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From worlds unseen and dimensions unknown come miracles that bless mankind

Through the "power " in thank you will walk in the light of a new understanding and your joy, peace and happiness will be a light to the world.

As your light shines in the world

The earth will be transformed

And peace will reign.



With thankfulness

Eliminates a lifetime of pain

In no time at all.

He who receives


With thankfulness

Will be made glorious

And the things of this earth

Will be added unto him,

Even a hundred fold

And more.

If your life seems like a never-ending parade of difficulties, problems and troubles, and you are not as happy as you would like to be , perhaps it's because you are not as thankful as you could be.

 FORWARD by Dr. J Habegger

"Most treasures of this earth are hidden.  The main reason is to protect them from mens greed

and envy, their attachment to the material world.

And then there are Mother Nature's treasures too, that are oftentimes hidden in wondrous ways, like a beautiful pearl in an ordinary ouster.  The All have something in common: They need to be known or discovered and unveiled-in brief, they require certain steps of action.

 "As there are no coincidences in life at all, I was gifted with the "The Power In Thank You' and

 immediately felt the tremendous magic of the message.  Being familiar with many spiritual teachings from all over the globe I realize that Thomas T. Braun had achieved what many others did in vain: to unveil the magic and the simplicity of Life and the art of living into a comprehensive and easy to live by form.- this very booklet.

"On only a few pages he shares his wisdom that contains the combined knowledge of all the

 libraries together.  Word by word and line by line I discovered the treasure of a spiritual message that opens up new understandings of purpose of life and a loving guidance of experiencing it in Joy, Love and Light."

Why Thankfulness Works

Receiving a things with thankfulness

produces joy, peace and happiness

 for the same reason that moaning, groaning and complaining

 brings grief heartache and sorrow.

Though you walk as flesh upon the earth,

you are foremost an energy-being.

Your thoughts, emotions, words and actions

 affect your personal energy and the energies

Of everything around you.

Thankfulness works

Because it produces harmonious energy.

Thankfulness works because it frees you from the spiritual,

Mental, emotional and physical consequences of destructive energies.

Most people

Are unaware of the principle,

"Receive All Things With Thankfulness"

Thus have never experienced

Its miraculous benefits.

You can live life in continual joy, peace

Or happiness when you know the way.

The Power In Thank You

Will show you the way

The Greatest Treasure In The World

From the dawn of man, wise men and women have searched for a treasure more valuable than all the treasures on Earth a treasure greater than health power, wealth and glory, a treasure more desired than the wisdom of Solomon.

     The person who has this treasure walks untroubled in a troubled world  He is carefree lighthearted joyful, peaceful, unworried and unafraid-all the time no matter what.  His life is Shangri-La, Heaven-on-Earth, Nirvana, Eden and Paradise, even while living in a world of tears.

He who walk through the valley of the shadow of death pack a lunch, and enjoy the journey.

     What treasure is like unto this? What treasure is greater than to be joyful in adversity, to be at peace in war and to be happy in difficulties?

     The greatest treasure in the world is Perfect Happiness, to be at peace, joy and happy, not only in spite of life's challenges, but even because of them.

     What price is worthy of such a treasure?  What price would you pay?  As unbelievable as it may sound. The price is your thankfulness.  Why be thankful?  Because it's the path to the treasure.

You are an Intelligence seeking

Knowledge, understanding and wisdom

Through experience.

Every experience serves you.

Every experience is for your good.

Every experience has great value.

When you accept this truth,

You will be able to receive

all things with thankfulness

Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like

     Whether rich or poor famous or unknown, powerful or powerless, imagine what your life would be like if you never again became irritated, upset, angry, worried, anxious or afraid.  Imagine enjoy a happiness that is "ARMOR-PLATED AND BULLET-PROOF".   In addition imagine enjoying a hundred-fold-and more-increase of the "good" things of this earth

     Being thankful cam your spirit, emotions, mind and body, increases your energy, restores your health and expands your understanding, knowledge and creativity.  It makes you positive, confident peasant friendly, cheerful, carefree, light-hearted, good hearted and good-natured.  Being thankful takes away sorrow regret, anguish, heartache, stress, worry, depression and fear.  It subdues your lower nature, unveils your higher nature and unlocks the door to the treasury of hidden-wisdom.  Ultimately, it is the pathway to "miracles," literally for when you are thankful for your troubles, the disappear

    Being thankful attracts every valuable things this earth has to offer and everything your heart earnestly desires, and they will all be yours when you receive all things with thankfulness.

Most people have never experienced

The FULL POWER in thank you

Because they do not yet

Receive ALL THINS with thankfulness

Being thankful for things you like

Has its rewards.  Being thankful for

 EVERYTHING  brings benefits and blessings

Most people only hope for and dream about.

When you receive ALL THINGS with thankfulness,

You will obtain your heart's desire

Thankfulness overcomes all obstacles.

The Fountain of Youth

     If you would be young of spirit, mind, heart and body, if you would restore your health, vigor and youth, then consider receiving a things with thankfulness.

     By the natural POWER in thankfulness you will experience a persona body-rejuvenating-miracle that you and the whole world will see, and, when you look into your mirror, you will see that your lines-of-age and stress disappear and that your countenance is shining bright, and when you walk you will feel light-in-step and experience exhilaration new-fount energy.

     As sure as you no longer carry the weight of the world in your mind, it will no longer manifest in your spirit, emotions body nor be reflected on your face

     How is it that a continual attitude of gratitude makes you healthier and younger?  Because when you are thankful in your thoughts of mind you cannot but be thankful in your feelings of heart  And when your heart knows no stress, pressure or tension your spirit soars with healing emotions that cure your body of age wear tear and pain.

    By receiving all things with thankfulness, you truly bathe in "The Fountain of Youth," for the power in thank you is a restorative power, restoring spirit, mind, emotions and bod to health, vigor and youth.

The happiness and peace

Most men enjoy is conditional,

if the conditions are right

They are at peace and happy,

If not, they are not.

There is a happiness and peace

That has no conditions

(that is unaffected by the storm's of life)

And he who possesses it

Is Perfectly Happy and Always At Peace

The price for Perfect Happiness

Is Perfect Thankfulness.

Receive All Things With Thankfulness.


Whether you view thankfulness from

A logical, spiritual or faith perceptive,

The power in thank you is real.

Many people all over the world

Are enjoying the blessings that come by

Receiving all thins with thankfulness.


This work is dedicated to

The unconquerable" spirit" in man,

Who braves the dark to discern the light

That he might rise to new heights of joy.

Welcome to the Power In

Thank You

Experience & Knowledge

     Nothing I share in The Power In Thank You is based in belief  Everything is the result of my personal experience and knowledge ( when a person experiences and comes to know a thing, belief and faith have an end concerning that thing).

     The knowledge that comes through a person's experiences often challenges the beliefs of others, yet no one would deny their experiences to accommodate the beliefs of someone else.  There are many beliefs, yet they  sometimes prove false in the ight of increased knowledge and a new understanding.

     I have experienced a miracle that for over thirty ears has increased my joy, peace, happiness and love for mankind.  The miracle took many of my false beliefs and replace them with a deeper understanding of the nature of life.  It is broader understanding in this booklet.

     Prove all things.  You need nothing I share in this booklet ,for the truth of what I share will manifest in doing what I share, and by doing you will know the truth, and your increased joy, peace, happiness and love will be your proof.

Discerning Truth

     When you hear or read something that is true, you know it.  It is a deep knowing, not of mind, but of "Spirit." No man need tell you what is true, for you discern truth for yourself.

     As you venture into "The Power In Thank You" you may encounter concepts your mind may question, but when you give way to your "spirit" or higher mind you will know whether the concepts are true or not.

     Man's knowledge of truth (things as they were, are and will be) is ever expanding.  Today's truth is a mere stepping-stone towards tomorrow and more truth, even until you come to know all truth.  Be open; believe al things and hold fast to that which proves true.

     A person who believes he has all the truth he needs is limited and damned by his truth and will receive no more until he awakens to his error.

     If you were to ask a child to tell you what is true, you would hear a small vision of a limited reality and so it is with man when compared to God's truth.  Why live in a self-created box of limited truth when there is a universe of truth to bless you?

Experience & Knowledge

     Nothing I share in The Power in Thank You is based in belief.  Everything I write is the result of my personal experience and knowledge (when a person experiences and comes to know a thing belief and faith have an end concerning that thing).

     The knowledge that comes through a person's experiences often challenges the beliefs of others, et no one would deny their experiences to accommodate the beliefs of someone else.  There are many beliefs yet they sometimes prove false in the light of increased knowledge and a new understanding.

     I have experienced a miracle that for over thirty years has increased my joy peace, happiness and love for mankind.  The miracle took many of my false beliefs and replaced them with a deeper understanding of the nature of life.  It is this broader understanding that I share in this booklet.

     Prove all things: You need believe nothing I share in this booklet, for the truth of what I share will manifest in doing what I share and by doing you will know the truth, and your increased joy peace, happiness and love will be your proof.

Joy & Sorrow

In the Lot of Most Men, Even So,

There is More Joy In Life than Sorrow

Life Is What It Is,

Everything Else Is Attitude.

Knowledge of Laws Save Men

From the Sorrows of Ignorance.

Obedience to Law

Brings Joy, Peace and Happiness

Every Blessing Men Enjoy

Comes by Obedience to law.

Laws of Creation

     All things manifest by obedience to law and are sustained by law.  Everything man has created has come about by obedience to law.  Before men know and obeyed the laws that produced modern inventions they lived without them.  Before men knew and obeyed the law of flight they were grounded.  Before men knew and obeyed the law of electricity they were in the dark.  And until men obey the Highest Law of Gratitude they will remain grounded in the darkness of their own mind and never experience the enlightenment that comes when you receive all things with thankfulness.

     You know The Royal Law- Love others as yourself.  You know The Law of Thought - As a man thinks so is he, and you know The Highest Law of Gratitude - Receive all things with thankfulness, but men do not, and receive not, and by this, many blessings are not realized.

     A man does not have to know a law to obey it yet if he desires a specific blessing he must obey the law upon which that blessing is predicated or his desire will go unfulfilled.  If you desire perfect happiness and the blessings pertaining to it, there is no other way than to abide by The Highest Law of Gratitude.  There are no short-cuts to blessings from nature or  "Spirit".

The Discovery

In my youth I was inspired through the quite ways of Spirit to peacefully harmonize with experiences unavoidable, unalterable and inevitable.  I learned when I harmonized with life I always felt a calming influence that quickly dissipated my irritation,  anger and fear (being in peaceful harmony with things that cannot be changed-even given our best efforts-is one way of receiving all things with thankfulness)

    In 1974 I experienced what I call The Miracle of Thankfulness.  For a short time I experienced the divine nature of love which gave me deep insights into the nature of reality.

     In 2004, after living without anxiety an fear for thirty years, I suddenly awoke as if from a dream and realized that most people were not at peace and not happy-not really happy-unless you call getting upset you call getting upset, angry, anxious and living with fear, happiness.

     When I realized just how stressed people were, I asked , "Why do I not get stressed? Why am I at peace no matter what happens to me?"

     It was then that I was gently reminded of my miracle experience.

     Yet that answer only raised another question, "Why had I experienced the miracle?"

     I was told "Because you are thankful in all things and receive all things with thankfulness."

    As I pondered this answer I concluded, that since the miracle came because of thankfulness, then the counsel to "receive all things with thankfulness" had to be written in an inspired text somewhere.

     I searched through 1200 writings of various faiths and ideologies ad found-in just one obsure text-the following law of gratitude and its promise:  He who receives all things with thankfulness will be made glorious and the things of this earth will be added unto him, even a hundred fold and more.

     Then I asked why this was not predominant in inspired writings.  I was told "all who are ready to receive the law, receive it by Spirit.  Some receive it by inspired writings and others receive it by direct inspiration thus all are edified, whether by words written or by words spoken. None are denied who are able to receive the law."

     As I look back at over fifty years of my life, I marvel at the continual joy, peace and happiness I have been blessed with.  I know from personal experience that the more thankful a person is, the happier he is.  And I know that when a person receives al things with thankfulness (obeys The Highest Law of Gratitude) he is blessed naturally and spiritually.  All who abide the Law are blessed by the Law.  

The Journey

     Two men traveled the same path  they walked through forests, rivers, mountains and deserts.  They encountered many dangers on their journey.  In the forest they were attacked by wolves.  While crossing a river they nearly drowned.  In the mountains they were pummeled by furious storms.  In the desert the sun plagued them like stinging hornets.  Hunger gnawed tem to the bone and more than once, death looked like a reward.

     One of the men whined and companied the whole time, about everything, and was miserable.  He was constantly angry, worried and afraid, and wished he had it taken the journey.  The other man was at peace.  He was cheerful carefree and lighthearted and looked upon each day like a warrior who understands the value of a worth opponent.  For him, life was an adventure which he harvested its fruits

     One evenings they approached a small village, they were robbed.  The miserable man became despondent, then bitter and began raging about their misfortune and the evil people in the world.  He raged so much e became sick.  The other man was at peace undisturbed by events, even joyful and happy.

     As the miserable man was recovering he wondered at the happy man's attitude.  He couldn’t understand how anyone could be at peace and even happy during such punishing experiences.  Curious he asked the happy man how he came to be that way.

     The happy man removed an old piece of leather from his pocked and handed it to the miserable man and said "because of this."  The miserable man untied the small scroll and read "Thank you for the things this experience will teach me."

     The happy man went on to explain "Several years ago I was like you, just a downright miserable fellow.  I got in bad mods, upset and angry over everything that went wrong, over everything, over everything that didn't please me, especially when life didn't go my way.  One day a man came into my shop and seeing my unhappiness handed me that piece of leather with those words on it.  He then shared what he called 'a great secret'.  He told me that the more thankful a person is the happier he is.

He told me that people who are thankful in all things are happy in all things.  He told me that if I would be thankful, even during my troubles I would not only be happier but I would have a spiritual awakening.  He called it The Miracle of Thankfulness  He said that after I experienced The Miracle I would always be at peace joyful and happy.

"That's crazy,"  said the miserable man, "a blessing? A miracle? That makes you happy all the time regardless of what happens to you?"

    That's what I thought at first," said the happy man, "but I had nothing to lose, so I tried it, and it worked  I started saying the words 'Thank you for this experience, after every experience I had even the ones that made me mad and I became happier.  It wasn't long before I experienced The Miracle .  And that's the reason I'm happy all the time no matter what."

     "Well I'm not going to say' thank you' for things that drive me crazy hoping to get some supposed blessing or miracle  And you can ep this!" said the miserable man as he shoved the piece of leather towards the happy man.

     "No.  You keep it," said the happy man.  "it’s a habit for me to say thank you for my experiences, nd who knows, you may want to try it, after all you too have nothing to lose, well except being down right miserable"

     As the sun set the two men entered the village on the same path but worlds apart.

Your Journey Through Life

     In the story, The Journey, both men experienced the same trials and tribulations, yet, because of how they looked at their experiences, one was miserable the other was at peace and even happy.

     The secret is, the happy man knew something that the miserable man didn’t  something the happy man obtained when he experienced The Miracle.

     During The Miracle you will receive knowledge that enlarges your understanding of reality.  It is this knowledge-that awakens in you-which brings you joy unimaginable and distills upon you "The peace that passes all understanding."  Then you will know for yourself that there really is a happiness bestowed by a miracle and that they who are blessed with it are never unhappy.

     As in the story, you too are journeying through life, one path, two worlds, your choice.  You can either be thankful for your experiences and enter the world of joy peace and happiness or you can moan, groan and complain and thereby stay in the world of trials, tribulations and travail.  Whom knowingly, would choose to stay trapped in a dark emotional and mental abyss if he knew the way up and out, to the light?

Man & Life

Man is fickle.  What he loves one moment, he may hate the next; that which he thinks will bring joy sometimes brings sorrow; his dreams can turn into nightmares and that which stalks him in the night are the shadows of his own fears-man, the enigma.

     Life is unpredictable.  Men plan, and the world revolves oblivious to men's plans and desires.  Change is the only constant, and with it, comes pain and pleasure-life, the crucible.  Considering man's world, consider this thought:

"Put your heart into it

But don't set your heart upon it."

Set goals; work them; do your best; expect the best, but, do not set your heart upon the outcomes (or upon your expectations-the way you wanted them to be). Having done all you can do be unconcerned with the results.  After all having done all you could do, there is nothing left you can do.

     Though life is a crucible and unpredictable and man is an enigma and fickle life's unpredictability and man's fickleness have no power over YOU when you receive all things with thankfulness for then, of all men you are free. And at peace.

Life The Crucible

Our lives are a struggle for survival in a world where nothing comes easy and all things have a price.  Our first breath is a cry for life and our last breath is a release from tears  Between life and death we experience disease, accidents, violence and loss.  Our choices and the choices of others create conundrums that complicate our days and vex our nights.  From rising to setting sun each day is a commotion, turmoil and uncertainty.

    We hope, desire and pan, but then in a sudden turn of events we see our hopes crushed, our desires unfulfilled and our pans destroyed.  As our world disintegrates around us we realize that man things in life are beyond our control and it is then that we get upset, angry and depressed and begin to anguish over the past, become frustrated in the present and fear the future.  In truth were known many of our days are spent in tears and sorrow even as we hope our future will be days of endless joy  Yet as days turn into years we learn that many of our hopes may never e realized, that life is a seething cauldron of perplexities an overflowing crucible of endless troubles, and that change is the only constant

Seeds of Affliction

The world and men are the source of every hardship known to man.  Whether those hardships come by nature or by the nature in man, peace will not be found except in ones own heart.

     Life is unforgiving relentless and persistent.  It will never cease to create turmoil nor cease to torment man.  The world will never acquiesce to your every desire, will never fulfill your every want will never grant your every wish.  It will never meet your every expectation; it will never agree with your thought it will never submit to your opinions and it will never bow to your judgement.  But it will take you unawares, attach.  But it will take you unawares, attack you and spit you out onto the razor's edge of your fears.  Though a man may plan, work and accomplish many worthwhile things, nature, and some men always seek to destroy what man has created.

   Though the world is beautiful and a wonderful resource and man is often noble and self-sacrificing, yet in an instant the world can turn violent and take back its resources and man can turn vicious and descend into greed.  Thus by nature's storms and the selfish nature in man, the world is bathed in blood and tears.

Everyone Wants To Be Happy

     From the beginning of man's sojourn on earth he has desired one thing above all things, and that is to be happy.  In every language, among every nation , and culture, men and women and children have spoken the heartfelt words "I just want to be happy."

Man's desire to be happy is a plea from within to regain that which was lost when he entered this world  He knows beyond doubt that his true condition is to be happy.  Men known even as they breath that it is man's timeless nature to be happy.  Man knows this, because he was this.  He wants again only what he had always enjoyed-unending happiness.  He knows it is his eternal birthright to be happy to be happy all the time, continually, unendingly and eternally.  With heart, mind and spirit he knows this is true, even as the eternal fire that animates him knows it is true.  Intrinsically, instinctively and inherently, men know that their heritage, inheritance and birthright is to be perfectly happy=happy all the time  Yet by choosing life on earth, men willingly chose to eave the light to experience the dark, that thereby they might walk in the light of a higher understanding and joy even now, and in worlds to come.

Dispelling The Delusion People Call Happiness

     What most people experience and call happiness is conditional happiness-if the conditions are right they are happy.   If not, they are unhappy.  They equate happiness with getting what they want and unhappiness with not getting what they want.  Like a yo-yo, their emotions go up to ecstatic highs and down to depressing lows depending on whether their experiences make them happy or sad.  Because their happiness is dependent upon life fulfilling their desires they are puppets-on-a-string to be the vicissitudes of life.

Though most people would say that being happy and unhappy is the natural condition of man the truth is, it's the condition of the "natural man," a condition one no longer has once one experiences The Miracle.

     Because most people have never experienced Perfect Happiness they think that happiness they have is all there is; They don't realize that there are people who are at peace ,joyful and happy all the time, no matter what experiences they have.

     People who are perfectly happy are no longer under the delusion of happiness-they enjoy the highest happiness available-and it is available to everyone who receives all things with thankfulness.

The Happiness of Peace

When I use the words "happy all the time no matter what," or the term, perfect happiness," it means being at peace, serene, tranquil and calm, continually it is the quiet and steady joy, and the genial and amiable happiness one gains through understanding.  It is the peaceful happiness of deep, abiding and unconditional love.

    It has no semblance to being slapstick-happy or "I-won-the-lottery," wild-eyed happy or even the happiness one feels when obtaining some great desire of his heart.

     The happiness of peace is a calming presence is calming presence that radiates to others as love, peace and joy.  It is not predicated upon obtaining things of mind or heart, but rather, it is the way of Spirit.

     Being perfectly happy, or being happy all the time, means, above all that you are at peace with yourself, your fellow man all creation and all things that are life.

    The pendulum of life swings endlessly from pleasure to pain.  If your life has been deep valleys of sorrow and high cliffs of despair and you have traversed the years seeking perfect happiness you will find it by receiving all thing with thankfulness.

Imagine You are Perfectly Happy

    For a moment, imagine that you are perfectly happy and someone asks, "Will you tell me what Perfect Happiness is like what it feels like: You agree, and begin:  "I awaken each day to a pure dawn, like a child in wonderment and joyful anticipation of the unknown,  anxious to experience as it comes.    "I do not judge men nor anything at all, for I know that all things work together for the good of man, perfectly, and all things are good  This has been revealed magnificently to me-there is no doubt-it is beyond mind  I am like the sun crossing the sky unhurried, steady, calm peaceful.  I know that the heights of joy or sorrow men rise to they inevitably fall to, for opposites always manifest, but I am free, for I am joy without desires or demands, and I am one with life.  The very essence that is the light I am knows no changing of brightness; I am a steady light without variableness  If you were to ask, 'What of darkness?' I would answer, 'Darkness? Where? I see only light.  Light is all there ism when one is in the light.'"

     "I am one with Diving Nature, it is me; it is you; it is everything; it is love and it discerns the nature of man, which has no power over me.  I see men's plots and schemes for what they are thank God that they are the very stepping-stones men need to move into the light of higher understanding, which in time, brings them joy beyond mere thoughts-true joy undefiled by attachment and desire for worldly treasures-the very cause men suffer on this plane, and it is good.  Yet I suffer not  Those hays have ended.  Buy my kindness and gentleness is ever deep because I have known the sorrows others yet endure."

     "There are no accidents in the world or beyond   I know this.  Every effect has a cause, creates a chain, a web, a pattern, that is whole-a perfect creation of the one God manifesting through many and whom in the stillness of my silence, declares 't is good. It is very good!"

     "Where there is want and need there is desire and all its fruits and heavy hearts yearning for an end t their pain.  I desire not-am an open vessel want not-content just to be need not-filled to overflowing yearn not-at peace with all this is.

     "I am in harmony with life and all living.  I know al is one' whole; complete  there is no separateness only unity, through in this unity men manifest in separateness to bless the whole.  Because I know this, that what I do to one, I do to all even to myself, good is ever the desire of my heart and good is al I do."

     "I know that life is in harmony.  Everything is as it must be and all things are provided for to nourish, support and sustain creation. And man, a creation and a creator in his own sphere, is equally provided for."

   " Because I know that all things needful come, I do not rush to and fro kicking against the pricks of my reality but harmonize with the flow that is inevitable.  I am not irritated, upset, angry, worried or concerned in spirit mind or body over anything, for all comes as needed, according to wisdom, beyond the thoughts of man.  And if today is not my day to pass beyond my body's ceil, I will have every need fulfilled to live another day, but if not, and time it is for me to pass to worlds unknown that which I need, will not by, yet I am still, or who I am to joust with wisdom's God.

     "Birth, life, death-the never ending cycle-just words for states of being for eternal beings moving to greater heights of joy."

     "Perfect Happiness is to be without mind-concerns; it is implicit trust in The Creator who make all that is trusting his wisdom the wisdom that created me, sustain me and enlarges me to encompass with him all creation, even worlds and dimensions and planes without end.  Trusting in the Creator and trusting the Creator of all that is, is the leaven of my peace.  Yet there is more, for my rust is not in vain, for deep within my heart I know, as surely as the beating of my heart, love is at the heart of all creation."

    " While most men wander in the darkness they call light and stumble through the fog of mind and judge the world a wicked place of hellish hue,  I know it is not so.  I walk-by the grace of God-in the light of the celestial mind, having been blessed with the burning in my bosom that is joy and love and knows no bounds.  And Earth is but a school"

     ""Man's best interest is the very essence of creation's every wonder-God doing all things for the good of man.  God's joy is raising man to the level of the joy that is His won.  Those things I do not hop for do not believe in or have faith in, but knowing not of mind but gifts from higher realms of light."

     "Oh how free I feel and truly am unburdened and without a care, taking life for what it is and nothing more.  My inner state of peace and joy is unaffected by the storms of life, though in times past they challenged me, were the very teachers that brought me to my state of bliss.  But now, when winds blow, skies darken, lightening flashes and thunder cracks the silence, I thank the riders of the storm for their service, for reminding me that others are yet being schooled by the storms I now enjoy."

     " How strange it must be to those who are yet traveling misery's road to see my joy amidst the storms that they so fear, that I feared as well not long ago, yet it is good , for the contrast serves them well.  In seeing joy's light, in another in a storm, they question their darkest fears, and perhaps, thereby, may let them go and reach up and out to the light."

     "And what of every-day occurrence that fill hearts and minds with worry and with fear, and sometimes dread?  They have no power over me.  I left behind that darkness with the coming of the light in which I walk so joyfully these days."

     "Walking the path of Perfect Happiness is to be carefree, unconcerned, unworried and untroubled in every circumstance and situation and during every experience, even in the face of life's demands.  I do my best and am unconcerned about results.  I am no longer influenced by fear, need or desire."

     When asked, 'How can you be so free of all concerns"' From my heart of peace I answer, 'Every woe of man comes from men of grace concern, yet the word is filled with woe.  Can concern fulfill men's needs and wants or lengthen out his days"  To be concerned is to be anxious and afraid that many needs will not be met, while he who is at peace is neither anxious or afraid, has no concerns of what will be, but walks the path of perfect peace continually.'"


     How is one to share a thing that is not of the mind but manifests within ones heart?  Explaining the peace of Perfect Happiness to someone who has not yet experienced it is difficult, thus appropriately it is also called "The peace that passes all understanding."

     Yet, words like peaceful, calm content serene, tranquil, easy-going, easy to get along with, upbeat, cheerful, affirmative positive, lighthearted, good hearted, carefree, kind, loving and patient give an idea.

    On the other hand, words like annoyed, irritated, upset, angry, violent, concerned troubled, vexed, nervous, agitated, anguished, tormented, depressed, stressed, worried, disappointed, anxious, distressed, afraid, miserable mean, mean spirited, hateful, spiteful, judgmental, gossipy, accused, offensive, insulting or abusive do not fill the bill.

    Everyone can enjoy the Peace of Perfect Happiness if they will travel the path that leads to it.

Most People Are Inherently Thankful

When A Person Values A Thing,

It is Natural For Him To Be Thankful.

Knowledge & Understanding

Increases One's Thankfulness

As You Recognize the Value

Of Every Experience In your Life

Your Thankfulness

Will Increase Automatically.

And then, at the end of your days,

 you will be able to say,

At least I was wise enough

 to receive all things with thankfulness.

Think Thankful Thoughts

Your mind has a mind of its own.  If you are not consciously choosing your thoughts your mind chooses them for you. If you allow your mind to randomly choose what to think and wander aimlessly, then you have allowed your mind to CONTROL YOU. By taking charge of your thought you control your mental and emotional responses to situations. You not only have the power and ability to create your own positive thoughts but the power and ability to dismiss your negative mind-created-thoughts.   The way you currently respond and react to  difficult experiences will not change unless you THINK THANKFUL THOUGHTS When you are stressed, upset or angry, it is because your negative mind-created-thoughts have taken you there.  If you desire to be thankful you must create THANKFUL THOUGHTS.  Negative thoughts are debilitating energies that not only affect your spirit, mind, emotions and body in unhealthy ways, but they radiate from you like a disease and plague everything and everyone wherever you are.  Positive thoughts are healthy energies that invigorate you and radiate from you to bless others.

    Thoughts vibrate at  specific frequencies.  Thoughts of gratitude love kindness, etc. oscillate at their own frequencies, as do thoughts of complaint, hate, anger, fear, etc.  Whichever thoughts you entertain literally tune you into more of the same.  Why not think thankful thoughts?

The Meaning of ALL THINGS

     Receive all things with thankfulness.  The meaning  "ALL THINGS" is rather inclusive-nothing is left out.  It includes every incident, situation, circumstance and experience in your life, all things that make up life and everything  and everything and all things that are life.  It includes all things that in your judgement or opinion are bad, wrong or evil(and of course it includes all things that bring you joy.  The key is not to be thankful for  just "some things," but to be thankful in all things.  Receiving all things with thankfulness means you do not set conditions on anything in order to be thankful.

     Being thankful only when your life is vibrant health, a river of money, enchanting love, stimulating entertainment superior accomplishments and unrivaled success, is nice but - not surprising- though it does reveal that your thankfulness is conditional.

     Being thankful when your life is prolonged illness, an empty wallet, a broken heart, mind-numbing days, missed opportunities and dismal failure, clearly demonstrates that your thankfulness is unconditional and that you perfectly "receive al things with thankfulness."

     If you are thankful only when life meets your expectations, you are no different in your thankfulness than a thief who is thankful he did not get caught.  If the only time  you give thanks is when life mirrors your thoughts, judgements and opinions;  if you only give thanks when people are nice, kind and agree with you, and if you only give thanks when you get your way, trapped in the natural man. The natural man is evident every time you sink into self-pity and lament over our unfulfilled desires and unsatisfied selfishness.  Until the natural man is subdued there is no end to your misery.  The Miracle subdues the natural man and his misery.

    The foundation and the cornerstone for being able to receive all thins with thankfulness rests upon this self evident inner known truth.  "All things work together for your good".

Who Should I Thank?

You thank the giver of the gift, for always there is a source from which your blessings flow.  The name you give that source is who you thank.  In all ages men have given thanks according to their knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

     If you desire access to the intelligence and wisdom behind all that is, receive all that is with thankfulness

How To

Receive All Things With Thankfulness

There are many ways to acknowledge you thankfulness.  Consider thinking the words, "Thank you for this experience," after every experience you have that stirs your emotions (regardless of what you think or feel about the experience).  What follows are short sayings I use during and after experiences: "Thanks! I needed that.  It's for my good.  I'm rich in everyway possible.  It's all good.  Everything works for my good.  I'm rich in every way possible.  If I didn’t need the lesson I wouldn’t have had it.  If I didn’t need the experience I wouldn't be having it.  Everything works together for my good.  I'm always in the right place at the right time and never in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It is what it is.  Everything happens for a reason.  Everything is right and nothing is wrong.  This is perfect.  It will be what it will be, and in real trying situations I say, "Thank you Father for this experience."

Important and it works: Go back in memory as far as you can and say thank you for everything that has happened to you in life.  Then in your mind say thank you for everything that is happening to you right now.  Do both, in detail. You will be amazed at the results.  Please don't skip doing it: It's absolutely IMPORTANT.

     How can a person "receive all things with thankfulness" considering life's slap-in-the-face reality of problems and troubles, especially man's inhumanity to man which is evident by some men's cruel and heinous behavior-all of which can be any mans lot?

     Through life is affliction, tribulation and endless troubles and the cause of grievous suffering yet it fulfills the Creator's purpose to bless man with greater knowledge, understanding, wisdom and intelligence.

     Consider, how it is you know pleasure, joy, peace and love?  Is it not because you know pain, sorrow, war and hate?  How but by their opposites are they revealed?

     The Creator made the world the way it is, and man's freedom (within bounds) to act, shapes it according to his own will  You are conscious, aware have understanding and are free to choose and thereby have experiences and gain greater wisdom (would you have it any other way?).  All men are free to choose within their bounds and each contributes to the world what he wills thus the world is as it is, a  school of dark and light.

     You have a world within you-your spirit, mind, body and emotions-and the world outside is but a stage for you to act out your part.  The most challenging world is within you-a world that will try you well enough.  When you conquer your world within, the world outside will by your playground, for then that which you thought was torment in the world, will be seen in its true light, and you will experience it in peace, with a thankful heart for its power to transform,  When you view the world within and without in their true light (which reveals life for what it is) life's problems vanish, and your reality becomes one with the Creator off all that is life.

     Life's difficulties are man's doorways and pathways to further light and knowledge and endless joy.  Without an increase in knowledge, understanding wisdom and intelligence (which is the purpose for this world) higher joys are not realized.

     Unthankfulness and Ingratitude are forms of judgement and merely revealed a lack of knowledge and understanding.  You judge according o the world's light within you, thus you cannot see beyond the wisdom for your own light  the heavens are endless and cannot be measured by man, and, unknown to man, are the cause of all there is.

     Look into the expanse of the deep and into the depths of the sea and into our own heart.  By seeing, are you able to fathom from where they came or where they go?  Is it wisdom to judge that which you know not? Will you call God to account for his ways, like a servant even knowing you know not why you live?  If you be wise even to encompass the whole world, can you tell by what power came worlds without ends?  If you judge the world through the light of your own eyes you judge as a blind man who cannot penetrate his won darkness.  How then is you wisdom sufficient to judge the light and the wisdom of the Creator?

     Judge not, and in non-judgement you come to realize that to receive all things with thankfulness is wisdom indeed, and then will our eyes be opened and you knowledge increased, and in the light of your new understanding you joy will rise like the morning sun, and your dark nights of sorrow will be consumed in the bright light of day and be mere memories of teachers most dear.

Receiving all things with thankfulness is man's acknowledgement that he does not understand all things.  It is by recognizing that he does not now all things that he is willing to receive all things with thankfulness.

     He who is unthankful, not knowing he is ignorant, is like a child who lacks understanding.

     He who is unthankful-knowing he does not know-is prideful arrogant and vain.

     Be wise and trust in the wisdom of the Creator who knows all things, for he knows his creations, thus in him is found all wisdom.

No Victims!

    " Receiving all things with thankfulness" has nothing to do with being a victim, passive or apathetic, but it has everything to do with being thankful for situations experiences and circumstances that you cannot or choose not to change  Being thankful in all thins does not mean you suffer all things.  Never think that being thankful means you should submit to any form of abuse or violence when it is within your power to resist.

     Just because you appreciate the value of a trying situation and have chosen to harmonize with those things that cannot be changed, does not mean you stand idly by and do nothing about things that can and should be changed  Being thankful doesn’t make one a wimp.

     life is continual change and growth.  As you grow out of a situation and feel the need to make a change, be thankful for what has been, for what is going on during the change, and for the lessons you’ve learned.  Men do not usually know during experiences the value those experiences hold for them (life's most valuable lessons are learned through life's most challenging experiences). Be thankful for them, for it is by them that you gain knowledge, understanding and wisdom-which increases your capacity for joy-and, because of your thankfulness, you will experience your own miracle. 

The Irony & Paradox of Thankfulness

 &The Law of Cause & Effect


     Ironic and paradoxical it is, that to experience The Miracle of Thankfulness and to enjoy the blessings of Perfect Happiness you need to be thankful for the things that make you unhappy, thankful when you see no reason to be thankful and thankful when you don't feel like being thankful.  The Miracle and Perfect Happiness only come by being thankful  for the things that trouble, plague and provoke you, that are difficult, hard and discomforting, and of course, the joyful things in life, or in other words, all things that are life.

      The nice thing is, tat when you are thankful for your troubles, you feel a peaceful-calm rise within you and radiate from you as congenial, peaceful and harmonious energy.  The light of this peace warms the hearts of men and "other powers," who return this light to you, increased.  But if you become irritated, upset or angry during troubling situations, you create agitating, vexatious and tempestuous energy within you, and the dark storm you have created roars from you and is felt by others, who return your darkness to you increased. Whatever energy you transmit, returns-increased.

    Your thankfulness during your storms of life is the key to The Miracle of Thankfulness.

Seek the good in life,

But if the good be hidden,

Yet be thankful,

For your trust is not in flesh and blood

But in the wisdom & goodness of the Creator.

The ultimate gift of Spirit

Is to walk the world in peace

Even when there is no peace.

This gift is given to everyone who

Receives all things with thankfulness

Experience the Miracle of Thankfulness

     What gift or blessing is greater than peace, joy and happiness?  What price for so great a treasure?  The price, that is not a price, but itself a blessing, is only thankfulness, is only gratitude, is only to receive all things with thankfulness.

     Who gives gifts to the unthankful, the ungrateful, and to they who have no appreciation?  Though the sun shines on the just and the unjust alike additional blessings and gifts, and the greatest blessing of all, perfect happiness, are reserved for those who receive all things with thankfulness.

     From Celestial realms and through a power greater than man's come blessings and gifts more valuable than all the treasure troves of all the kings through all ages of time, and they are yours at the mere price of a few words from your heart:  "Thank you for this experience."

     Until you have experienced The Miracle of Thankfulness, you know not the power of it.  Until you experience "The peace that passes all understanding," you know not the peace.  Until you "awaken" to your "higher self" you know not even who you are.  And until you experience Perfect Happiness you know not the value of the gift.


     If you have ever believed in miracles not is the time to rekindle that belief.

     You are not alone in the world.  In the world unseen, beyond boundaries of mind, from celestial realms, benevolent powers work in the deep stillness of men's souls to bless their lives.  The experiences and testimonies of countless witnesses throughout ages attest to the reality of gracious spirit-beings  working for the good  of man.

     Contrary to the belief of some, the heavens are not closed.  Revelations and manifestations of spirit are on-going, in this time, as in times past.

     How is it some believe men's difficulties o longer elicit sublime guidance on a personal basis?  Those who believe this are not aware that they have experienced "Spirit" at work.

     Benevolent powers beyond man work for the good of man and continue to edify a who earnestly see their service.  As long as there are men, and men in need loving spirit-belongs  from dimensions unseen give according to wisdom.  All yu have to do is ask, and then, through the quiet way of spirit, they answer, always to your edification, and for your good.

What The Miracle Will Do For You

     While living in this veil of tears you can express a miracle that takes away the tears and the veil. The Miracle is an immersion in LOVE, which overcomes your lower nature and reveals your Higher Nature-which is Love and IS WHO YOU REALLY ARE. You are cheerful carefree, lighthearted, unworried unafraid, happy, joyous, serene and at peace.  Our intelligence expands your understanding increases and you receive hidden knowledge.

     After The Miracle (while continuing to receive all thing with thankfulness) you will be at peace with yourself and life, even if you should be in the midst of turmoil, destruction death or are homeless, sick, disabled, terminally-ill, poor or imprisoned.  Regardless of every condition, circumstance or experience, you will be at peace with yourself and life, even as you work to change or choose to endure the difficult and trying experiences of life.  The Miracle bestows "The peace that passes all understanding."  All who experience The Miracle walk in the light of a new understanding are Perfectly Happy, and, no matter what their experiences, they are at peace.  Though many blessings come as you increase your thankfulness, the greatest blessings, even miracles, come after you have been thankful in all things.

The Peace That Comes by Miracle

     For more than thirty years I have not lived in the same world in which most people live.  In my world there are no sorrows or tears, anguish or regrets, and no dread or fear.  Though I live on the same planet, my world is worlds apart from most people's reality  In my world there is only peace.

     My peace is not based on logic, though it is logical.  I am not at peace because I think my experiences are good for me or because one experience might have saved me from another, or for any other reasons based in faith or belief.  I am at peace because I have learned certain things.

     The only way I can descried it is" Because of the knowledge give to me during The Miracle, I absolutely now that all things together work for the good of man and that life continues beyond this life.  Life is an I am.  There-in is my peace.

Prelude To The Miracle

     The Miracle is an experience of Spirit.  It is as if bestowed by hands unseen.  The power of the Miracle is like sunshine and a gentle breeze wrapping you in light, love, joy, peace and happiness.  It touches your spirit, mind, emotions and body all at the same time.

     During  the experience you become a new person.  Imagine being born blind and receiving your sight; being born cripple and walking; being at deaths door and being healed instantly.

     When you experience The Miracle you know it.  After it is over you never question yourself and ask, "What was that? Did something happen? Did I have an experience or what?  When you are blessed with The Divine Nature experience you know it.  Absolutely!  You know what you know.  There is no doubt.

     The Miracle came early in the morning while at home.  I felt a heart-warming presence around me and within me.  Something was working on my, changing the very core of my intent, motives and desires about people and life.  I was being transformed, and for a moment, the old me and the new me were start contrasts in dark and light.  Then the darkness left and I was immersed in the light of a new world.

What follows are the best words I know to describe what happened during my experience.

The Miracle of Thankfulness

     I awoke. I sensed something was different  Then like a sudden burst of sunshine entering a dark rom came love.  Melting instantly was my cold and sometimes hard heart  Flowing into me was love and tender affection for others   An affection so inclusive it encompassed the whole world and the family of man.   It was the deep abiding love that a other and father feel for their children, magnified to include all children, all people, all animals, all creatures and all creation.

     Every dark desire vanished as if someone had turned off a dark light.  All selfishness, vanity, pride and jealousy were gone, as were the remnants of worry, stress, anger, hate and fear..  It was as if I had been set free from the foulest prison imaginable-my own.  As the darkness left I was filed with a love so strong and powerful that I felt as if I had been touched by an "angel."  It was as if a new being of love and kindness had entered my body.  My spirit, mind and emotions, as one, had become its own world of love joy, peace and happiness, a joy and happiness I wanted to share with the whole world.  I was free of the old me-the me that my thoughts, judgements, opinions and the world had created.  I was a new person experiencing higher joy.

     As I was immersed and washed in love, the intent of my heart changed  I was not concerned about me, but rather others (it was a novel idea to me at the time).  The intense feeling of oneness with creation and my caring for all living was beyond words.  I did not want to hurt a fly, literally, or step on a bug or do anything to hurt anything or anyone.  I wanted immediately to go about and help people who needed help.  I was kind, compassionate, gentle, loving and mild-the ultimate do-gooder, through Spirit, and it felt good and right.

With heartwarming clarity the following was made known to me. "All people are your brothers and sisters; they are your family.  All are loved equally, the whole human family, loved without conditions, absolute unconditional love and acceptance.  Man is perfect, every man, woman and child is perfect in their sphere regardless of life choices  All creation is perfect in its sphere and everything is fulfilling the measure of its creation.  Everything is as it must be and all things are in harmony flowing as designed  Life is perfect and perfect for man.

     "The light that gives life to man is in and through all things and without it all things would cease to be.  Man came into being through a higher power, whose purpose is joy, and all things in creation world to that end, for all things are created to have joy and produce joy.  The purpose of consciousness is to experience realities that challenge and stimulate Intelligence.

     "The challenging experiences of life are life's greatest teachers and are blessings that move man upwards to dimensions and worlds yet undreamed of by man.  The purpose of life is to gain understanding for it is by increasing one's understanding that one increases hs capacity for joy.  All things are done for the good of all creation and nothing is left undone that needs to be done. ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF MAN, ALWAYS AND FOREVER, AND GOD DOES NO THING BUT TO BLESS MAN.

     "Men, upon leaving this life, rise to higher joy, even worlds without end or beginning of days".

     "Man is light; light is intelligence; intelligence is eternal.  The light that is the life of man continues never ceasing ever increasing."

     "Men are creators in their own sphere  The experiences in this world are doorways and pathways to the endless reaches of creation."

     "Be at peace, and the peace that passes all understanding will guide you to further light and knowledge."

The Spirit Experience Subsides

     After three days the wonderful feelings began to subside, and within a week the experience had become a cherished memory.  Yet, in the flash of an instant, I had entered the world of love, joy, peace and Perfect Happiness, and from that day to this, I have never left that world.

Line upon Line

     During the three days I was taught many things, some have become a wisp of a memory that are recalled when Spirit touches me while other knowledge is firmly established.

     The further light and knowledge I have received has been a foundation a stepping-stone for obtaining additional understanding, line upon line, precept by precept, here a little, there a little, all for edification, always bringing joy, peace and happiness.

     Truth, eternal truth, is everywhere.  All things are shapes and shadows of truths yet to be discovered.

     All men receive inspiration, and all things can be understood and discerned through the inspiration of SPIRIT upon the principles of asking, knocking and seeking.  If you truly desire a thing, ask for it.

     There are worlds yet undiscovered and they are all within you.  Your consciousness, YOU, the eternal you, it at the center of creation, it is all around you and yet you encompass it all.  No one is ever alone in the world, or in dimensions beyond, for we are one, created and sustained by the power that men call God

     There are many beliefs about many things but there is only one truth behind them all:  You are loved.  Love is all there is, and all is love yet it manifest in many ways that man, during his sojourn in darkness does not understand and judges to be other than love.  So it is, and it serves man exactly as it was  designed and meant to be.  There are no accidents in creation.

     You can judge things evil and wicked and become upset and angry, but remember, you are judging according to your wisdom, which is not full, and you are judging God's creations with that wisdom.  When you stop judging the world with your own understanding, or the understanding of other men (even supposedly "inspired" men) and obtain your knowledge direct from He who gives when asked (gives according to His wisdom) then you will know for yourself, and NOT from another, and you will stand firmly in your own power and in His light.

Living In The Real World

Pg 54

     During  presentations of The Power In Thank you, someone will ask, "you know… sitting here talking about being thankful for things when you have a full stomach a few bucks in your pocket and a pace to go home to is fine, but how does being thankful help you when you're living in the real world where things actually happen that can mess-up your whole life?  That's what I want to know, tell me that!"

     Everyone that is introduced to "The Highest Law of Gratitude" wants to know how "receiving all things with thankfulness" can help them.  They want to know how being thankful can help them when someone they loved dies, or when a loved one is severely ill, or when their child is injured or sick, or when they are victims of disaster or crime.  They want to know how being thankful helps them when they're going through relationship problems, when they are about to lose their business, job or house.  They want to know what good thankfulness is when they haven't got any money and no prospects, when they're at the end of their rope and are threatened with homelessness, or how being thankful can help them handle lives minor irritations and people's pettiness and thoughtlessness.

     Of course one could ask, "What good does, not being thankful do?" Yet, how does being thankful help a person during lifes inevitable hardships?  What indeed does "receiving all things with thankfulness"  do fro you in the world?

     My experience is this: When I was confronted with death in war, and hazard as a police officer; when I lost loved ones; when I thought my wife would die; when one of my young children almost died; when I lost businesses jobs and houses and when I did not know where my next dollar was coming from and didn’t know what to do, being thankful cleared my mind of worry and fear and gave me hope peace of mind and comfort.

    Being thankful instilled in me a deep knowing that no matter what happened it would be for my best which gave me joy, made me cheerful and light-hearted.

     Being thankful gave me a mind-set where I knew fully expected and anticipated that the outcome of my current "crises" would be a valuable lesson that would serve me then and in the future.

     Being thankful kept me from becoming a droopy-eared, hands-hanging-down, woeful abject fatalist with a sour attitude, a sour disposition and an even sourer look and countenance.

     Being thankful kept me from wallowing in self-pity and gave me the understanding that I was not a victim of misfortune of bad luck.  Being thankful gave me confidence that I was moving forward to my next great adventure, and being thankful filled my heart with a love and a wonderful appreciation for life and a deep and abiding knowledge that everything was going perfectly and was a blessing.

     The benefits of "receiving all things with thankfulness" produced in me and exhilarating joy for life, even while in the middle of some of my life's greatest challenges.

    Those are some of the blessings and benefits of receiving all thinks with thankfulness.  It worked for me and it will work for you.

     The power IN thank you is real; it really works.  All you have to do is try to experience it.

     To receive all things with thankfulness, al you have to do is say "Thank you for this experience," after every experience you have that stirs your emotions (regardless of your opinion about the experience).

If you will say the words

"Thank you for this experience,"

In Your Mind,

Your Heart Will Follow.

The Seven Blessings of Thankfulness

    Being thankful during a trying experience clears your mind, calms your emotions, soothes your spirit and gives you hope, peace of mind and comfort so that you can deal with your situation intelligently.
    You are unworried and unafraid.
    You expect and know that your situation serves you in the very best way possible.
    You do not wallow in self-pity  you do not think you are a victim of bad luck or misfortune.  You now that the situation will be resolved in your best interests.
    You are confident about your future (here or hereafter) and you look forward-in-life with joyful expectancy and adventurous anticipation.
    You have a cheerful and light-hearted attitude.
    You are filled with love, joy, peace and happiness.

Being Thankful Is A Decision

     Nothing in life can disturb your peace unless you let it.  Being Thankful is a decision.

     When you decide to be thankful your mind, body, emotions and spirit are bathed in rejuvenating and healing energy.  If you are unthankful, our mind, body, emotions and spirit are bathed in debilitating and distressing energy.

     In every experience in our life you can choose to be thankful and reap healing energy or you can be unthankful and reap debilitating energy. You can either choose to receive al things with thankfulness or you can moan, groan, complain, get irritated, upset and angry-even violent-and be miserable.

     If right now you are not as happy as you would like to be and you truly desire to be happier, then be more thankful.  And if you desire Perfect Happiness, then make the decision to receive all thins with thankfulness, after all you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, for it costs nothing to e thankful, nothing at all.

     Life is wonderful in so many ways, and also extremely difficult at times, yet you can be happier if ou make the decision to increase your thankfulness.


A Not So Typical Day

     A Friend gave me this booklet.  I read it, and decided to give thank you a try.

     The next morning I woke up with a headache-and a fever  Even my hair had a headache.  My muscles were sore and my bones hurt.  I felt and moved like an arthritic mime  and my brain felt like it was wrapped in tinfoil-I knew the world was out there somewhere but it wasn't real and I was not making contact.  Yet having made the decision to receive all things with thankfulness, I said. "thank you for this 'ENCHANTING' experience of being REALLY, REALLY SICK!! (I wasn't very thankful).

     Then I heard my children getting ready for school.  It sounded like a thousand kids in hellcare.  I was about to yell at them but the thought, "Be nice" intervened so I said nothing (out loud).  I got dressed and left the house for work  Then I saw the flat tire (the thought "Be thankful," came to me, but I answered, ("Ain't no way").  I But since the spare was not flat, I decided a small thank you was in order, ("thank you").

     I put on the spare , drove up the street and entered traffic.  As I neared my exit, someone cut me off and I missed my turn. "What a jerk" I thought , but then I heard the words, "don't judge" so I said, "ok, so perhaps he's not a jerk ALL THE TIME."

     So there I was going the wrong way, then the traffic stopped, and the freeway became a parking lot.  I would be late for my first day at a new job.  I yelled "This thank you stuff is not working!:  I listened, but there was only silence.  So I said, "I knew it!-sounded good, but it's just self-help-brain-mush.

     I arrived at work and found the gate to the employee parking lot padlocked (not a car in sight) and a sign that read: FACTORY CLOSED.  I was in shock.  I sat there,  fuming, daring a thought about thankfulness to enter my mind, but it didn't so I yelled out, "Coward!!"

   I turned my car  around and entered the freeway.  Suddenly black smoke billowed from under the hood.  Before I could pull over and stop the engine clanked, clunked and quit right in the middle of traffic.

     When the highway patrol showed up, the officer got angry that I was blocking traffic  and was looking for an excuse to give me a ticket.  When the tow-truck driver finally showed up e was upset and unpleasant, ad the cabdriver took me the long way home.

     The cab left and I stood in my driveway addlebrained.  As my glazed eyes and comatose mind raked my surroundings, I caught a glimpse of something taped to the front door.  It was an Eviction Notice.  I ripped it off, unlocked the door and went inside.  That's when I saw the note on the counter.  It was from my wife.

     "Dear John, Me and the kids are going to live with Steve.  I'm sorry but I fell out of love with you and in love with him.  I hope you find someone that loves you as much as I love Steve.  P.S. the repo-guys are coming today to get the furniture and appliances, oh and your Dad called, you mother might bot make it.  Also, your test came back from the lab.  It doesn't look good.  Oops! Almost forgot, your dog ran away.  Have a nice day."

     I started at the note.  In a stupor I wandered through the house and saw that all my family's personal things wee gone  I flopped down on my bead and stared at the ceiling.  I felt my blood pressure rise as I was taken over by thoughts of fear worry, distress, anger and hate.  The darkest black-a black energy I could feel-envelope me.  In the depths of my despair I cried out, "Help me!"  Then a thought came to my mind "You said you would receive all things with thankfulness and be forgiving." The thought startled me.  I yelled out, What?!! Is tis a joke!? Be thankful? Now!? No! Absolutely  NOT!! No way !!! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

     The darkness increased and I felt like I was choking. The room itself turned black and the air turned foul at my thoughts. Then struggling with all my might against the dark energy my thoughts created, I cried out THANK YOU for all these experiences today and I forgive everyone for everything" (I tried my best to mean it).

     Then, exhausted, I must have passed out, for the next thing I heard was a bell ringing.  I jumped off the bed and strangely, I heard the banter and laughter of my children (and my dog barking) and then the sweet voice of my wife saying "Honey, you better get up or you'll be late for work."

     Still groggy and disoriented, I thought, I've been dreaming.  Having a nightmare!?

     I opened my bedroom door and stepped into the hall and saw my sweetheart in the living room folding clothes.  She smiled at me.  I ran to the front door and peeked out at my car.  The tire was NOT flat.  "YES!"

     My nightmare of anguish, pain and torment came to and end when I said, "Thank you for my experiences."

     As surely as I woke from my nightmare of fear worry, distress, anger and hate, I know everyone can awaken from their personal "nightmare" of pain and suffering by receiving all thins with thankfulness.

Complaining Negates Thankfulness

     Complaining is the opposite of thankfulness.  Many people think that complaining is a form of "entertainment" or "socializing", but it's really vanity, pride and ingratitude.  When a person complains, it reveals more about him than the persons or things he is complaining about.  You cannot complain about life and at the same time be thankful for all that is life.

     A person is complaining when he shows, by looks, demeanor, words or actions, that he is dissatisfied and annoyed or supposedly suffering.  When a person whines, grumbles, moans, murmurs, condemns, denounces, finds fault and makes derogatory comments, he is not only complaining, but is displaying his ignorance, vanity,  pride and issues as if they were on parade for the whole world to see.  When you catch yourself complaining STOP! And be thankful instead.

     NOT complaining is one way of receiving all things with thankfulness, and by not complaining you will experience greater joy immediately and The Miracle sooner.

     Offering constructive criticism, critique, counsel, guidance, direction and advise is not complaining if done in love and done with intent to edify.  If a person's aim is to resolve problems and potential problems and bring peace and harmony it is not complaining.

Pg 64

One of the ways to

receive all things with thankfulness

is to say in your mind,

Thank you for this experience"

after every experience you have

that stirs your emotions.

When you are thankful in mind

your heart will follow,

as will every benefit and blessing

promised to he who receives

all things with thankfulness.

Inner Reflections

     I am a conscious self-aware Intelligence, an eternal being of light living in an earthly body.  I am a child of God having a human experience, "Thank you."

     I am more than my mind, emotions and body, for I am also the light shining within this body, and thereby I am one with all that it, "Thank you."

     I came here with strengths and weaknesses to learn and teach in this school called life.  My weaknesses and strengths help create the dark and the light by which others gain understanding.  My weaknesses create the very problems others need, and my strengths are weaknesses conquer, which inspire others  I am both student and teacher, servant and master, and in each, I serve mankind, "Thank you."

     The creator of life made the conditions of life what they are-he established the limits and boundaries-on purpose, to challenge man-and all things together work for the good of man, " Thank you."

     While I am here-and whatever circumstances I am in-I embrace celebrate and live life fully, with a fun attitude,  for thereby I have joy, learn, and increase my capacity for joy,  which is the reason I came to earth "Thank you".

     If today you have joy because of me thank Father, and  if tomorrow you are vexed by me thank him none-the-less, for I am whatever men need, as are all men.

Expect the Promise To Be Fulfilled

"When you receive all things with thankfulness you will be made glorious and the things of this Earth will be added unto you, even a hundred fold and more."

     The promise assures that you will receive good fortune and abundance.  Unique to the promise is how it will manifest for by spirit will you be guided and blessed, in love and wisdom.

     Expect the promise to be fulfilled.  Do not doubt it.  The promise is sure.  You will be made glorious.  You will have the things of this Earth added unto you, even a hundred fold and more.

     The Highest Law of Gratitude is a covenant.  If you do your part, the spirit will do its part.

     Expect to be blessed  Expect to experience The Miracle.  When you receive all things with thankfulness the blessings and The Miracle come.

     If you have hope, belief and faith-confident expectations-you will try receiving all thins with thankfulness, and your expectations will be rewarded beyond your most cherished dreams and hopes and then you will know for yourself that the promise is true.

  Now What?

     How is a man to know a thing if he does not try the thing?  Knowing a thing without doing it bears no fruit.  The prize goes not to he who wants it, but to he who does it.  You can have all mysteries revealed to you, but  of what value if you choose to walk in the light of your old understanding?

     If you now are determined to try thankfulness, how long will you be so determined?  Will your desire want at the first sign of a storm? What will you do to stay the course?  If right now you have set our mind to be thankful, what will you do to keep thankfulness in mind?

     If you set this book aside and never again ponder thankfulness, what will inspire your thankfulness? Quick is the heart and mind to grasp an ideal and just as quick to let it go.

     Before the storms of life again beat upon you go back in your mind-back in times your life when the storms were real-see yourself being thankful for them.  Then when new storms arise you will act according to your new ideal.  When you practice thankfulness in your mind you will be better able to be thankful with real problems.  Life's storms are inevitable as will be your peace during them, if you will receive all things with thankfulness.

Everyone who does not enjoy


Joy peace and happiness,

is seeking it.

The only reason

They may not have it

Is because they don’t know

How to obtain it.


Please Consider Sharing


"He who receives all thins with thankfulness

Will be made glorious

And the things of this earth

Will be added unto him,

Even a hundred fold and more."

Every time you bless another person,

The blessing returns to you increased.

Do You Know Someone Who Is Unhappy?

     Everyone knows and meets people who ae not happy.  Perhaps it's a family member, distant relative friend, co-worker or just someone standing on a corner who looks sad.  And most of us know people who easily get irritated, upset and angry  the littlest things.

     If you feel this booklet can help others enjoy their lives more, please consider ordering additional copies-at discounted prices-to give away.

     Over 30,000 booklets have been purchased and given away by many people since the booklet came out in2004.  Over a thousand booklets have been paced in doctors offices hospital waiting rooms and retirement home, and many were given directly to people who look unhappy.  Many people who have purchased the booklet (and some who have received it free)  have emailed or written thank you notes and testimonials about how  The Power in Thank You has helped them enjoy life more.

     Everyone enjoys life more and is happier when in the company of cheerful and peaceful people.

     (if you now someone who you think might be helped by this booklet but you can not afford an extra copy, contact me and I will mail you one free.

(Please see last page for mailing address and phone).

By Small things

 are great thins accomplished.

What joy is greater

Than to share your light

And bring others into

The  ight and joy that is your own?

Life Was Specifically Designed

To Be Challenging

That Men Might Gain

Knowledge, Understanding & Wisdom

If Life Was A Resort

Of Unending Pleasure,

It Would Make

Of Would-be Wise Men

Be Thankful For All That Is Life,

And Your Gratitude

Will Be Rewarded With

Continual Joy, Peace & Happiness.

Receive All Things With Thankfulness.

"Thank you for this experience"

The Promise

I promise you,

As you become more thankful

You will be happier,

and when you

Receive all things with thankfulness

You will experience The Miracle

That bestows Perfect Happiness.

I know from personal experience

That thankfulness leads to The Miracle.

     The Power In Thank You" is free if you cannot afford your own copy or a copy for someone you feel it might help.

Contact Thomas T. Braun @ 435-867-1335

 P.O. Box 2387; Cedar City UT; 84721

Over 30,000 booklets have been sold or donated as of September 2013


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The Power In Thank You

Copyright Thomas

Copyright Thomas T. Braun

ISBN: 2004-05-06-07-08-09

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I got born into life. Cried.  Got comforted.  Cried for comfort.  Got comforted.  Wanted things to do.  Got things to do.  A family.  Do this; don’t do that; believe this; don’t believe that.  School.  Do this; don’t do that; believe this; don’t believe that.  Confusing, duplicitous, self-serving.  Social situations, culture, society, laws.  Do this; don’t do that.  Religion. Army, government, work.  Do this; don’t do that.  Married.  Kids.  Do this; don’t do that.  Retired.  Do this; don’t do that.  Funeral.  THAT’S LIFE!


1st Grade:            

food & sleep.

2nd  Grade:          

seek pleasure.

3d Grade            

achiever–busy doing.

4th Grade            


5th Grade            

power seeker

6th Grade            

intellectual clarity, peace realized, life does not disturb you, life stable.

7th Grade           

totally open, in tune with life; have experienced the oneness and connectedness of all life as a whole.  Enjoy all that is life, no down experiences, no down moments, no down days, anything can happen and your at peace and joyful and in a continual state of bliss inside.  

You live life on two levels: Inner bliss, outer practicality.  

You work to create pleasantness around you and elsewhere without ever surrendering your inner-pleasantness, peace, joy and bliss.  

At the inner-bliss level nothing bothers you because you know life is conducting itself through cause and effect, and each moment life happens, it cannot be different than it is, the proof of which is, that it is happening as it is.   

While at the practical level you work to improve life.  

If your inner bliss is disturbable, if it is offendable, if it gets out of sorts, irritated, upset or angry, or if anything disturbs your inner pleasantness, your peace, your joy, your bliss, you have fallen from your experience of ONENESS and are again at level 6 wherein you have intellectual clarity.

8th Grade

No words describe it accurately.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


My mind is silent except when needed for practical things.

For practical application I make decisions, determine things and draw conclusion, yet they are not set in stone.

I only know what I have experienced, and I know that my knowing is through the context of my experience, thus all that I think I know may change with further  knowledge and understanding.

I use belief and faith to prove things, not as substitutes for things.

I view the world and man in it and  what man and the world does without thought or comment, for who am I to judge creation, seeing I know not from where I came, why I am here or where I am going.

Creation does what it does and man does what he does for the reasons he does, and that is life, and I am awed at the wonder.

The reality that presents itself through my senses keeps me quite content without constructing another in my mind.  One illusion is sufficient.

If my joy, peace and happiness are determined by things going my way I will be a man most miserable much of my life.

Nothing disturbs my peace, my joy and bliss.  I accept what is without thought, without comment, without emotion, and the reward is the peace that passes all understanding.

You can rail against what is and get injured; you can kick against the pricks and get bloody; you can get emotional and explode within; you can think things should be this way when they are that way, and in the end your harvest of pain will bring nothing but discontent, disease and misery.  Why torture yourself so?

Will life not be what it will be every minute of the day?  If your best effort fails, is that not what is?  Why rail and kick against the past; why get emotionally fired up by thinking this or that?  Better it is to accept what is and work with clarity of body, emotions and mind.  There is no doubt the best solutions come when you are at peace.  Can you even enjoy a meal without being at peace?  For the best results in life, peace is the minimum state of being, not the ultimate.  Everything works better in a state of peace. Body, emotions, mind thrive best in a state of peace.

The reward for getting irritated, upset, angry or violent when life doesn’t go your way; your reward when people and things and your experience do not meet your expectations; your reward when life does not deliver what you think you need, want and desire is mental, emotional and physical ugliness and darkness, illness and disease, broken families and friendships and relationships and everything else harmful and destructive, and you, you alone, are the cause. You do it to yourself when you do not control your mind, your thoughts and your emotions.

If you are going through life unhappy and discontented much of the time it is because you have not made working on yourself a priority.  There is no greater victory in life than the victory over yourself.  Winning the whole world is nothing by comparison to conquering yourself.  Even if you won the whole world, you would still be miserable if you have not conquered yourself.