Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I got born into life. Cried.  Got comforted.  Cried for comfort.  Got comforted.  Wanted things to do.  Got things to do.  A family.  Do this; don’t do that; believe this; don’t believe that.  School.  Do this; don’t do that; believe this; don’t believe that.  Confusing, duplicitous, self-serving.  Social situations, culture, society, laws.  Do this; don’t do that.  Religion. Army, government, work.  Do this; don’t do that.  Married.  Kids.  Do this; don’t do that.  Retired.  Do this; don’t do that.  Funeral.  THAT’S LIFE!


1st Grade:            

food & sleep.

2nd  Grade:          

seek pleasure.

3d Grade            

achiever–busy doing.

4th Grade            


5th Grade            

power seeker

6th Grade            

intellectual clarity, peace realized, life does not disturb you, life stable.

7th Grade           

totally open, in tune with life; have experienced the oneness and connectedness of all life as a whole.  Enjoy all that is life, no down experiences, no down moments, no down days, anything can happen and your at peace and joyful and in a continual state of bliss inside.  

You live life on two levels: Inner bliss, outer practicality.  

You work to create pleasantness around you and elsewhere without ever surrendering your inner-pleasantness, peace, joy and bliss.  

At the inner-bliss level nothing bothers you because you know life is conducting itself through cause and effect, and each moment life happens, it cannot be different than it is, the proof of which is, that it is happening as it is.   

While at the practical level you work to improve life.  

If your inner bliss is disturbable, if it is offendable, if it gets out of sorts, irritated, upset or angry, or if anything disturbs your inner pleasantness, your peace, your joy, your bliss, you have fallen from your experience of ONENESS and are again at level 6 wherein you have intellectual clarity.

8th Grade

No words describe it accurately.

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