Thursday, June 15, 2017


My mind is silent except when needed for practical things.

For practical application I make decisions, determine things and draw conclusion, yet they are not set in stone.

I only know what I have experienced, and I know that my knowing is through the context of my experience, thus all that I think I know may change with further  knowledge and understanding.

I use belief and faith to prove things, not as substitutes for things.

I view the world and man in it and  what man and the world does without thought or comment, for who am I to judge creation, seeing I know not from where I came, why I am here or where I am going.

Creation does what it does and man does what he does for the reasons he does, and that is life, and I am awed at the wonder.

The reality that presents itself through my senses keeps me quite content without constructing another in my mind.  One illusion is sufficient.

If my joy, peace and happiness are determined by things going my way I will be a man most miserable much of my life.

Nothing disturbs my peace, my joy and bliss.  I accept what is without thought, without comment, without emotion, and the reward is the peace that passes all understanding.

You can rail against what is and get injured; you can kick against the pricks and get bloody; you can get emotional and explode within; you can think things should be this way when they are that way, and in the end your harvest of pain will bring nothing but discontent, disease and misery.  Why torture yourself so?

Will life not be what it will be every minute of the day?  If your best effort fails, is that not what is?  Why rail and kick against the past; why get emotionally fired up by thinking this or that?  Better it is to accept what is and work with clarity of body, emotions and mind.  There is no doubt the best solutions come when you are at peace.  Can you even enjoy a meal without being at peace?  For the best results in life, peace is the minimum state of being, not the ultimate.  Everything works better in a state of peace. Body, emotions, mind thrive best in a state of peace.

The reward for getting irritated, upset, angry or violent when life doesn’t go your way; your reward when people and things and your experience do not meet your expectations; your reward when life does not deliver what you think you need, want and desire is mental, emotional and physical ugliness and darkness, illness and disease, broken families and friendships and relationships and everything else harmful and destructive, and you, you alone, are the cause. You do it to yourself when you do not control your mind, your thoughts and your emotions.

If you are going through life unhappy and discontented much of the time it is because you have not made working on yourself a priority.  There is no greater victory in life than the victory over yourself.  Winning the whole world is nothing by comparison to conquering yourself.  Even if you won the whole world, you would still be miserable if you have not conquered yourself.  

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