mind is silent except when needed for practical things.

For practical application I make decisions, determine things and draw conclusion, yet they are not set in stone.

I only know what I have experienced, and I know that my knowing is through the context of my experience, thus all that I think I know may change with further  knowledge and understanding.

I use belief and faith to prove things, not as substitutes for things.

I view the world and man in it and  what man and the world does without thought or comment, for who am I to judge creation, seeing I know not from where I came, why I am here or where I am going.

Creation does what it does and man does what he does for the reasons he does, and that is life, and I am awed at the wonder.

The reality that presents itself through my senses keeps me quite content without constructing another in my mind.  One illusion is sufficient.

If my joy, peace and happiness are determined by things going my way I will be a man most miserable much of my life.

Nothing disturbs my peace, my joy and bliss.  I accept what is without thought, without comment, without emotion, and the reward is the peace that passes all understanding.

You can rail against what is and get injured; you can kick against the pricks and get bloody; you can get emotional and explode within; you can think things should be this way when they are that way, and in the end your harvest of pain will bring nothing but discontent, disease and misery.  Why torture yourself so?

Will life not be what it will be every minute of the day?  If your best effort fails, is that not what is?  Why rail and kick against the past; why get emotionally fired up by thinking this or that?  Better it is to accept what is and work with clarity of body, emotions and mind.  There is no doubt the best solutions come when you are at peace.  Can you even enjoy a meal without being at peace?  For the best results in life, peace is the minimum state of being, not the ultimate.  Everything works better in a state of peace. Body, emotions, mind thrive best in a state of peace.

The reward for getting irritated, upset, angry or violent when life doesn’t go your way; your reward when people and things and your experience do not meet your expectations; your reward when life does not deliver what you think you need, want and desire is mental, emotional and physical ugliness and darkness, illness and disease, broken families and friendships and relationships and everything else harmful and destructive, and you, you alone, are the cause. You do it to yourself when you do not control your mind, your thoughts and your emotions.

If you are going through life unhappy and discontented much of the time it is because you have not made working on yourself a priority.  There is no greater victory in life than the victory over yourself.  Winning the whole world is nothing by comparison to conquering yourself.  Even if you won the whole world, you would still be miserable if you have not conquered yourself.  

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Will you pass on to future generations a better world?  One person, alone, planting a vineyard, planting an orchard, a garden makes this a better world.  ONE may be a lonely number, but when one is multiplied by billions of people doing one thing to make the world better, the world is better by billions of ones.  What you do to make the world better counts.  You don’t need a million followers.  You just need to do one thing to make the world better.

Since everyone says, “I only want to be happy and joyful” then obviously that is the longing of every heart, so why are people not joyful, not happy?  There is only one reason: most people are illogical, most people are nuts, are insane, are void of logical reasoning and are crazy.  They are ignorant and think stupid.  People are stupid.  The following fact proves the point:

People know that the world and other people do sometimes do things they don’t like, and the moment something happens that they don’t like, it is the past and cannot be changed, in other words, once something has happened it is what it is, but...instead of mildly accepting the reality that is, they get irritated, upset, angry, violent, stress out, worry, fret and fear.  Their actions make no sense because all those negative thoughts and emotions cannot change the past, and...while acting that way...they screw up the present and themselves and others and make things worse.  This is totally illogical and unreasonable and insane and nuts and crazy.

People tend to use the excuse, “We’re just human,” meaning, "Human's are nuts."  At least they admit it.

Here’s hoping you are not nuts.  Here’s hoping a sane person is reading this and enjoying all that is life.  And if a sane person is reading this then I know that person is in control of his mind, thoughts, emotions, body and total energy.

If you are sane, you accept what is while working to change for the better what needs to be changed, and you do it in peace, joy and happiness, continually, no matter what is going on in the world. You are always peace, joy and happiness.

If you are nuts, then when you die, maybe a nut tree will grow out of your remains, and that will make the world a better place with you gone and edible nuts here  And of course there is value in a bad example, but do we really need so many bad examples? 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

YES & so what

Yes there are things I like and don’t like, but that doesn’t matter to me when it is out of my control or when something went against what I wanted.

Yes there is comfort and uncomfort, pleasantness and unpleasantness, but it doesn’t matter.

Yes there is things happening to me and relatives and friends and neighbors and the world that I do not like, but it doesn’t matter either.

Someone stole my car.  So what.
I am partially disabled.  So what.
I heave health issues.  So what.
I got kicked out of my house.  So what.
I missed a job opportunity.  So what.
I have no food.  So what.

My family is hungry and without shelter.  We do our best, always, but we are dying.  So what.

I do not sell my peace and my joy to my mind or to anyone else’s mind.

I am not at peace and joyful because things happen to me that I like.  I am just as much at peace and joyful when things happen that I do not like.

I do not sell my peace and joy.

Life–whatever happens to me or anyone or anything–will never determine my level of peace or joy.

Yes, life is challenging and difficult.  I like that.  Better than boring.  If adventure was not the name of life I would not have come here.

I left bliss and ecstasy for adventure, which is my bliss an ecstasy when embodied.

Everyone can be peace and joy if they want to.  Some do not want to.  Good.

In scripture it talks about a peace that passes all understanding (it is beyond mindgames).  I live in that peace.  Thank you universe. 


Existence exists.  We experience it, so we know we exist. 

Do you like existing?

Do you like waking up alive?

Everything is existing.  In you, through you and around you there is existing going on.  If you leave existing at that, without thought, you can have a more peaceful and enjoyable existence. 

But as soon as you give meaning to existence, as soon as you dissect existence in your mind with your thoughts, your thoughts just screwed you up.  And if you believe your mind’s interpretation about existence, you are being mind screwed.

Is there a difference between you and your mind, or is it just you doing mental gymnastics?

Whatever is happening in your mind, whether you call it ego, higher-self or something else, you have the final decision, so it is you that makes your life pleasant or a disaster. 

You can divide your mind into pieces and give them names and play the blame game, but it is you that makes decisions.  In other words, if you find fault, it is your fault, and if you look at existence as pleasant or a disaster it is your interpretation.

Life just is, and if you think it is something else, you have mental problems.  Why?  Because your mind created definitions for existence, and there are more than seven billion minds defining existence different, and of course yours is the only right one, so basically, you are nuts. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017


The Infinite, infinity (GOD) energy, individualizes, constructs and forms into everything that is, which includes you

(when you drop your ideas of what God is....including the word “infinite” you are left without mind trying to explain what words cannot explain or define).

It is you attributing and defining motives to God and man and the things that happen–the reality that is–that causes you to call things good and evil, and ask questions like, “Why is there evil?” 

(who is it that asks, “Why is there evil?”  It is you judging things good and evil, and then, your belief that God cannot do evil, that God is only good, is only love, and man is fallen and bad and needs saving, adds to the potpourri of your own thinking stew that has no basis in reality except in your mind.  It is you that creates definitions like, evil, good, love, hate.  If you do not create these words in your mind, those things do not exist.  All you have to do to prove it is to stop thinking and they disappear).

So then what is left?

What is left is life happening as the infinite (God) does life.  Life is life doing life

(which includes you and the way you think about life, good and evil, and all the other definitions you give to God, man and everything that is life).

HOWEVER, you can stop playing the definition game and enjoy all that is life, enjoying the way life is, including working to make your life, and life, more enjoyable

(when you accept that the infinite (God) is all there is, and is doing life the way it does, and you accept that people, places and things do what they do without internal commentary of “This is good, that is bad, etc.) then you are free to enjoy every facet of life even while working to bring more joy to life).

When you see life as an expression of the infinite doing what it does, there is no sorrow.  There is only you stepping out of the way with your thinking and reacting through your self-created mental and emotional unpalatable stew

(and NEVER suppose that doing this stops you from working to make life more enjoyable for everyone).

ONLY WHEN YOU STOP THINKING, THIS OR THAT, are you able to enjoy all that is life.

ONLY WHEN YOU DROP YOUR CONCLUSIONS, your opinions, beliefs and assumptions about reality, about people, places and things and the things they do will you ENJOY ALL THAT IS LIFE.

ONLY WHEN YOU ACCEPT what the infinite (God) does–and that man is the infinite being man and doing what man does–will you walk in peace, joy, happiness and bliss, even while working to make life more joyful.

LIFE IS THE INFINITE HAVING AN ADVENTURE through us, and everything else, and thereby we too live the adventure.  And if life wasn’t worth it to us, we would quickly terminate our individuality and return to the infinite.