Saturday, June 10, 2017


Will you pass on to future generations a better world?  One person, alone, planting a vineyard, planting an orchard, a garden makes this a better world.  ONE may be a lonely number, but when one is multiplied by billions of people doing one thing to make the world better, the world is better by billions of ones.  What you do to make the world better counts.  You don’t need a million followers.  You just need to do one thing to make the world better.

Since everyone says, “I only want to be happy and joyful” then obviously that is the longing of every heart, so why are people not joyful, not happy?  There is only one reason: most people are illogical, most people are nuts, are insane, are void of logical reasoning and are crazy.  They are ignorant and think stupid.  People are stupid.  The following fact proves the point:

People know that the world and other people do sometimes do things they don’t like, and the moment something happens that they don’t like, it is the past and cannot be changed, in other words, once something has happened it is what it is, but...instead of mildly accepting the reality that is, they get irritated, upset, angry, violent, stress out, worry, fret and fear.  Their actions make no sense because all those negative thoughts and emotions cannot change the past, and...while acting that way...they screw up the present and themselves and others and make things worse.  This is totally illogical and unreasonable and insane and nuts and crazy.

People tend to use the excuse, “We’re just human,” meaning, "Human's are nuts."  At least they admit it.

Here’s hoping you are not nuts.  Here’s hoping a sane person is reading this and enjoying all that is life.  And if a sane person is reading this then I know that person is in control of his mind, thoughts, emotions, body and total energy.

If you are sane, you accept what is while working to change for the better what needs to be changed, and you do it in peace, joy and happiness, continually, no matter what is going on in the world. You are always peace, joy and happiness.

If you are nuts, then when you die, maybe a nut tree will grow out of your remains, and that will make the world a better place with you gone and edible nuts here  And of course there is value in a bad example, but do we really need so many bad examples? 

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