Sunday, July 2, 2017


What is it like when you look at the world without a thought,
without a world view,
without adopting a mental paradigm,
without a perspective,
taking no position,
believing no philosophical, theological or religious fabrication,
taking no thought at all?

Maybe truth is a thoughtless path, considering the saying, “Man’s thoughts are foolishness to God,” which could mean if you have a world view or adopt a perspective or draw a conclusion about the world, you are a fool.

What is it like to live life without a thought about the world? 

It’s very peaceful, even blissful, for you walk through life without judgement, without calling people, places, things, situations and circumstances good or bad, good or evil. 

You accept what is for no other reason than what is, is, needing no explanation as to why it is beyond practical cause and effect, and you see the world as perfect, per effect (not perfect in the sense of a imagined standard or explanation).  You need no made-up explanation (all explanations are made up, are thoughts, which you do not entertain). 

You are free.  You are free from your mind’s creations, free of your parent’s beliefs, free of your culture’s  indoctrination, free of societal propaganda, free of religious brainwashing.  You are free.

And now, no matter what happens, no matter what nature does, no matter what people do, you merely say, “It is what it is.” You entertain no other thought, none what-so-ever, zero, zip, zilch.  “It is what it is.”  And the past, “It was what it was.”  And the future, “It will be what it will be.”

So in essence, you do have an explanation that explains nothing, a truthful statement, the very definition of truth, “Truth is, things as they were, are and will be.”  In other words,   “It was what it was; it is what it is; it will be what it will be.”

Focus on doing your best and it will be the best you have to give at any given moment, AND THEN, no matter how it turns out or what others think, say to yourself, “It is what it is, and it is now in the past and I can’t change the past, and to be other than at peace is insanity personified, is nuts and crazy, and if I get upset or angry and stress and worry and fret and fear I should be put in an insane asylum for abusing myself and others around me.”

You DO NOT need anger to motivate you to do better next time.  Some crazy people think that because anger DOES WORK SOMETIMES to motivate them, that it is good.  HOW STUPID IS THAT?  Better it is to be at peace with a calm mind and look at a situation rationally and seek solutions. 

OK, so I worked on my pickup, did the best I could, and it blew-up.  “It is what it is.”  Then I couldn’t find my wallet, and realized I had lost it while swimming in Yankee Meadow (a big big pond).  It was gone forever.  “It is what it is.”  And then my dog ran off with my wife, and I tried to get my dog back but my wife sent him to a relative of hers in Alaska.  “It is what it is.”  And then I thought I signed a loan paper but found out I had joined the Army.  “It is what it is.”  And finally, one day I was walking down a street and my left leg fell off and a stray dog grabbed it and ran off.  “It is what it is.”  IT ALWAYS IS WHAT IT IS.”  Don’t make a big deal out of it.   And for your own sake, don’t trash yourself or others or situations or circumstances.  JUST STOP THINKING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, be at peace and work calmly for a better future, AND if it doesn’t turn out the way you planned, remember, “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

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