Thursday, June 8, 2017


Existence exists.  We experience it, so we know we exist. 

Do you like existing?

Do you like waking up alive?

Everything is existing.  In you, through you and around you there is existing going on.  If you leave existing at that, without thought, you can have a more peaceful and enjoyable existence. 

But as soon as you give meaning to existence, as soon as you dissect existence in your mind with your thoughts, your thoughts just screwed you up.  And if you believe your mind’s interpretation about existence, you are being mind screwed.

Is there a difference between you and your mind, or is it just you doing mental gymnastics?

Whatever is happening in your mind, whether you call it ego, higher-self or something else, you have the final decision, so it is you that makes your life pleasant or a disaster. 

You can divide your mind into pieces and give them names and play the blame game, but it is you that makes decisions.  In other words, if you find fault, it is your fault, and if you look at existence as pleasant or a disaster it is your interpretation.

Life just is, and if you think it is something else, you have mental problems.  Why?  Because your mind created definitions for existence, and there are more than seven billion minds defining existence different, and of course yours is the only right one, so basically, you are nuts. 

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