Thursday, June 1, 2017


The Infinite, infinity (GOD) energy, individualizes, constructs and forms into everything that is, which includes you

(when you drop your ideas of what God is....including the word “infinite” you are left without mind trying to explain what words cannot explain or define).

It is you attributing and defining motives to God and man and the things that happen–the reality that is–that causes you to call things good and evil, and ask questions like, “Why is there evil?” 

(who is it that asks, “Why is there evil?”  It is you judging things good and evil, and then, your belief that God cannot do evil, that God is only good, is only love, and man is fallen and bad and needs saving, adds to the potpourri of your own thinking stew that has no basis in reality except in your mind.  It is you that creates definitions like, evil, good, love, hate.  If you do not create these words in your mind, those things do not exist.  All you have to do to prove it is to stop thinking and they disappear).

So then what is left?

What is left is life happening as the infinite (God) does life.  Life is life doing life

(which includes you and the way you think about life, good and evil, and all the other definitions you give to God, man and everything that is life).

HOWEVER, you can stop playing the definition game and enjoy all that is life, enjoying the way life is, including working to make your life, and life, more enjoyable

(when you accept that the infinite (God) is all there is, and is doing life the way it does, and you accept that people, places and things do what they do without internal commentary of “This is good, that is bad, etc.) then you are free to enjoy every facet of life even while working to bring more joy to life).

When you see life as an expression of the infinite doing what it does, there is no sorrow.  There is only you stepping out of the way with your thinking and reacting through your self-created mental and emotional unpalatable stew

(and NEVER suppose that doing this stops you from working to make life more enjoyable for everyone).

ONLY WHEN YOU STOP THINKING, THIS OR THAT, are you able to enjoy all that is life.

ONLY WHEN YOU DROP YOUR CONCLUSIONS, your opinions, beliefs and assumptions about reality, about people, places and things and the things they do will you ENJOY ALL THAT IS LIFE.

ONLY WHEN YOU ACCEPT what the infinite (God) does–and that man is the infinite being man and doing what man does–will you walk in peace, joy, happiness and bliss, even while working to make life more joyful.

LIFE IS THE INFINITE HAVING AN ADVENTURE through us, and everything else, and thereby we too live the adventure.  And if life wasn’t worth it to us, we would quickly terminate our individuality and return to the infinite.


  1. Life doesn't happen to you, you are life happening! Hurrah!!!

  2. Thank you, I like the way you say that. tom