Saturday, July 1, 2017


All I have to do is drink, eat, clothe and shelter to stay alive.  Everything else needed to stay alive is done for me.  My body even signals when it is thirsty, hungry, hot, cold and in need of shelter. 

And then, at the price of my labor the earth provides everything I need to survive. 

The many systems my body has work without a thought from me (skeletal, muscular, digestive, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, circulatory, immune, integumentary, respiratory, reproductive systems and other minor systems, etc.). All those systems are integrated, are intelligent, and do their work automatically. 

My thinking-conscious-intelligence hasn’t a clue how to run any of those systems.  And the earth systems works without a thought from me either.  My intelligence is really quite useless to keep me alive except to respond to my body’s alert system to drink, eat, clothe and shelter. 

There is indeed an intelligence far greater than humans in the universe (intelligence, meaning, a system of cause and effect that responds to information and acts accordingly).

This “unknown” intelligence brought forth humans.  It not only formatted my body from an energy-genetic blue print, but it determined my race, body structure, IQ, emotions, personality, talents and abilities, including my likes and dislikes and other natural inclinations.  It gave me my nature.

You might say, humans really haven’t got much to crow about since everything we think and do is the result of this unknown intelligence’s capabilities expressed in and through us.  You could even say that we don’t do anything.  It does it all. 

Maybe it would be wise for us to stop thinking we are the power and genius behind our creations, since in essence, we, and everything we create, are the result of the power and genius of the unknown intelligence that gives and sustains life.

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