Saturday, July 8, 2017


It’s all in your head.  If you didn’t think it, it wouldn’t be it. 

I live life with a clear mind, even while knowing most folks live their lives filled with delusions of conclusions–thinking things are this way or that way, running their lives with lies of belief and faith...unprovable fantastical stories.

If you want to deal accurately with people you have to know what they believe and have faith in.  You have to know what stories they tell themselves about life.

If you run into another person with a clear mind, it is a miracle.

People’s actions are motivated by what they believe, by what they have faith in; they are motivated by their programs, indoctrinations, brainwashings, traditions, cultures and societal norms. 

Almost no one I have ever met has a clear mind.  Almost no one is logical and reasonable when it comes to their world views. 

People are nuts, and they who would influence and control people use people’s nuttiness to influence and control them.

People only KNOW what they have personally experienced.  Thinking you know is not the same as knowing from experience.

Most people are too lazy–will not pay the price–to know a thing.  They stop at belief and faith in things, and call it good enough.  Like a couch potato they sit upon belief and faith, and never experience the truth.

When I meet a person who says, “I believe and have faith in this or that,” it is as if they have said nothing, nothing at all, AND, I view them as children with little learning, view them for what they are, delusional actors living life without clarity, viewing life through eye-glasses distorted, with lenses less than true, less than perfect.

Belief and faith are virtues when used properly, to prove a thing, and are vile when used improperly, as the thing.

Better by far to say, “I don’t know,” than to say, “I believe or have faith.”

Most folks I have run into, when they say, “I believe or have faith in this or that,” stop searching for the truth because they think they have the truth.   

Because of the false teachings about belief and faith, hope and feelings, it is near impossible to find a person with a clear mind, to find a person without opinions, who doesn’t draw conclusions, who doesn’t judge.  It is near impossible to find a person who looks at life without a thought, who sees life clearly, who sees life as it is and not as he thinks it is.

If you have never looked at life, people, place and things, without a thought, you don’t even know what I’m talking about (however, if you remember back when you were a young child, before your indoctrination, brainwashing and programming, back to before you gave life a thought) you can remember what it was like to live life without a thought, to live life with a clear mind.  Those days were days of clarity, wonderful days when you woke up each morning with a zest for life, with enthusiasm, with the awesomeness  of life, with the magic of life, the days before you dissected life, compartmentalized it, labeled it, judged it, opinionated it and concluded it.  Those were the days before you killed life with your thoughts. 


  1. Many choose to "outsource" their thinking:

  2. I still chuckle, though I wrote this some time ago.