Saturday, July 1, 2017


Life is energy organized.

What is energy organized?

Energy organized is intelligence.

What is intelligence?

Intelligence is the ability to compare and contrast cause and effect and evaluate and evolve information.

What is a human life?

A human life (body) is
energy organized
into a particular intelligence
with the ability to perceive and process
(compare and contrast cause and effect)
particular forms and patterns
and evaluate and evolve information
and act and react to those forms and patterns
through will.

What is will?

Will is a decision made by an intelligence using reason.

What is reason?

Reason is the process an intelligence uses to motivate will.

So what is a human life?

A human life is energy in a particular intelligent form that process other energy forms in particular and unique ways.

Are we human?

We are when we are, and are not when we are not.

What does that mean?

We are energy intelligences (intelligence) that can take on, create, form and be anything we will to be.  We are imagination; we are thought; we are dreamers; we are energy-intelligences (intelligence) playing life in all its possibilities.

So are we our bodies, or do we acquire our bodies and inhabit them?

We are whatever we are when we are that, and when we are not that, we are intelligence not imagining, not thinking, not dreaming.  When we are not, we are possibility waiting in silence.

So what are we?

We are ultimately and infinitesimally potential, always one thought away from being something.

This is incomprehensible.

Precisely.  We are that, until we comprehend (think a thing) and then we are that.

Are we individual wills or is there one will individualizing?

There are individual wills when there are individual wills. 
There are individual intelligences when there are individual intelligences. 
When what is, it is.
When what is not, it is not.
All is one and all is many.
Without the many there would be no one for the one is made of many (even as the ocean is one, without the many drops of water it would not be, even as a sea shore is one without the individual sand particles it would not be).

There is no life that is one.  One cannot exist.  It takes two to make one.  It takes two for life to exist. Always there are two for one to exist.  There is no one sided coin.  There is no up without down, no in without out, no left without right, no negative without positive.

Life is energy at play in its many forms.  Enjoy your form while you have it.  Play life.

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