Sunday, July 2, 2017


I can’t go anywhere without crashing into conclusions, opinions, beliefs, faith and judgements and the wackadoodle attitudes they inspire. 

Insanity runs deep in humans.  It’s what makes them interesting, funny and nuts.   Everyday I thank the bearded god that doesn’t exist for the free entertainment.

Suddenly it wasn’t cooling down anymore.  Does it ever cool up?  No.  Down is the only way cool works.  It can heat up.  It can’t heat down.  Heat don’t work that way.

People were complaining.  They didn’t like the heat.  I don’t like the heat either, but since heat is what is, I’m ok with it.  People are dying around me, it’s that hot.  Since that’s what is, I’m ok with it.  Even kids are dying.  That’s what is.  There’s no water.  Ok.  There’s no food.  Ok.  There’s no shade, no shelter, but lots of flies.  Ok.  We are all dying.  Ok.  Nukes flying.  Life as we have known it is over.  Ok.  People are complaining, crying, going nuts.  Ok, that’s the last straw.  I’ve got to move away from these people.  They’re way too nuts for me.

People are animals.  That’s what they are.  I don’t expect them to not be animals.  I don’t expect them to do other than what they do.  If one throws things when he gets mad, he throws things.  That’s what he does.  If another gives everyone the silent treatment because he thinks he was mistreated, that’s what he does.  If another steals, lies, cheats, rapes, pillages, plunders and is an all around destroyer, that’s what he is.  I never expect people to be anything but what they are nor do anything but what they do.
Why?  Because I’m not nuts.  A little bit crazy, but not nuts.  A lot goofy, but not nuts.  Ok, maybe a little bit nuts.  Fine, I’m nuttier than you.  I can live with at.  It’s ok.  I don’t expect me to be anything but what I am at any given moment.  Did I mention I live alone.  If not, I live alone, except for my wife of 47 years.  She’s nuts.  And, I’m a vegan 24, hours each day.  And I don’t smoke 23 hours and 30 minutes each day.  I actually did the math on smoking.  A whole pack is less than 30 minutes of actual smoke in ones lungs.  The rest of the time I’m breathing smog, car exhaust, diesel exhaust.  Wonder which is worse?  It is what it is. I am what I am.  I do what I do.  Humans are like that....nuts.

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